Whip up the Coolest Chilly Bin Ever

We all know the feeling, you’re at a party, and someone asks what you are drinking. You say “water”, and they look at you like crazy. How can people not want to enjoy an excellent ice-cold beer on a hot day? The answer is: they don’t! Maybe a kombucha or ginger beer instead, But we’ve got some ideas that will change their minds!

This article will give you a few different ways to make your own backyard chilly bin so everyone can access an icy drink of their choice, no matter where they are in the yard. Whether poolside or lounging under the shade of a tree, these DIYs will add some fun to any get-together.

How to make a DIY chilly bin

To make a chilly bin, you will need some easily accessible insulation materials. for a basic tiny cooler out of a closed box and foil with recycled packaging materials, use lined cardboard to line the inside walls, so it is more durable; if needed, cut foam board in half lengthwise to create an insulating layer on both sides.

Perhaps you need something more portable-make your own insulated lunch bag by lining cardboard or fabric panels (cut from old beach bags) with extra sheets of bubble wrap that you can use over and over again!

Materials you’ll need:

Cooler in a box (with or without ice) 

  • Plastic or cardboard box with a lid
  • Tin – Foil
  • Strong Craft Glue
  • Bubble Wrap.

Box Insulated (a big cardboard box)

Whip up the Coolest Chilly Bin Ever
Whip up the Coolest Chilly Bin Ever <span data preserver spaces=true>Materials<span> needed <strong>Photo from my phone<strong>
  • Plastic table cover or large trash bag (for box insulation)
  • Craft knife or scissors (to help cut neat edges)
  • Good “10” duct tape
  • Panels of 1-inch thick foam board
  • Panel 12 inches thick x1- two packages.
  • Vermiculite, or spray expanding foam

Step One: Cooler in a box

You can use aluminum foil to help protect your frozen foods. Wrap aluminum foil around the outside; if using cardboard, cover it on the inside. Make sure you make an attractive presentation by shaping the corners nicely without tearing them or leaving any loose ends behind!

Using foil to line the cardboard inside may also help keep it dry.

Step two: Cooler in a box

Glue bubble wrap and thick fabric to the interior of the box. Glue insulating material to the lid’s underside and bottom and sides of the space inside. Recycle packaging materials or cotton for strength are all excellent options. Avoid using insulation on the lip to make sure still a snug fit.

Step three: Cooler in a box

If the lid does not shut securely, wrap it in foil. Fill your box with ice and keep everything inside when you close it up. You are familiar with plastic containers; make sure to seal all of its edges tightly around your carefully packed goods – this should stay cold for approximately 3-4 hours!

Step One: Box Insulated 

Whip up the Coolest Chilly Bin Ever
Whip up the Coolest Chilly Bin Ever Box cut the flaps <strong>Photo from my phone<strong>

Cut off the top flaps of a cardboard box. Remember that you’ll construct layers of foam about 6 in (15 cm) thick within this enormous cardboard container. Pick one good enough to accommodate all your insulation and still have space for snacks and beverages.

Step Two: Box Insulated 

Whip up the Coolest Chilly Bin Ever
Whip up the Coolest Chilly Bin Ever Line with plastic waterproof the box <strong>Photo from my phone<strong>

Line the box with a garbage bag, shower curtain, or plastic tablecloth. Insert the waterproof material you choose inside it and gently push in its corners before cutting so as it is all flush to the top and flat against the sides. Tape up the entire box tightly around every corner while allowing for extra room at the bottom as there’s bound to be torn if too tight

Step Three: Box Insulated 

Whip up the Coolest Chilly Bin Ever
Foam board or insulation boards to fit each side and top edge <strong>Photo from Phone<strong>

To line the interior of this box, cut five panels of 2.5 cm foam board or insulation boards to fit each side and top edge. If your box is square-shaped like mine (46 by 46 centimeters in size), with sides that measure 37 cm tall when standing straight, you’ll need two 42cm wide x 30cm high pieces.

