Propane Fire Pit on Grass -Definitive Guide

Some people have a hard time finding a place to put their propane fire pit. They need to know if they can put a propane fire pit on grass and what protective accessories they should buy.

We’ll address those queries in this guide! We also include some helpful tips about putting your firepit on grass and how to fix burnt grass from a propane fire pit outside.

 How To Put Your Propane Fire Pit On Grass?

You might indeed be curious whether it is safe to put your propane fire pit on your grass patio. Yes, you can place propane fire pits on grass. In fact, propane fire pits are the safest compared to other fire pits. However, you must use proper protections like patio slabs, fire-resistant mats, and heat shields. Otherwise, you could ruin your beautiful patio. 

You can directly put your propane fire pit on the grass if the spot is level. But the grass of that spot will not be the same anymore. The heat of the fire pit may not be as much as wood-burning fire pits, but it still burns hot. 

The heatstroke will weaken the grass and turn them dry. It isn’t easy to grow those grasses back again. Besides, keeping a fire pit on the spot for a long time will cause ghost prints or dead spots on your lawn. The pressure of the fire pit will make it difficult to become healthy again. 

So, you must put your fire pit in a level spot away from the house and other flammable items. And if you want to protect your lawn grass, use protective accessories and then place your propane fire pit on top of them. 

What Kind Of Protective Accessories Are Needed For A Propane Fire Pit On Grass

It is likely that you are now contemplating. How to protect your patio or grass from the blazing heat of a fire pit. For that, you need high-quality protective accessories that will work as a barrier between the fire pit and the ground. 

Here is what you need: 

Patio Slabs

Your propane fire pit will be safe on a hard and plain surface. Hence, patio slabs are the best options to keep your fire pit steady and protect the grass. You can buy patio slabs or brick pavers at a low price from your local hardware shop. Or you can ask others if they have some extra slabs. 

Place the patio slabs on a level spot on the grass. The slab or paver structure should be larger than your fire pit. The four feet of the fire pit should be inside the slab structure. It is dangerous if the feet of the fire pit area is on the edges of the slab. It can tip over by accident and cause damage to your patio.

After you finish using the fire pit, remove both the fire pit and the slabs from the grass. Leaving them on the spot will damage the grass. 

Heat Shields

Do not have the time to place patio slabs? Then get a heat shield to put under your fire pit. They do not take time to set like patio slabs. You can use it on any type of ground, like lawn, deck or backward, as long as the ground is level.

The heat shield can withstand over 1000 degrees Fahrenheit heat. High-quality heat shields can reflect 90% of the radiant heat of the fire pit. So, patio grass will be perfectly safe. 

However, they are for small or medium size fire pits. Heats shields have a ceramic liner inside in between heavy-duty foils. On the edge, they have stainless steel mesh. They are pretty flexible and can be moulded into different shapes. 

Fire-Resistant Mats

If you plan to have an outdoor trip with your friends, take a fire-resistant mat for your portable fire pit. They are leaner than heat shields and more accessible to move around. You can also place them on your lawn or deck under a fire pit. 

These mats are lean but can withstand extreme heat. Moreover, they are larger than heat shields and faster to set up. Thus, a large fire pit can be placed on fire-resistant mats. The grass will have less pressure on them since the mats are not heavy. 

These safety barriers are not only perfect for protecting grasses, but they also ensure the safety of decks made of different materials. 

Tips for Putting Your Propane Fire Pit on Grass

Inbuilt gas fire pit on grass
<strong>Inbuilt gas fire pit on grass<strong> Photo by Photo 205206229 Fire Pit © Beautynature | Dreamstimecom

It is magnificent to place your portable fire pit on your backyard lawn. With the right equipment, propane fire pits are safe. However, it is better to be careful while you and your group have fun around the fire pit.

Here are some pointers to adopt if you want to experience the warmth of a fire pit in a grassy location. :  

  • First, choose a level area that has a safe distance from your house or any other flammable materials. It is 20 to 25 feet from a house and 10 to 15 feet away from trees or other things. 
  • Ensure to clear the area of dead leaves, branches, paper, or any compostable items that can fly to the fire pit. A fire pit screen can be helpful to keep these things away from the fire. 
  • Check the grass. If the grasses are dead or dry, do not put the fire pit on that spot. The grass on the ground should be healthy. If you have no other location, then rake the dead grass from the ground. 
  • You can wet the grass of the spot and the surrounding area of the fire pit. It will protect the grass from heat stress. 
  • The location should be level so that your fire pit can stand steady. To make the ground level, you can use patio slabs or brick pavers. But double-check to be sure you placed the slabs correctly. Then check if the four legs or edge of the fire pit are stable on the slabs. 
  • If there are no patio slabs, use a fire-resistant mat or a heat shield under the propane fire pit to protect the grass. You may use a raised platform to elevate the fire pit from the ground. 

First and Foremost, safety.

  • Children and pets can be unpredictable. They might throw something on the fire pit or accidentally tip it over. So, they should be supervised and told not to run or play near the fire pit. 
  • Do not leave the propane fire pit unattended on the lawn. Someone always has to stay alert because fire can spread fast on grass. When the party’s over, turn off the propane fire pit and remove it from the grass. 
  • Keep a fire extinguisher nearby. Using fire pits on the lawn requires more caution. Thus, keep a water hose and bucket at your arms reach to use them if the fire gets out of control. 

Solutions for Fixing Burnt Grass from a Propane Fire Pit Outside

Sometimes accidents can happen. If you find your grass damaged because of the fire pit, you must take immediate action. 

First, put off the propane fire pit as soon as possible. Then remove it from the spot to inspect the damage of the grass in that area. For any severe damages and you have to remove the burned grass. Then, plant seed on the spot to grow new grass. You can also replace the site with sod or transplants. 

