Swingball a Great Investment for Backyard Fun

Swingball is a backyard game that has been around for many years. It’s safe, fun and easy to learn! Swingball is excellent for all ages and can be played alone or with a group of friends. In this article, we will discuss why Swingball is such a good investment for your backyard. How do you play the game Swingballs history, what it takes to set up a swingball court, some safety guidelines and other tips to make sure you have an enjoyable experience playing Swingball!

What is Swingball, and how does it work?

Swingball is a game that involves hitting a ball off of the ground to an attached pole and then trying to hit it back before it bounces twice.

The game of Swingball is an excellent activity for the whole family to enjoy. It has an easy enough difficulty level that children as young as three can play, but it still provides challenging and engaging gameplay even for adults.

The goal is simple: get whack ball from one side of the spiral to another by hitting or rolling it along its length with either a paddle or some other object like your hand! You might want to set up different t for added fun teams–two players against each other sounds best because then there’s no waiting around while someone takes their turn!

There are many different variations like the types of paddles they use, the type of ball and how many players are involved. 

There’s no reason why you can’t create your own rules for swingball games to make them more fun! Here are some examples: if a player gets three outs in a row, then one point is awarded per out; whoever touches the pole find three players and three players and three players and three players and three players.

When playing, an essential thing to remember is Swingball is not just about who wins or loses. It’s more about having fun with friends and family while engaging in a game that’s easy, safe and great for people of all ages.

Swingball around since the late 1800s, so you know it will last!

Swingball is a game often played for fun or at parties. It has an exciting history, with the first recorded instance called Tetherball and being created in 1875. The concept remains similar mainly today, but there are some key differences between then and now – namely, ladies in the 1930s would use one end of the rope to swing around their partner who jumps over the other side!

Check out this footage via British Pathé; it’s a remarkable viewing.

British Pathé. (2014, April 13). Swingball (1930) [Video]. YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RlIpEw2-ZRc

Swingball is born from the British Tetherball, which originated in 1875 or some other European country. The only difference between these two games was that one has a swirly bit and rope going up and down.

Tetherball History

Tetherball became a hit in England by 1880 and then moved to the big apple United States. No one knows who invented this game, although it is believed that “Mr Lehmann of Oxford University” might have been involved with its invention twenty years later.

Tetherball, an interactive game in which you smack a ball with your hands that is the size of a volleyball. It was initially played by striking a tennis-sized ball and racquets like we know today from Swingball.

The new game sometimes had the name “Tether Tennis” was an excellent way for people to play and have fun. No more running after tennis balls, so you can focus on having fun! Along the way, somebody discovered that you could play with your hands – no need for a paddle.

The game is simple in its design: two people stand on different ends of an upright pole and attempt to strike the ball back-and-forth, so it swings around at the top.

You can smack this one out of nowhere using either hand or bat, sometimes even just by hitting it like golfing through the sand before taking off from where they land to swing again (a technique called “jumping”).

The Rise in Popularity

Tetherball is one of the most popular games on playgrounds and beaches, but it’s not just a game anymore.

Tetherballs are now put up in schools for kids to play during recess or after school hours when they want some friendly competition; parks also have tetherballs so people can enjoy this surprisingly competitive sport.

Similar to handball, squash, badminton and volleyball – as well as new spike ball. Players will swing their ball at an opposing player who’ll try his best to hit back with theirs! 

Totem Tennies to Swingball

Totem tennis is a sport that has been around for centuries. It’s called by many names, including Tether Tennis and Swingball. A pole will be mounted into the ground or on top of something sturdy like a platform with a string attached to it – then you smack an object at the apex using your racquet!

There are images from 1904 of Emma Walker playing this game (check out those wrist turns!) and sketches in Wright & Ditson Lawn Guide 19th century edition.

Swingball is a game that has been around for a long time. In 1967, It was an unknown mystery who made the inventor of Swingball, perhaps from South Africa and improvements with wire coils at the top (Mookie Toys).

Other manufacturers started making their version, which included spinning mechanisms to keep from having twisted rope. The game was re-released under the name Zimm Zamm once before being changed again but this time branded by Mookie Toys in 1993. 

Benefits of owning a swingball set

Bats and Ball for Swingball
Photo 215853640 © Ron Zmiri | Dreamstimecom

Swingball is a tennis-like game that’s great for families. You can play it yourself, but why not have the whole family get involved with this fabulous way to keep fit? Not only could you burn loads of calories and tone your arm muscles at once, but some people also use Swingball as a therapy due to its low impact exercise properties!