As well as two 36×30 centimeters height panels on either end and, of course, a bottom panel cut according to the dimensions of the box. Cut following the foam grain if possible, so all edges look cleaner and straighter than before!

Step Four: Box Insulated 

Whip up the Coolest Chilly Bin Ever
Whip up the Coolest Chilly Bin Ever cut foam panels to fit glue in ensuring all flush <strong>Photo from my phone<strong>

Glue the polystyrene panels to your box’s interior and ensure not to rip any waterproof layers. Glue a foam panel on either side of your inside for good measure.

The tops of the side panels should be about 2.5 cm underneath the top perimeter of the box, and either side shorter as well. Take note that a bottom foam panel increases the overall height by 2.5 cm.

Step Five: Box Insulated 

Whip up the Coolest Chilly Bin Ever
Whip up the Coolest Chilly Bin Ever Make two of the panels approximately 10 cm narrower than the boxs sides <strong>Photo from my phone<strong>

Make an inner box with four additional foam panels. Make two of the panels approximately 10 cm narrower than the box’s sides. Cut the other two panels 15 cm smaller than the edges of the box. All four corners should be 2.5 cm shorter than the box’s height.

My measurements were 2 panels, 32 cm wide and 30cm high. I also used two foam sheets 26 cm in width and about the same height – making them perfect for a square-up! 

Glue the four panels together to form the inside box. This tiny inner box serves as storage space. You’ll use insulation to fill the distance between the inner foam box and the panels that line the cardboard box. These insulation layers will keep the cooler nice and chilly for cold beverages.

Step Six: Box Insulated 

Attach the inner box into alignment and glue it down. Embed the foam box inside of a cardboard container. On all four edges, there ought to be approximately 7cm-10cm between both polystyrene panels. Glue interior foam boxes in position after checking it all fits, as you are preparing to fill up with expanding foamy stuff at this point!

Step Seven: Box Insulated 

Whip up the Coolest Chilly Bin Ever
Whip up the Coolest Chilly Bin Ever Fill the spaces between panels with expanding insulation foam <strong>Photo from my phone<strong>

Fill the spaces between panels with expanding insulation foam. Spray in a slow pattern, giving time for it to spread before entering another area. Wait an hour after application, and then remove extra pieces of foam that may be past the tops or sides with a knife blade if needed. Try one side of the project first to see how well this type of product expands.

Step eight: Box Insulated 

Whip up the Coolest Chilly Bin Ever
Whip up the Coolest Chilly Bin Ever foam board or cardboard and cut them into strips to cover the voids <strong>Photo from my phone<strong>


Find four pieces of 1.3 cm thick insulation-filled foam board or cardboard and cut them into strips to cover the voids on both sides long enough for each polystyrene sheet.

Step nine: Box Insulated 

To ensure the insulation is effective, it’s essential to seal all holes with covering strips. Apply craft glue to areas of the cardboard box that will be used as an interior for your new cold drinks home. Secure those pieces in foam sheets and use longer-lengthier covering strips diagonally across each space between them, so you don’t leave any gaps open!

Step ten: Box Insulated 

Whip up the Coolest Chilly Bin Ever
Whip up the Coolest Chilly Bin Ever Make a Lid <strong>Photo from my phone<strong>

For the lid, cut a sheet of 2.5 cm foam. Measure the top of your box to fit accordingly with strips that are 1.3cm thick, lining up on all sides for a snug cover, which will also act as insulation for any voids you might have in-between sheets or panels going inside this cardboard cube!

Step Eleven: Box Insulated 

How about a personal touch? A bit of creativity, perhaps attach some handles or knobs to make closing the box easy. Thrift shops have provided me with some fantastic finds. That will work! Try spray painting with craft foam primer and personalize newly-made treasure before adding any graphics to it, and you’ll whip something up cool in no time to store the preferred beverage in.

