Why is Spike Ball So Popular?

spike ball

In terms of popularity, Spike Ball is a small but fast-growing sport. Whoever is getting into the sport is bringing more and more new people into the world of spike balling. But why the new craze? Why is spike ball so popular?

What makes spike ball such a popular new sport is its simplicity and versatility. Anyone can play the game anywhere, on any surface. Both groups can have a good time playing spike ball in their front yard or the beach from a group of athletes or an active family. 

The sports world of spike ball is still uncharted territory for many. So, if you want to know more about spike ball and how this simple sport is gaining more popularity day by day, you are in the right place. Without much further ado, let’s jump into the history and rise of the popularity of spike ball.

The History of the Rise of Spike Ball 

The history and rise of Spike Ball as a sport is nothing short of a renaissance. The net sport that is popularly known as “Spike ball” is officially called “Round-net”. Spike Ball is the company that relaunched and resurrected the 20th-century sport.

Back in 1989, Jeff Knurek, an American cartoonist and toymaker, created the game spike ball. At first, the game gained popularity, but the model that Knurek built was not updated. Thus, his version of spike ball lost popularity within a few years.

After a decade, in the 21st century, spike ball was rebirthed by the CEO of Spikeball.Inc., Chris Ruder. In 2003, Ruder and his brothers took out their old Spike ball set and played with it on the beach on a trip to Hawaii.

Ruder and his brothers had a great time playing spike ball again. Moreover, many passers-by showed interest in the game. Not only was Ruder’s love for spike ball reignited, but also the seed of an idea was growing inside him.

With loads of market research, Ruder discovered that the trademark of spike ball had expired. That was the last push he needed to acquire the trademark (for only $800) and patent his new additions to spike ball.

By 2008, Chris Ruder launched his company Spikeball Inc., and it soon became a viral game. By 2013, his company was making 1 million USD in annual revenue. Soon major sports retailers such as Dick’s Sporting Goods reached out to Spikeball Inc.

The Media’s Support

The popularity of Spikeball reached mainstream media in 2015. Spikeball Inc.’s appearance in the final episode of the 6th season of Shark Tank turned the game into a new craze. Although their deal with Shark Tank fell through, Spike ball has gained enough popularity from the show.

Now, many other brands have also launched their line of spike ball equipment. Spikeball Inc. not only revived a dying sport but also created a new following for it. Now, Spikeball Inc. is a thriving multimillion-dollar company with growing popularity.

Why is Spike Ball the New Craze?

spike ball

Spike ball has turned into a new craze because of how simple, novel, fun, competitive, and versatile. Moreover, it is beneficial as it is intense and involves a ton of physical movements. Here is a description of all the reasons why spike ball is the new craze in the sports world today,

  • Simplicity

Spike Ball is simple because it comes with a similar set of rules as Volleyball but with a twist.

You have to serve and spike the ball just as you do in volleyball. But instead of a linear net and a large ball, you have a circular, bouncy net and a smaller ball.

The whole setup of the game is also lightweight and easy to carry on the go. Plus, spike ball equipment is quite affordable, and purchasing one will not break the bank.

  • Versatility 

Since the rules of playing spike ball are simple and non-restrictive, the actual gameplay is pretty versatile.

Generally, you play the game with four people. But you can try playing the game with only 2 people or 6 people by joining two nets.

Moreover, you can play spike ball on any surface, from grass to sand to even on the water, by floating the net.

  • Novel and Fun 

Anything new attracts crowds like moss to fire. Now, a new sport played by people who are genuinely having fun is sure to garner attention.

The novelty of spike ball and the community around it has attracted new people to try it out. You cannot help but want to try out the sport after seeing the loyal community of players playing and having a good time.

  • Competitiveness 

Although Spike Ball is a simple game, it can get quite intense. It is up to you and your physical abilities how intense and competitive a game of spike ball can get.

The game requires you to move fast and dive to score a point, and when professional athletes are playing spike ball, the game is taken to another level.

That is why many professional athletes have switched their sports careers and took on spike ball professionally.

  • Tons of Workout

Spike ball is a pretty physical sport. There is a lot of hand-to-leg coordination involved in the game.

Moreover, the players must move 360 ° direction while hitting and returning the ball to their opponent directly opposite them. Hence, the players are always on the move.

As such, anyone who plays spike ball will not have an enjoyable experience but also complete their work out of the day.

Why Should You Play Spike Ball at Your Next Gathering?

spike ball

Spike ball is the perfect outdoor game to play at a family gathering. It is simple yet competitive enough to hold everyone’s attention and get everyone involved in the match. Unlike a monopoly game, it won’t start friendly fights that turn into long-term grudges amongst the family.

Instead of spiking a ball over a single straight net, you will bounce the ball on a trampoline-like net. All you will need to set up the game is a spongy ball similar to the size of a baseball and a 36 or 45-inch round net.

There are four players, two on each team. They stand opposite each other and serve 6-feet from the trampoline. A score is counted when the ball hits the ground, hits the net three consecutive times, and hits the clips. The first team to score 21 points wins.

Thus the setup and rules of spike ball are straightforward. Whether it is your 8-year-old daughter or 60-year-old father, anyone can play this game. Spike ball is a condensation of volleyball rules. Hence, no one will have a hard time understanding how the game works.

Moreover, you can play Spike Ball in your front yard or on a day out on the beach with your family. Unlike soccer or volleyball, Spike Ball does not require a lot of space. It’s a game you can play virtually anywhere outdoors.

Other Games on the Rise

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At the end of the day, doing a sport is all about having a good time. That is the core reason behind Spike ball’s success. The athletes enjoying the sports will attract more, and the cycle goes on. Being such a fun and easy learn the game, this happens with Spike Ball more than most other games. Click this link to go to the official Kan Jam website and discover more.

I hope this answers your question, why is spike ball is so popular? Thanks for reading till the end. Until next time, farewell.

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  1. Thanks for this awesome and interesting article as I have been wondering why is spike ball so popular. I have never played it with my friends as in my country we haven’t had it available as an idea at least, but I heard about the spike ball game and I am glad I found some answers. I will definitely go ahead and see if Amazon has it. Though we have Decathlon here, they might have it. Just got that idea! Or.. maybe you know where I can buy it? 


    • Hello, Sunny. You could try some big sports department stores or visit the spike ball official site https://spikeball.com/. Amazon has it too. I could see it growing like volleyball over time you could start the trend in your country. 

      Many Thanks   


  2. Thanks for bringing us this great game.

    I saw these for the first time last summer, when a group of youths were having a day out on the beach and had 3 of them set up. I watched in amazement as they played and thought that it was a fantastic game.

    This is a game which anyone and everyone can play, regardless of their fitness levels, or age.

    Everyone with children, or grandchildren should certainly have one of these in their garden.

    • It’s a super game, Geoff. A lot like volleyball and handball in one. You can certainly work up a sweat playing. The game teachers fantastic teamwork and strategising. Parents battle the kids and grandparents. 

      Many Thanks



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