Roundnet & Spikeball: Gateway to Fun for All!

Friends playing Roundnet in the park Photo by 165970460 Spikeball © Eddie Toro | Dreamstimecom

Spikeball is fun, but now a few changes have occurred regarding the name of the game played. The fast-paced game is called Roundnet, not Spikeball. It’s easy to play and learn, but there is a progression and a big difference between amateurs and pros.

Playing Roundball It’s also great for your health! In this article, we’ll tell you all about Roundnet & Spikeball: What it is, how to play it, who invented it, and more. We’ll also share some excellent tips from professionals on How To Get Better At Roundnet so you can have a blast playing with friends or family!

How SpikeBall is a Gateway to Fun for All Ages

Roundnet is a gateway to fun for all ages. Because there is a learning path, an explicit education curriculum allows for almost any age and condition to enjoy a Spikeball set.

However, we find that this equipment is used most often by people aged 10-30. Over the world, over 4 million people play this fast-paced, high-energy game Roundnet, every day. More evidence of Why Spike ball is Popular.

Years ago, it was easy for individuals of all ages and abilities to pick up, but today it’s more common amongst slightly older people. One additional item you may need is a competitive mentality, and everyone should have a go if you have some space in their backyard.

This pastime is perfect for summer and during the rest of the year, even if it’s cold outside because you can still have fun with your family or friends. It’s also a great workout that can get you tired, just like any other game.

This is one of the reasons why not only experts are interested in this sport, but even beginners who want to become professionals by playing it every day and improving their skills step by step so they can play with the pros one day.

You play it like hacky sack soccer, but with your hand, volleyball, squash, tennis, Swing-Ball is all this wrapped into one. You can have entire family competitions, an excellent excuse for a family barbeque before your campfire evening with mixed teams.

Roundnet is good practice for young players to catch and toss the ball to improve their hand-eye coordination, reaction time, court awareness, placement, and teamwork. Playing overtime may also:

  • Increase your child’s motor abilities and movement sequences ability
  • Teache the importance of safety in sports 
  • Help children developmentally
  • Build confidence and character 
  • Develop creativity and intelligence 
  • Improve your child’s overall fitness and healthiness by engaging in regular exercise with peers.
  • Contribute to more fun with friends or solo (with a wall).

Research has revealed that participants burn more calories in an average 15-minute game with a heart rate of 130 or higher, making it perfect for your heart and family fitness!

How To Play Spikeball-Roundnet

The sport of round net is fought two on two with each team starting opposite the other. Once the ball is served, you have up to three touches to return it to the net. The difference between this game and volleyball are there aren’t any sides or limits, so players may run-pass and spike off wherever they wish in an effort of winning a point for their team. If one fails, then that opposing team gets a single point as well.

Roundnet’s rules are simple to grasp:

  • Four players; 2 versus 2
  • The game’s goal is to knock the ball into the net so that the other side cannot return the ball to the net.
  • Either squad has a total of 3 taps to deliver the ball to the target (Spikeball Net).
  • Touches must be alternate amongst participants.
  • The ball may also not meet the earth or the lip of the Spikeball net.
  • The ball should ricochet onto the net by surpassing the rim. It cannot strike the net repeatedly.
  • There are no sides or barriers.

How To Get Better at Roundnet

Roundnet awesome game for backyard
Roundnet awesome game for backyard and the beach Photo by Photo 198701606 Spikeball © Dogorasun | Dreamstimecom

Ball control and focus improving reaction time are all things you could focus on to get better at Roundnet.

Practising your bounce shots is especially helpful, as it can be difficult if you don’t know how but once mastered will significantly help with the overall game.

Start by touching drills like juggling or hacky sack-like activities that promote hand-eye coordination without holding a ball because this helps build up muscle memory for when you actually have one in play.

  • With an underhand, practise hitting with your palm, not your fingers.
  • Don’t make your fingers overly stiff. Your technique isn’t like simply grasping the ball; instead, rotate your palm during contact and make it pleasant and straightforward to let the ball touch your hand.
  • Also, tap the ball without overdoing it, but don’t slam it either.
  • Use the aforementioned Spikeball net and bounce the ball between your hands while letting it fall as near to the net as possible and striking it off to the side of the net rather than downwards.

TIP: Keeping the ball near the net helps when learning how to pass the ball by making it simpler to strike. Hitting the ball from as far back from the goal tends to mean I’m only able to hit it in that direction, so it’s simpler for the defence to predict where the action is going.

Two is Better than One

Learning to play this game with a partner is easier. Nonetheless, if you don’t have someone to train with, use a wall instead. Your corner wall allows you to hit both ways, enabling you to bounce the ball off the net and back to your hand via the wall, allowing you to tap twice and then smash it back.

By working with a teammate, you may establish the Spikeball net between the two of you and hit on one, two, three, with each partner than doing the same, just returning the ball to the net to reset and take another shot.

A Wealth of Resources

There are several online resources to learn better Roundnet, which is easy to access. Steps and a curriculum are in place for Teaching Roundnet. Feel free to further your studies using this link: You may use the URL I’ve given you.

TIP: Playing to improve one’s skills should include focusing on the ball while engaged in a game and other methods to better play by passing the ball overhand and underhand or tapping the ball while running in a confined space.

Lastly, it would help if you watched the top players compete to improve your game. Watching others play and imitate their strategies is a great way for aspiring athletes to learn new techniques or hone existing skills., like in the 2021 Chicago tournament.

