What Can I Do with A Big Backyard? (Tips)

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Having a large backyard in their home is a dream of many. You can do so many different things with your outdoor living space. So, if you are fortunate enough to have a backyard in your home, you must make the most use of it. You might be wondering, “What can I do with a big backyard?” This article will help you get rid of your curiosities.

You can set up a swimming pool, a studio, or a theatre in your backyard. Besides that, you could decorate the backyard with beautiful lightings, benches, and chairs.

There are numerous other ways to make your backyard more enjoyable and exciting. As you may have to spend more time at home due to certain pandemics, you can use your backyard to spend quality time with your family. So, in this article, I will share various high-budget and low-budget ideas for turning your backyard into a fun place.

Is A Big Backyard Worth It?

Your big backyard is worth it or not depends on how you use it. Having a big yard gives you privacy, a playground for your children, and the opportunity to earn money. You can also get the beautiful touch of nature if you have a big yard.

The following are a few benefits of having a big backyard-

  • Vastness, children, get a large area to play.
  • It gives you privacy away from your neighbours. So, you can freely enjoy your leisure time and relax.
  • Plant a garden in the backyard and enjoy healthy and fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Broad space that you can use for your entertainment purposes.
  •  Start a small business in the yard to earn some money.

So, you get so many advantages if you have a big backyard in your house. However, it has some drawbacks, such as high maintenance, extra costs, and bug problems. The cons are low compared to the pros. If you use the backyard smartly, a big backyard will be worth it for sure.

What Can You Do with A Big Backyard?

Whether you have a high budget or low, you can make great use of the backyard. You can build a treehouse or an outhouse in the spacious area. Besides, you can set up an outdoor kitchen, grow a lovely garden or build a pond in the backyard.

Example of big budget pool
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Let’s discuss some big budget and low budget ideas for your backyard-

Big Budget Ideas

Bigger funding money left in the kitty, why not invest in something luxurious for your backyard? Investing in your yard will not only make your house look aesthetic but will also increase your home’s value.

  1. Set up a swimming pool

Swimming pool in your backyard sounds exciting, right? Building a swimming pool in the backyard will cause high expenses, but it will be worth your money.

Swimming in a pool will improve your health and also relieve you from stress. Also, a swimming pool will allow you to have a fantastic time with your family in summer.

  1. Build a treehouse

A treehouse not only attracts the kids but also fascinates the adults. Having a treehouse in the yard will also increase the number of potential buyers.

The coolest hideout in the street a treehouse. Your kids will spend more time playing outdoors. So, they will be more healthy and energetic. Besides, you can spend some solitary time in the treehouse doing the things you love to do.

  1. Establish a backyard theatre

Imagine setting up a theatre in the backyard of your home. Nothing beats a good backyard movie to get your family and friends together for a night of entertainment. What can be better than watching your favourite movies with your favourite persons in your backyard?

If you are ready to spend on high-quality screen and sound systems, you can get the full experience of a theatre in your own home. Thus, you can spend some quality time with your family without going out of your comfort zone.

Small Budget Ideas

Worrying is not needed even if your budget is not too high. You can still do so many exciting things with a big backyard.

  1. Create a sitting space

Creatively turning your backyard into a living space. Build a shade and place comfy sofa and chairs there. You also don’t have to cut the trees in your backyard for doing this. You can use the tree as a shade and make a tree bench.

If you want, you can make DIY swings and hammocks and place them in a corner. Moreover, you can set up beautiful lighting in the sitting place and make the area look more elegant and lovely.

  1. Grow a garden

A garden in your backyard will add the beauty of nature to your home. Sow a flowers garden or a vegetable garden in the yard. Selling the flowers and vegetables you grow and earn a few bucks is a great double the value venture.

Besides, you can enjoy the fresh vegetables and fruits of your garden and stay healthy.

  1. Build a backyard pond

A pond is a perfect thing to add to your backyard. Artistic possibilities are limitless when it comes to building a pond. However, if you want to build a pond of your own creation, you can do so with careful planning. A water feature is ideal for practising meditation.

Somewhere for ducks, a pond in your yard will bring a splash of colour and life to your garden. Magic happens in your pond. You can also start fish farming and add income to your family.

