What Are Some Backyard Games for Two?


Whether you are a kid or an adult, you are never too old for some backyard fun. Not only are they fun and give you immense joy, but it’s also a great way to bond with whoever you are playing with, whether it be your child, friend, sibling or significant other. But you might be wondering, what are some fun backyard games for two?

When it comes to backyard games, the options are limitless. Starting from the age-old hide and seek to comparatively modern laser tag, there’s something for everyone. No matter your age, these games are for sure to give you a pretty enjoyable time with a partner out in the backyard.

Backyard games are not only played because they are fun but also because they are a fun way to keep you physically fit and psychologically sound. So, let’s take a look at some fun two-player backyard games.

Top 7 Backyard Games to Play Outside With 2 Players

As mentioned above, outdoor games come in many different types and forms, adhering to several age groups and personalities. All of which are equally enjoyable depending on your preference. Here are 7 of the most popular backyard two-player games that you can play with your loved ones.

  1. Potato Sack Race

This one is trendy among kids in the rural areas who love to play in their backyards in the dry season. This might look a bit weird for adults as no one’s used to visualising grown-up people running around in potato sacks, but it’s fun nonetheless.

The rules of the potato sack race are as simple as it possibly gets. It’s a regular race, but instead of running to the finish end, you have to hop around to reach there. At the same time, wearing a potato sack, of course. You can use any other type of sturdy enough sack if potato sacks aren’t available to you.

The first person to reach the finish line by hopping in a potato sack wins the race and gets possible bragging rights for a while. You can add your own variations to the game to make it way more fun. For example – you could add a few obstacles, do it half blindfolded, create a maze on the running block, etc. The possibilities are endless, and that’s the fun with backyard games.

Just a Note

However, do remember to take proper precautions before playing. If you are kids, adult supervision is highly recommended. Do not get way too obsessed with winning, and watch properly before you take a step.

If you try to hurry up inconsistently, you can fall over and chip your teeth or lips, and that’s not a fun scenario to encounter. Remember to be careful, and even after that someone happens to get injured, immediately seek medical supervision.

  1. Badminton

backyard badminton

Badminton is a great game to play if you are looking to have fun while getting some much-needed exercise in the process. Regular practice of badminton will keep you physically fit and alert at all times. If you have a large backyard with enough space for a badminton court, this is what you should invest in if you are an athletic person.

Badminton comes with several intricate rules that are fit for professional tournaments. But if you are a beginner picking up badminton for fun, there’s no need to go into these complex rules immediately. Start with the basics.

Draw a large enough court for two players with a net/marking in the middle. Once you have the proper badminton equipment, i.e. rackets, feather etc., start playing. After you learn how to serve and defend your court properly, you can move on to the more difficult positions and swivels to make the game more engaging.

  1. Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek is an absolute classic when it comes to backyard games. It’s super unlikely to find someone who hasn’t played hide and seek at least once in their lifetime. It was the most common form of entertainment for kids, and as for adults, it’s equally as fun. Although, it can be a little hard to hide in those secret small spaces now that you are all grown up.

Even then, you’ll find plenty of places to hide and spook your teammate when they cannot find you within time. Overall, it’s a pretty cool game for everyone, including mixed-age groups.

The basic principle is the same. With a quick draw of hands or a simple round of rocks, paper and scissors, you can determine who will hide and who will seek. The seeker has to count up to 50 or 100 while closing their eyes, and during that time, the other person has to find a suitable hiding place.

Once the seeker is done with their counting, they now have 5-10 minutes to find where the other person is hiding. If they manage to find the hidden person within time, the seeker wins. If not, the hidden person can expose themselves to spook the seeker and win when the time runs out.

It’s a simplistic yet fun game. No extra tools or gaming materials are needed. Just make sure to find a good spot for hiding, but not too good that the seeker can’t find you at all. Make sure to choose a safe spot and always remember to play for fun and not for winning.

  1. Treasure Hunt

It’s quite impossible to talk about backyard games and not mention treasure or scavenger hunt. This game has been a part of our life since childhood, and it’s always a reliable way to have a great time with a friend.

Treasure Hunt is a game that requires no definite rules. You can play it however you like it as long as you are having fun. Although you can play scavenger hunts with regular day-to-day items, you can go for a customized kit as well to give it that extra boost of mystery and fun.

Just like you hid in; hide and seek, you hide several “treasures” in this game instead. You can either hide the items separately and then give the other person clues to find them. Or, if you have access to customized gameplay, you can solve the clues together to have even more fun.

  1. Snow Games

If you live in a place where it snows frequently, there are tons of snow games that you can play in the background. For example- you can have a snowman/castle building competition, play snow-volley and downhill snowboarding etc.

