The Ultimate Guide to Hanging a Baby Swing.

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It is a daunting project to figure out how to hang a baby swing from a backyard tree. Without the correct information, you may end up damaging your tree or choosing an unsafe location for your child’s play area. This article will assist you in determining just what to do and where not to go when it comes time for hanging that swing!

Find a suitable tree with an 18-inch-above-ground limb; the swing should not exceed 5 feet if no appropriate tree is available. Using a fence post, patio, or swing set that has already constructed. No hanging from fruit trees. Nylon ropes are great, but always use rope sleeves to avoid fraying; you’ll need to know how to tie a slipknot and a running bowline to fasten with only a rope; alternatively, use a chain, which does not stretch. Secure eye bolts and washers, then nuts, carabiners and swing hooks. Looped rope or chain, and finally, the baby swing. 

How to find a safe location

First, it’s essential to realize that many backyard tree limbs are not strong enough or sturdy enough for the task. Therefore, it would help if you researched and know-how to pick an excellent sturdy tree on hand before taking any steps not to harm the branch.

You will also need knowledge about where a limb falls within the canopy- lower branches may be weaker because they have less tension when hanging from them than higher ones who have their weight pulling down on them.

Follow these steps for a safe and sound location: 

  • To find the perfect spot for your baby swing set, look for a branch with no low branches and is at least 18 inches away from any surface below.
  • How wide should you make it? Make sure to measure with a tape measure before cutting. Remember: 12″ – 16″.
  • How long should you make it? Measure about 30″-36″. Keep in mind this length will vary depending on how high up onto the tree limb you want to hang it.
  • How high should the branch be? For safety reasons, it’s recommended that your baby swing not exceed five feet in height.

Other structures that you can hang a baby swing from are:

  • Blanket Hangers and Wall Hooks: You can hang a swing from these by using the loops of fabric or metal hooks to attach them.
  • Brick patio wall: If there is a brick-paved patio, you should remove some bricks to allow for foot clearance then embed them with mortar again after installing them on either side; this will prevent tipping over when children are swinging back and forth.
  • Cedar Fence Posts: These posts provide sturdy anchoring points that won’t break down quickly in wet weather like other materials would (like wood).
  • Slanted Roof Railing Support Struts: These can also be difficult for kids to swing from if they don’t have enough height.
  • Plank Method: Drill two holes 3 to 5 inches to the top right and upper left of the central hole to create an upside-down triangle. Be careful to drill sturdy trunk postholes. Do the drill and add two additional bolts. Tighten all three bolts until the board is firm.

How to pick a tree to hang baby swing:

It’s always best to look closely at outdoor elements and choose a tree with leaves, branches, and good tree bark. Avoid fruit trees as they can be unstable after bearing heavyweight or produce toxic sap when pruned.

Pick out the perfect Tree. It would be optimal if you had a sturdy branch, not a dead branch, for your swing by navigating your outdoor space for enough clearance from other branches and is near the tree trunk so that it won’t easily hang and break.

Is the Tree strong enough for a swing?

The best way to know whether or not the branch can support your baby’s weight and movement is by trying it out. For example, if the branches are devoid of leaves, try pushing down on them with your body weight to see how much they have to get an idea of their strength.

Hanging over trees, however, may cause other issues. For example, if the branch is too low to the ground, it may be an easy target for passersby, who might try and take your swing.

Trees best for swings

Some suitable types of trees are the oak tree (they proliferate) or any hardwood tree (less friction). How do I know? We used these two trees with our baby! So now we can vouch for their dependability.

The best type is a tree that’s at least 16 inches in diameter. (no! don’t use your apple and orange tree!) However, just because the Tree is 16 inches in diameter does not mean it’s going to be ideal.

Using a rope for Baby Swing

A good rope should be about half an inch thick to have too much friction between each strand. Does it also need to be able to stretch without breaking if at any point?

 Ropes you could use:

  • Polypropylene ropes
  • Nylon ropes
  • Vinyl ropes
  • Wire Ropes

Quality rope may safely hang a baby swing from tree branches if you use two ropes: one goes up into the air, firmly fastened, while the other goes down to the ground.