How Do You Make A Backyard Fun?

You can set up a live chessboard, make a climbing wall, or create a beach to make your backyard more fun. You can also make a water park, build an outdoor kitchen or make a mini-park to make the backyard amusing.

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Here are few ideas to make a backyard fun-

  • Build a bocce or mini-golf court.
  • Assemble a portable bar in the yard.
  • Make the backyard a picnic spot for your family.
  • Construct a small room for hanging hideaways.
  • Establish a fountain or a waterfall in the backyard.
  • Set up a balance beam or a backyard ball run.
  • Place a giant chalkboard in the yard.

There are plenty of other ways to make a backyard entertaining. You only have to choose the one that seems the most fun to you.

Where Do You Start When Designing A Backyard?

First of all, you have to fix your budget and make a plan when designing a backyard. Furthermore, you have to choose plants and materials you would like to place in your backyard.

Now, I will discuss a few things you need to follow when designing a backyard-

  1. Determine your budget and make a plan according to that.
  2. Choose the materials and plants you would need to design your backyard.
  3. Add a walkaway in the backyard.
  4. Choose plants that will fulfil multiple purposes and consider the mature size of the plants before planting them.
  5. Take action for pest control before starting to design.
  6. Don’t overcrowd the area of your backyard.
  7. Look for different backyard designs on websites or visit houses with a big yard to choose a design from them.
  8. Consider choosing a design that will keep the environment of the backyard calm and peaceful.
  9. Hire a professional for designing.

You must follow the tips I have mentioned above to have the perfect design for your backyard.

What Are the Principles of Landscape Design?

Landscaping design principle includes unity, simplicity, variety, balance, emphasis, sequence, and scale.

Design principles are rules that you can use to help transfer landscaping ideas from broad concepts to details. Different sources and experts on design theory also use slightly different terminology and classifications for the various design concepts. They do, however, agree that some fundamental design methods lead to a pleasing composition.

Seven principles are proposed in this article. When properly considered, it will make any design unified, seamless, and beautiful. The concept of unity is that everything works together. According to the simplicity principle, you should omit elements that do not provide improvement. Your shape, size, and form selections should be diverse, according to variety.

The goal of balance is to ensure that the weight feels even throughout. The use of transitions in plant size, form, and texture is referred to as a sequence. The principle emphasis is accentuating parts of the design by using texture, form, or colour. Lastly, scale is the size of the components in the landscape.

Is Landscaping Worth It?

Landscaping is unquestionably worthwhile. According to over 75% of real estate agents, well-landscaped homes are worth 1 to 10% more than unlandscaped homes. Landscaping and curb appeal go hand in hand. Improving curb appeal increases the bottom line at resale, according to 94 percent of top real estate agents.

Landscape Example
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Landscaping your backyard will earn you profit when you sell the house. Let’s assume your home is worth the US median price of $266,300. In that case, you can get an additional $2,663 to $26,630 in the bank after selling the house.

Think about adding shrubs, trees, and hedges. This will make your backyard prettier as well as boost your privacy. You can also choose to use fencing for your privacy.

In terms of choosing trees, you should pick and plant baby trees and watch them mature. You should also choose plants that require low maintenance. Avoiding elaborate or prickly garden features is also an excellent choice. You should also invest in xeriscaping.

If you have the budget, adding a deck is worth it, and it will immediately increase your home value. The patio is also an excellent investment for your backyard.

Design and landscaping following your budget. You will almost certainly profit when selling. That’s why landscaping is totally worth it.

How Do I Transform My Backyard On the Cheap?

Even if you are a little tight on budget, you can still transform your backyard. Use recycled tires, make a cheap fire pit, or arrange a place for sitting. You can also place some garden stones to make your backyard look better.

Fire a Great Idea can be cheep setup in backyard
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Let’s discuss some ideas to transform your backyard on the cheap-

Recycled Tires

Old tyres in your garage that you can’t fix anymore. The good news is you can use them to make your backyard look better.

Recycled tires can be used as playground equipment, stairs, or to plant trees. You can also use them to make swings, a tower, and many other things.