There are no definite terms and conditions rather than the general ones for backyard games like this. You aim to have fun however you can in the safest way possible.

Perhaps try to build a nice snow-castle or snowman in your backyard and make a competition out of it to see who finishes first. You can also bring in a third party to judge who built it the best. If the snow is too thick, you can go for a match of snow-volley. The rules are similar to normal volleyball, but you use snowballs to hit the target instead of using normal balls.

Again, if your backyard encompasses a downhill slope, you can use a make-shift bucket to go snowboarding with your partner. As always, remember to ensure maximum safety while having the most fun.

  1. Kan Jam

Kan-Jam is another fun backyard game that you can play with your partner to liven up the situation. It’s a classic disc-throwing game where you throw your discs at an apparent black trash can (known as kan in this game) to gain points and win.

You’ll need to buy separate kan jam gaming equipment to play this game. Or, you could use regular household materials to create a make-shift disc and kan if you want. As long as you can manage to set it up properly, it’s good to go.

To play, place two kans at a distance of up to 50 feet (reversible according to preference) and stand opposite to your respective kans. You and your partner then take alternate turns with your disc to do one of the three possible things.

Either hit the kan directly or redirect the disc to go inside the kan via the top opening. Managing to get the disc through the kan’s slot opening will guarantee you an instant win.

You get points of 1, 2 and 3 depending on how your disc hits the kan. Unless anyone gets the instant win, the game continues until one person gathers 21 points and wins. You can place a few more rules of your own in place to make the game more entertaining.

  1. Spike Ball

Spike Ball is another game similar to the Kan-Jam one where you win after scoring 21 points. This game requires a bit of a strategic mindset, and that’s why it’s viral among people who love a challenge in their games.

Spike Ball is best played in two teams, but if you lack the number, two of you can take turns alternatively instead. The game’s goal is to return your opponent’s ball in such a way that they cannot serve it back. You get 3 touches at a time to accomplish your goal before your opponent gets to strike again.

Based on how you are successfully deflecting the ball, you get points on every serve. The winning team has to reach 21 points first with at least a 2-point lead. Furthermore, you can add your own little twists to the point system to make it more exciting.

Precautions While Playing Backyard Games

fun in trolley

The backyard might seem like a comforting place, but it has no dangers, especially when running around and playing games. From the sun and bugs to tree branches, roots and other trip hazards, there is no shortage of things to look out for when planning on playing games in the backyard.

Happy Ideas

Here are some precautionary tips that you should consider before heading out to your backyard:

  • Wear sunscreen if it’s sunny outside.
  • Clear out as many trip hazards as you can from your backyard before playing. Do play around with trip hazards that can’t be removed (Such as tree roots).
  • Think about installing a pool fence if you have children playing in your backyard.
  • Keep basic first aid items like bandaids and antiseptics available at home for treating cuts and bruises.
  • Supervise children at all times while playing in the backyard.
  • Keep your backyard clean and plant high fragrant flowers to fend off mosquitoes and other bugs. You can also try mosquito lotion.


So, that marks the end of today’s article regarding fun backyard games for two. Hopefully, you managed to get a lot of info about some of the most fun and engaging backyard games out there to play with your loved one witch is so important for your well being.

I hope that you have a blast playing and make beautiful memories. Thanks for reading. And until next time, farewell.

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  1. Backyard games are a great thing.
    They always bring laughter and a good vibe.
    it is good for each of us to get a little exercise sometimes.
    We practice a little through games and have great fun.
    It’s a great thing to get away from worries and stress.
    It takes a bit of recharging sometimes, and Backyard games are great for that.

    • Allowing to rekindle a friendship a relationship in a non-stressfull way, Denislukic. You hit it on the nail with your comment bringing good vibes is what I hope for everyone. Apart from the awesome points, you have made there is a myriad of health and wellness benefits to being outside too. 

      Many Thanks



  2. Isn’t funny how we tend to give up these “childish” games as we grow up?  We get so busy working and raising children that we forget how much fun they are.  I’m gonna skip the badminton and the potato sack race but I love a good snowball fight!  I’d like to add corn hole to the list as well!  Thanks for putting a smile on my face!

    • Thank you, Cynthia. My hope is a little fun and games with your partner or whoever could spark a new romance, a new dynamic in an old relationship for joy, and perhaps wows in the bedroom could be smoothed out and settled out first. But also these ideas can be for you as well as A friend of yours – both adults or children (I dare to say) if not even pets! The snowball fight will have been exciting; it’s probably more than that when there are two people against one another- this game has no winners, but everyone wins afterwards by simply admitting defeat…


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