How long does ice last in a chilly bin

Ice will last for about 18-36 hours in a DIY polystyrene cooler. But if you’re buying one from research and experience some of the more expensive brands of coolers, the ice can last up to 2 days. You can make a DIY version with plastic tubs instead of a box that is easier to seal and secure lids on, which also helps its cooling capacity.

Avoid direct sunlight or near heat sources such as BBQs in the backyard zen oasis when storing. But, If these conditions are inevitable, but you want maximum longevity, try this low tech hack: place wet towels around your cooler before sealing away all those precious fantastic beverage items inside!

How do you keep a chili bin cold?

If you want your ice to last longer, try these techniques. 

  • Insulate your cooler with aluminum foil to prevent the heat and light from melting your ice. The reflective surface of thermal bubble wrap will keep heated air out while reflecting UV rays so that you can enjoy a cold drink anytime!
  • The cooler should be frozen overnight and filled with ice two hours before serving. Once ready, this will help you keep your ice longer. You may also freeze non-carbonated beverages to help preserve the ice in the cooler. Pre-chill everything that goes into it before cramming all those goodies inside!
  • The best way to keep your ice-cold in the summer is with a large block of ice that won’t melt as quickly. Fill an empty milk carton and freeze it, then place them into coolers so they can last longer than just small cubes or crushed pieces!
  • Your cooler is your best friend on a hot summer day. Keep it organized and cold so you can get what you need as quickly and conveniently as possible!
  • Dry ice is so cold it could freeze your eyeballs. Fill your cooler with dry ice, then sprinkle typical ice on top.

Dry ice is a superb strategy to keep the party cool. Still, the trick is not to get dry ice on any clothes or furniture because once it evaporates, you’ll have an icy puddle left behind. That would be something nobody wants at their next Backyard Hawaiian Party!

How does a chilly bin work

The cooler’s inside is insulated with foam or plastic, delaying the passage of warm air. The ice keeps the cooler cold, and insulation helps slow hot air convection to keep it colder for longer! Insulation is vital in this case, and using PCM can help reduce heat transmission.

A numerical model may be used to develop new food storage containers that will have a consistent temperature and emit/absorb enough energy during phase transitions like liquid-to-solid, so they produce proper heat or cooling depending on what you require; them for!

Here’s a cool video from 50campfires.com with some brilliant hacks like Polar Bear Tubes or beefing up the insulation that will make you cooler than ice for the rest of this summer!

http://www.50Campfires.com [50 Campfires]. (2017, February 13). 6 Genius Cooler Hacks [Video]. YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXZR1vkLEiA


It’s been my pleasure helping you make this homemade chilly bin, and I want to thank you for reading! 

If you have some inquiries related to the procedure or need help with anything else in your life involving the backyard, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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  1. Wow, this is so amazing, I did not know that you could do something like this and right from home. It is great to know that you don’t have to go out and buy expensive coolers but you can follow your step-by-step guide and make your very own chilly bin. I am sure also that those of your readers will find your post to be so helpful and enlightening. Thanks so much for Sharing.

    • The Chilly Bin or Box Cooler is very easy to make and can be done in various ways. One way is by using foam pieces that have been cut into the proper size and shape for your box cooler; another option would be to use a plastic tub instead of a box to make an ice chest with handles. There are many benefits of these coolers – one being that they will keep drinks cold for up to 30 hours if you don’t put them outside during the daytime!

  2. I have no idea what a chilli bin is. Can you please explain it further. But it seems pretty cool. I had no idea that chillies need storage. I usually just keep them in my cardboard at home. I always store it in a dry cool place. But as soon as I have a better understanding of what it is, I will probably get myself one. 

    • It is a box you can carry anywhere and keep ice cream or drinks cool. You can make DIY or purchase from a store. Some call them iceboxes or cooler boxes. Thanks for your feedback.   


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