Spikeball Roundnet Association. (2021, August 30). 2021 Chicago Tour Stop Pro Finals // #1 Sloppy Seconds vs #3 Double Clutch [Video]. YouTube.

Make it Fun

Roundnet is a competitive sport that requires precision and control. If you really want to get better, it’s essential not to take things too seriously – have fun! Engaging in sports can improve your learning ability so try something new if you’re struggling with Roundnet. You’ll never truly master this game unless you keep trying, even when the odds are stacked against you. Also, remember that enjoyment promotes physical health as well as mental wellbeing!

Some Tips from Pros on How to Be Good At SpikeBall

As I previously noted, there are a plethora of resources for Roundnet available online. These include YouTube videos to listen to pros give tips and tricks such as Skyler Boles and Preston Bies.

If you want to improve your game, watch and study pro tip videos from Chris Hornacek. You should also check out inspiring videos featuring outstanding female players like Becca Graham and Jordi Vigna. Famous players play a vital role in helping us learn the sport better; hence we must not miss watching them such as Olivia Jenki, Matt Bohnen, and Dylan Forarty.

Here are a few pro-tips I’ve compiled below.

Serving the Ball

  • Drop shot is an excellent technique since it will force your opponent back and give you extra room for your return.
  • Sidestep serving widens up one angle, causing one’s opponents to move around when trying to hit, making distinctions between attempts harder.

Bamboozle your Adversary

  • Quickly switch it up, start with a drop shot from one side of the net, aim for that space but promptly change directions.
  • Strike it softly until the defence breaks down where there is no coverage left behind them.

But, note the more fake movements we repeatedly use in our practices only strengthens how well opponents know what’s coming next, so mix up different patterns regularly!

Playing Defence

  • Watch close where the opposing team is sending their attacks and predicting whether they will hit it to the left or right side.
  • A defender must be able to relocate themselves so that they can defend both sides quickly.
  • If you only anticipate too early, your opponent may spike with two touches instead of one, which leaves little time for relocating before playing defence.

Who Invented Spike Ball?

An American toymaker called Jeff Knurek built the prototype of Spikeball decades ago, but without appropriate legal copyrighting; nevertheless, it immediately piqued Chris Ruder’s interest.

As a youngster, Ruder played various sports but never found the ideal mix of them. He saw its potential and had made over $1 million from Spikeball in his basement warehouse within a short period.

History of the game, first tournament winners, why it’s great for families and more!

Beach Spike ball
Playing on the Beach Photo by 72443456 Spikeball © Sandra Foyt | Dreamstimecom

Spikeball is a popular piece of equipment that has grown in significance in recent years. Roundnet Association was founded in 2013 to promote events for Roundnet and create official scorecards for the sport.

Chico Spikes defeated Strange Embrace overall champions in the official inaugural tournament on April 29th, 2014. Chico Spikes, Shaun Boyer, and Skyler Boles defeated Devin Matson and Jarratt Rouse’s Strange Embrace squad.

They were followed by Troy Mauk and Preston Bies, who finished third in the West Regionals but fell to both teams in the 2016 Regionals before the sport went on to ESPN2 to broadcast the events.

However, in 2021, PJ Showalter and Tyler Cisek are the current global champions, and they provide their own online school worth checking out called Pro-Spiker to learn the art and become a great player.

Delightful Amongst Family and Friends.

So, from the health advantages to the opportunity to compete, it’s excellent for families, friends, and the community.

How much joy would it be to have a great tournament surrounded by people you love? How much more motivation does we need than simply having a chance to see our friends outside of the regular day-to-day activities. And take part in something together where everyone can become more robust as individuals through teamwork make life all-around better?


Roundnet and other backyard games can provide a fun alternative to traditional outdoor sports like baseball or soccer.

The best part is, it’s designed to be played by all ages making this a great activity for friends of any age. Since this is a backyard game, it can be set up wherever there’s enough room for the net and the court.

So what are you waiting for? Grab some friends and get out in your backyards to play Roundnet-Spikeball!

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  1. I have been reading more and more about roundnet, but I only see overseas websites that offer this game, and nothing here in South Africa yet.

    I think if your child enjoys hockey this will be a great alternative for them, and possibly not as dangerous. How hard is the ball as we have had teeth knocked out already at hockey? I am going to see if I can find a home kit to buy – any suggestions?

    • Thanks for asking. I’m not sure if there are suppliers in your part of the world, but here are a couple of online distributors that have spike ball in Africa. Ubuy and Want-It-All both sell Spike Ball and ship them internationally. The Roundnet ball makes hitting easier with your hands on walls than other types of balls’ flat surfaces–perfect practice.

  2. Excellent article! I’ve never played Roundnet, just saw it played couple of times. I was not aware that game could be played also with children. That is a great advice as for father of 4. Roundnet seems very fast paced game.. at least games I’ve seen. 

    Thank you John for great post. I’ll check out your other content as well!

    • I’m happy to have introduced you to the world of roundball. It’s a game that has been around for ages, and it still excites me every time I play it! There’s also some other fun games out there like Kan Jam, which is similar in many ways but different enough so your brain doesn’t get bored too quickly while playing them both at once with friends or family members who might not be as sporty-minded themselves 🙂

  3. hello
    i am looking for a ruleset allowing 3 players to play.

    the 2VS2 format is cool, but sometimes Paul has a hangover and we have to wait a few hours …

    • Hello, Lucas. The rules for Roundnet are the same for three as they are for two, and you may have a sub or one person play the winner if you have three participants. with a four-player team of pairs, It’s great to hear your thoughts on this fascinating summer game.


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