While tree swing ropes are uncommon, most baby swings set should come with a rope. In addition, almost, almost all hanging baby swing sets have one swinging line fixed to the top of the playground.

Should I Use Nylon Rope?

Nylon rope is an excellent material for hanging your child’s swing from trees because the synthetic material has some give to it and will provide you with more peace of mind that if one end comes free, the other won’t break or snap off easily. How many times have we seen people checking their ropes before going out fishing?

Rope Sleeve

You’ll need to consider a rope sleeve because the rope is at risk of fraying and breaking if the tree limb it’s hanging from hurts. This will protect your ropes.

A better option for an outdoor baby swing may be to use two ropes instead. One would go from the tree branch up into the air so that you can attach it securely without worrying about tugs or pulls, and the other rope would go down to your baby swing. Also, provide you with safety as one of the ropes will be stationary, the ground.

Vertical Holes

You may also need to consider using a vertical hole for your rope. Tree swings are not going to stay in one place, so it’s crucial that you have something strong enough, and low-quality ropes can easily stretch too much as well as a break when they are tugged on at an angle.

Slip knot

A slipknot is an excellent adjustable knot to use. How this works with the baby swing is that when it swings back and forth in the air, it will gradually loosen up on its own until all of sudden one end comes free from the tree branch or whatever else you’re attaching it to and falls towards the earth.


Lowe’s Home Improvement. (2012, April 25). Knot Tying for a Rope Tree Swing [Video]. YouTube.

Running Bowline: How To Tie One

A running bowline is a distinct kind of knot. That’s useful when you need to attach one end to the other – like, say, in this case, where we have to connect an adjustable loop on one side with something else on the opposite.

Too-tight knots will gradually reduce friction and break easily, but they can also be difficult to undo later, so it’s best not to tie them too tightly in the first place. So how do we know when our knot is just right?

Well, there are two a couple of easy ways to test a running bowline for tightness:

Put your fingers over the knot, then pull on both ends. 

  • How much give does the knot have before it begins to tighten?
  • How hard is it to pull on each side of the rope when you’re only pulling with one finger?
  • How long until they start slipping past your fingers as if the ropes had gotten wet from rain

How to hang baby swing using chains

Depending on the type or strength, you may need all metal chains or a combination of different materials like nylon, wire, polypropylene for maximum safety.

One of these is using metal chains, especially if there’s not enough room for two ropes affixed to each side of a tree trunk or branch where you’ll be hanging your baby swing set.

Metal chains may seem like they’re heavy but don’t worry about this; it only means they won’t stretch as much and will therefore provide more safety in holding up your child’s toy!

How long should we make the chain?

Chain Swing
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Have them draw their end of the metal chain at least halfway around whichever limb or section of the Tree you plan on connecting one end of each chain. Next, measure from the top of your baby swing’s seat down (without any cushion) and add at least another foot.

Connect one end of the metal chain or ropes to an eyebolt, then connect the other end to an anchor so you have room to swing freely.

Eye Bolts

You will also need a big metal eye bolt that may be pounded into the Tree and fastened on both ends by nuts, bolts, or a chain.

To prevent the baby swing from moving, you may instal two eyebolts on opposing ends of the Tree. Then, cut your chain about half an inch from the end and use a sharp knife or saw to cut through it. It’ll also reduce friction and chain tension.”

Carabiner Hooks

The carabiners are essential for attaching the rope and chains that hang from the tree branch.

When hanging a swing into trees, it is essential not to go up too high because the carabiners will be in a dangerous spot.

It is also essential to use the correct size of hooks that are strong enough to hold weight and not break with the pressure. The right size is half-inch carabiner hooks.

A quick link is a type of connection that attaches the chains to the tree branch, and it will also connect with the rubber tubing, which you can find at any local hardware store.

There is a safety lock and extra security when hanging in trees because there have been instances where this has not gone as planned. The swing seat should also be securely attached to the carabiners and chains by ensuring that it is taut enough not to fall.