The benefits of owning a Swingball set are more than just hours upon hours worth of entertainment – in addition, they’re helpful when hosting gatherings or keeping up fitness levels during winter months!.

Swingball is easy for kids to learn how to play, but it takes skill and strategy. 

Swingball is a great way to stimulate your child’s brain and body! Swingball teaches excellent reflexes, hand-eye coordination as well as building upper arm strength. It also encourages communication skills such as strategizing with peers on how best to hit the ball.

Swingball promotes socialization amongst friends who enjoy friendly competition when playing together or against each other for fun outdoors.

You don’t require any peculiar equipment – just your backyard! 

Swingball equipment is such a basic game that you could build your own using heavy garden furniture like an old post or pole, any coil swivel mechanism (like an old wheel) and some string. For the ball, all you need to do is use something as simple as tennis balls!

You will need to consider securing your swingball stand before you play. You can do this by digging a hole, putting the post inside an old umbrella stand, or even an old heavy flower pot! Swingball can be great for backyard fun because it’s so easy to set up with items around the home.

If all else fails, you may always start with an inexpensive set made of metal or plastic. I like a nice, strong metal one, but you’ll need a decent spot to drive it into the ground. The plastic ones are fragile, but they are still an excellent purchase since they can be transported to various surfaces. I appreciate how long the Pro Swingball All Surface lasts.

A few alternatives, such as Toyco’s Urge Swing Tennis, provide the solidity of a metal swingball set and the flexibility and possibilities to play and move it to various surfaces.

I can’t imagine spending over $200 on a top of the range set for Swingball. I would check out Department Stores, Amazon, and other online shops before buying directly from the manufacturers because you might find it cheaper there!

FAQs about Swingball sets

What is the difference between Swingball pro and Swingball pro?

The Swingball Pro is the upgraded version of the original – it stands taller than before with more spirals on its head. This means longer games for you to enjoy!

A new lid will stop any leaks from happening in your set, as well as adding extra water capacity so that gameplay isn’t interrupted by having to refill too often. With numbers one through five shown clearly on a scoring base system included within each pack, players can win until they have won 5 games.

How much space does Swingball need?

Kids love playing Swingball, but it’s hard for two kids to play at the same time. If one child is shorter than the other, a ten-foot radius around their platform will provide enough space!

In this instance, two individuals swinging on a ball in opposite directions and an area of almost 10 feet all around–a total circumference of 20 feet–would be needed so that both length-wise and forearm movements can accommodate comfortably.

Can you double hit in Swingball?

The game of Swingball is one with many penalties. Stepping offsides, touching the rope, and double striking are just a few examples. It’s important to mention that each time the ball wraps around the pole, players may only strike it once – even if they’re able to hit it twice when swinging their racket during this action!

How can I improve my tennis skills?

You too can learn the skills of an expert tennis player. Swing Ball is a game that requires you to watch and anticipate where your ball will go next, just like in tennis! In addition to being enjoyable for humans of all ages, this sport offers benefits such as improving hand-eye coordination, which helps with other activities.

Swing Ball, as previously said, is an excellent type of exercise for every severe tennis player. Both are necessary to keep your body in peak condition and increase strength. Swingball may help you improve reflexes while also keeping the mind sharp on the court!


Lastly, I want to mention a super competitive game called Speedball that uses the same setup as swing ball and Tetherball. However, the difference is speed – while other games are played with moderate skill at a leisurely pace, Speedballs require extreme skill with a breakneck pace!

Speedball Media Centre. (2018, March 25). Speedball – Heliopolis – New Record in Men’s Relay – EGNC2018 [Video]. YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pz1DZOwusoM

Swingball is one of the most underrated backyard games out there, but it’s still a ton of fun and worth an investment.

Swingball an excellent for family bonding in your backyard with friends! It doesn’t matter if you’re big or small because we have different sizes to accommodate everyone that wants to play. 

Bless you, for your time in reading this article. There are additional links below if you want more information!

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    • The pros of speedball or swing ball in Egypt and some European countries are certainly impressive. It is super fun to watch how accurate they are, thrilling! I would say that for affordable ways to encourage backyard fun, Swingball is a no-brainer – to get your kids into this amazing game with their friends.

  3. Thanks for a briliant article. I’m a bit too old to be jumping about playing swingball nowadaysbut i certainly remember them from when i was a kid. We used to make our own out of a brush pole, a tennis ball and a bt of washing line we’d manage tos wipe from somewhere. Great fun

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