DIY Vertical Garden

A DIY vertical garden is an excellent option for your backyard. You can make a garden wall, a garden ladder, or a shelf with different plants.

The majority of the materials used to build a vertical garden can be found in your community in scrap yards or flea markets, as well as in your own or a colleague’s homes.

Cheap Fire Pit

Sitting around a fire pit with your family and friends, doing gossip is always fun. So, having a fire pit in your backyard is a fantastic idea.

Have a go at making a fire pit in your home with bricks, soil, or sands. It is very cheap and easy to make but helps you pass a nice and cozy time. Here are some great burning fire pit ideas.

Cheap Backyard Lighting

Brighten things up decorate your backyard with cheap lighting. You may not notice the lighting during day time, but at night your yard will turn into a dreamy place when you turn on the lights.

Thus, backyard lighting will give a marvellous transformation to your backyard at a cheap rate.

Cheap Outdoor Seating

Arranging a sitting place in your backyard with your unused sofa and chairs is also an excellent idea if you are short on budget.

Consider also, make benches and chairs yourself with wood or other available materials. This will add a unique look to your backyard.

Garden Stones

Designing with rocks and stones is very popular among many people. You can collect pebbles, rocks, or gravel and place these in your backyard.

Besides, you can colour the stones to make the decoration look more fascinating and colourful.

Cheap Gardening

For plant lovers, gardening is already their desired work to do. So, making a garden is the best option to make your backyard look better on the cheap.

Prepare to plant cheap flower and vegetable trees in your backyard. Use sow seeds and create your own DIY pots and vases for your garden.

However, seeking professional help is always the best idea to give the backyard your desired look without any trouble. PRO LANDSCAPE HOME can help you in this regard. They offer you professional service and make your dream design come true. You can also check the website loveproperty.com to see some examples of some radical and pleasant backyard transformations.


Homes with a spacious backyard is a blessing. From passing leisure to using it for a business, you can do lots of things in it. By now, I’m sure you’ve got your answer to the question, “What can I do with a big backyard?” So, hire a professional and start designing right away.

Good luck, and thanks for reading through.

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  1. We have moved about 2 years ago to this house with a big backyard. It reminds me a bit of my childhood, growing up by the country side. I really found useful your suggestions under the low budget ideas. And I think, my best choice would be making a pond. Thank you very much!

    • I would love to see photos of your pond if it went ahead, Ann. Yeah so much potential with a big backyard  some don’t even realize the gold mine they have not just in terms of money but fun to .

      Thank You for reading 

      Many Blessings J W RIDDELL 

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  2. Hi. So good to find your article.I really enjoyed reading it. 

    Having a big backyard really has its perks. Personally I like making things, for example furniture, around the house, so after reading your article, I remembered of the days when I wanted to buy a house with a big backyard so that I can make whatever I want there.

    Unfortunatly, I didn’t end up in the house of my dreams (but how knows maybe I will someday right?) Thanks for this article.

  3. Hi there,

    Thanks for sharing this great article; I love it!

    I have a big backyard, and my dream is to build a kitchen outside. I thought I would do it myself, but it’s more complicated than I thought it would be:) I think, Ill hire a designer for this. Do you know a great designer? I would love to start before the winter comes. Thanks a lot!

    • Hey, Daniella, perhaps starts withdrawing a birds-eye view of your backyard, decide what you want, then look for a local designer in your area, which I can’t help you with here. But visit https://sortscape.com.au/ has a handy app you could use to help. Another tip visit your local garden store and DIY store ask around for cheap labour handy person who does this for fun.   

      Many Thanks 

  4. Great article! I have seen so many big yards and some people make really good use of them. I agree with you that it gives you some privacy from the neighbours, you can make a business out of t and your children can actually have enough space to play around. I love big backyards for the purpose of planting vegetables and flowers too. You can also have a pond somewhere. Thanks for sharing these useful tips on how we can use our big backyards for good reasons.

    • Thank you, Kokontala. My granddad had a huge backyard, and my Nana had the garden looking amazing. I see a common theme of smaller backyards, tightly packed houses with no fun at home. There is so much potential in big backyards not only for fun but to make money and start your own market garden or build pools or basketball courts that will increase property values.


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