However, minor damages on the lawn are easy to recover. Leave it just as it is but water the place every day to enhance growth. 

Which Propane Fire Pits Can Be Used on Grass?

raised wood fire pit
Raised wood fire pit photo by <a title=Raised Fire pit href=httpswwwtwenty20comphotosa19c6a28 82d9 4f7e af2e 04e885cd8ce7utm t20 channel=bl>httpswwwtwenty20comphotos<a>

So, you want to buy a portable propane fire pit to use on your lawn or backyard, but you do not know which one you should choose. We have gathered some portable fire pits to make things easy for you. 

These fire pits are not just safe for the grassy area. They are also admirable for their appearance. Hence, the fire pits will add to the aesthetics of your house. 

You can buy one of these fire pits or look for others based on these features. 

Outland Firebowl Mega

Are you hunting for a portable fire pit that is compact and portable? Then check out the Outland Firebowl Mega. It is a portable propane fire pit that is perfect for placing on the grassy area of your backyard, camping sites or parks. 

The four legs of the fire pit elevate it from the ground. Thus, the grasses on the ground stay safe from heat stress. As the fire pit is raised from the ground, there is also less chance of ghost marks and scratches on your patio or backward. 

This portable propane fire fit does not produce any smoke. It will keep you and your small group of people warm in cool weather. The CSA approval makes it usable even during fire bans. 

Do not worry about its durability because it has a high-quality steel body with a protective enamel finish. So it is durable and will provide excellent service for years. 

Best Features

  • Lightweight and transportable
  • You can add attachments for cooking 
  • It doesn’t burn the grass when in use 
  • CSA authorized fire pit 
  • Trendy propane fire pit with a lot of positive feedback

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The Gasmate Baston Fire table is elegant and classy. Your guests will turn to this fire table not only for its warmth. The modern stainless steel fire pit will have everyone’s attention for its look and fire ignited with lava rocks. 

It is a bit heavy, but the short legs under the table keep it elevated from the ground, and the fire tray is on the top of the table. So, the grass of the spot will stay perfectly safe. The fire is easy to turn on and turn off with an automatic switch. This sturdy propane fire pit table also comes at a low price. 

Best Features

  • 360 Degree heat power
  • Accredited Standards 
  • Lacquered steel shell makes it sturdy and durable.
  • Will not let heat touch the bottom, making it ideal for grass or most other turfs.
  •  Repurpose as a side table when the fire isn’t on
  • Able to hold up to 9 kg of gas, so you never run out!
  • Includes a regulator and hose, so it’s always safe
  • The controlled and automated firing system 

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Qwikpit’s Portable Propane Fire Pit

This handmade portable propane fire pit from Qwikpits will not harm your lush grass on the patio. It is a totally collapsible and easy to transport fire pit. Hence, you do not have to drag it to the backyard or patio. It is also easy to set up and easy to disassemble after use. 

The fire pit is made of high-quality steel. The fire ignited by propane gas is covered on the side with six side panels. So, your guests will enjoy the warmth and stay safe from the fire. The slightly steel four feet and robust fire pit body keep the pit firm on the ground. 

Best Feature

  • Handmade and customizable
  • Safe and secure (six side panels)
  • Collapsible for easy transport and storage
  • Can be used during fire restrictions (Check with the local fire department) 
  • A 12-inch propane fire ring maximizes the heat where it’s needed most. 
  • Fittings for propane/air mixers are included.

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Do you wish your visitors to cherish your backyard party for years? Then the ECOSMART STIX BIOFUEL FIREPLACE from eco-smart will surely help you get the admiration you are seeking. This stylish and elegant fire pit is suitable for both indoor and outdoor parties. 

The stainless steel poles of the fire pit are arranged so that they look like steel wood. The bio-friendly gas burns clean and does not produce any smoke or toxic chemicals. Also, the fire tray is raised high from the ground with the poles. So, the grass on the spot will not feel the heat of the burning flame. 

There is no need for permanent installation. You can easily install the fire pit in a few minutes. The fire pit is constructed with weather-resistant materials. Hence, they will look great even after years. 

Best Features

  • The raised tray and steel rod design, shaped like a tiny bonfire, keep the flames away from the lawn.
  • Natural, renewable resources uniquely fuel them.
  • Safe and easy to use with a variety of attachments
  • Enjoy fireplace-like warmth without the smoke, ash or soot
  • The sturdy and robust design never needs maintenance

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Camp Chef Redwood Portable Propane Fire Pit

The Camp Chef Redwood Portable Propane Fire Pit will be your best friend this winter. It’s the perfect outdoor warmer on those chilly nights, but it also keeps your new landscaping safe from fire damage. Create ambience with portability in mind.”

The fire of this propane fire pit looks like a traditional campfire without the annoying smoke. You can use it as home on the lawn, or you can take it camping with you. After hours of use, you will find the spot under the fire pit cool. The alloy steel body is durable enough to use for years. 

Best Features

  • Burns cleaner with no scorching of the earth
  • It uses an entirely adjustable flame-control dial to maintain the perfect size of your flames
  • The heavy-gauge steel frame and nickel-coated steel safety rings mean this durable product will last for years to come.
  • Easily transportable and set up anywhere you wish 
  • Natural gas conversion
  • Allows you to roast your munchies like the pros!
  • Most fire ban limitations enable Camp Chef propane fire pits, which have safety features.
  • Includes lava rocks for a shimmering fire

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Final Thoughts

I trust you found this content informative and helpful in keeping your grass safe from a propane fire pit.

Thank you so much for reading! I’d genuinely appreciate it if you reposted this content on social media and told your friends all about these fantastic products like propane fire pits. That can be used outdoors during those chilly winter nights while keeping your lawn looking green and lush.

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