The following are the benefits of using safety lock carabiner hooks: 

  • Quick link for attaching the rope and chains that hang
  • the swing to the tree branch
  • Rubber tubing that goes around the tree branch for extra support or a safety lock attachment an additional precautionary measure.
  • The carabiners and chains should be strong enough to hold heavy weight without breaking, recommended to use half-inch carabiner hooks.

Easy to follow Step by step Guide

Tools you will need; measuring tape, drill and tape measure, carabiners, chains and safety lock attachments.

Measure the distance from the branch to where you want the top of your swing seat to be attached. 

  • Determine how long your chain or rope should be by subtracting this measurement length from 180 inches or six feet.
  • Measure out about 18 “long pieces for each side of the eyebolt/handle attachment point (total 36″), then cut off excess right at the edge of the first 18”.
  • Drill hole through the centre area using a tape measure as a guideline: eighteen inches from the end of one side and six inches from the other ( total 18″).
  • Attach a carabiner to the eyebolt. Attach eye bolt with washer, nut, safety lock attachments on the opposite end of the rope as well.
  • Place chain through the top hole in handle attachment point or another type of handle you decide to use, then place it onto carabiners; attach by tightening securely.
  • Place a looped piece of rope over the chains at the bottom, then securely attach the tree trunk so that your swing hangs freely without touching the ground below.:

Types of Baby Swings on the market

There are many health benefits to buying a baby swing for your infant. There are several great choices. Below is a list of several popular ones worth investigating, however in the meanwhile, check this post out What you Need to Know About Swings -Babies.

The Snug’ n Secure™ 2-in-1 Swing from Little Tikes:

A tremendous first swing for your baby, The swing has a safe and comfy seat, which may be used whether you have connected a T-bar or not. This baby swing features a neck and head support with an adjustable backrest. The T-bar may be removed as your kid gets more active. This doesn’t include anchors—popular among parents seeking secure, pleasant outdoor kids swing.

Squirrel Products has a kid’s High-back swing:

A seat constructed of galvanized metal and plastic coated chains: 66″ of metal chain with a non-toxic plastic 30″ drop. Tooling comes with a complete backswing, adjustable chain, high-quality galvanized hardware and DIY instructions. 150-pound weight limit

This device is ideal for practising swing with toddlers. This has a well-built construction, and this results in toddlers having an impressive amount of core strength while also enjoying playing on it—a sturdy bucket design with plenty of comfort for play.

Little Tikes 2-in-1 Snug’ n Secure Swing:

It perfectly suits your adorable one. This infant seat may be transformed into a toddler swing using the supplied T-bar and shoulder straps.

Three reclining positions mean you can choose the perfect sleeping position for your baby. This swing outside adds well to any swing set. Up to 50 pounds of neighbouring curiosity as it will grow with them.

This is a popular baby swing and a famous brand worth a look at.

JAKTEN 3-in-1 Toddler Swing Seat Hanging Swing Set:

High-grade plastic ensures a long-lasting swing seat. In addition, detachable 3 in 1 design offers a range of developmental toys to support your children’s growth.

Constant height: The hanging rope adapts easily to your needs. Positioning of the swing seat saves you time.

Using the front and rear guards and a safety belt for fun, Additional straps and snap hooks are provided for years of usage, Priester. Let’s busy the kids for part of the day and get them moving.

Eastern Jungle Gym Heavy-Duty High Back Full Bucket Toddler Swing Seat:

Toddlers should see this toy. This plastic is solid and durable, and it is only intended for household use. The swing seat can handle up to 300 lbs, and the whole bucket addition offers additional support and stability. In addition, it features strongly built sides and a high backrest for extra support and security.

The lowest 30″ of the chain is covered with a pinch-proof rubber cover, which is 66″ long. It’s helpful for babies who are learning how to sit up or have difficulty keeping their sitting balance. In addition, it features a safety strap, vinyl-coated steel.

Final thoughts

So remember, the tree type matters when choosing a place to hang your tikes outdoor baby swing perfectly. Avoid fruit trees, and you don’t want to be using low-quality rope and snaping as soon as your swing starts moving.

If you’re constructing a rope swing or a tyre swing, this is a beneficial website worth a gander.

Thank you for reading the Ultimate Guide to Hanging a Baby Swing in A Tree. How did you like it?

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