Keeping a Patio Umbrella from Spinning

Patio umbrellas often get in the way when the wind picks up because of their propensity to spin like crazy. To put it mildly, this irritates those who want to use their patio for backyard enjoyment and may pose significant safety risks. Continue reading if you are encountering this issue to learn about some short remedies you may try and some more long-term options.

How to stop a patio umbrella from spinning

How to stop a patio umbrella from spinning. Stick a slender stick between the stand and the pole. The Knob Bolt may also be tightened. Parasol cones halt spinning umbrellas. These cones fit table holes and provide umbrella pole stability.

An umbrella ring secures the pole and may be bought based on table and pole size. Using a standalone umbrella, use a bungee cord or wire the canopy to the frame. Finally, you can create a permanent hole base in the patio or deck.

Interim Fixes to Prevent a Patio Umbrella from Spinning

These solutions are not a cure-all, but they will hopefully tide you over until you can take more definitive action.

Slender stick between the screw and the pole:  If there’s enough gap, you might be able to wedge a sliver of wood or rubber in bracing the umbrella and tightening the screw, which keeps it from spinning. Be careful not to damage the umbrella in the process.

This technique is known as the popsicle stick method, although any equivalent skinny wooden stick can suffice.

Although not visually appealing, a rubber doorstop wedged between the table and the umbrella pole can be applied similarly to the commercial device known as a cone wedge. However, avoid using wooden or metal doorstops, which may cause damage to tables.

Tighten the Knob Bolt: The knob bolt is used to open and close the umbrella. If this is loose, it can trigger the umbrella to spin. Try tightening it to see if that solves the problem.

To do this, you’ll need a wrench. Loosen the nut on the bolt and tighten the bolt by turning the knob. You may need to do this repeatedly if the umbrella continues to spin.

Use Parasol Cones/ Cone wedge: Parasol cones are designed to fit in the hole of a patio table or the parasol base and provide stability for an umbrella pole. They may help to keep your umbrella from spinning.

Fixes That Last to Stop a Spinning Patio Umbrella

These solutions require a bit more work but will hopefully be more effective in the long run.

Umbrella Ring: Umbrella rings are available in different sizes to fit various table and pole sizes. They attach to the top of the umbrella and go around the pole, securing it in place and preventing it from spinning.

Bungee Cord or Wire Canopy to Frame: If you use a standalone umbrella, try wiring the canopy to the frame or using a bungee cord to secure it. This will help keep it from spinning in the wind.

Permanent Hole in Patio/Deck: If you’re fed up with a spinning umbrella, try drilling an endless hole in your patio or deck. This will enable you to insert the umbrella and prevent it from spinning.

To do so, measure the diameter of your umbrella pole and locate a drill bit that is slightly smaller. Drill a hole in the patio or deck, insert the umbrella pole, and cement the hole shut.

Note: Concrete drilling necessitates using a professional and the proper equipment. Do your homework before working with concrete or tile, pavers, or decks; they all need accurate measurements.

Some bases have screws and holes. Align these holes with the patio floor or construct one, and then drill the foundation. You may even mount it on a wooden deck.

Why is the patio umbrella whirling?

Umbrella on the patio
<em><strong>Umbrella on the patio<strong><em>

There could be several reasons why your patio umbrella is whirling. First, it’s essential to check that the umbrella is appropriately anchored in the ground. If it’s not, wind can easily pick it up and cause it to spin.

Another scenario is that something is amiss with the umbrella itself. The fabric might be torn, or the frame might be bent, which can cause the umbrella to turn in the wind.

Finally, if there are high winds outside, it’s possible that the umbrella is simply being blown around. If this is the circumstances, you might want to bring the umbrella inside until the winds die.

Umbrella Frequently Asked Questions

How do you stop an offset umbrella from swinging?

There are several ways to stop an offset umbrella from swinging. One way is to tie the umbrella down with a rope or bungee cord. Another way is to fill the base with sand or water, adding weight and stability. Finally, you can buy an offset umbrella base with wheels, making it easier to move the umbrella around without swinging.

Why is my patio umbrella wobbly?

There are a few reasons why your patio umbrella might be wobbly. One possibility is that the base is not adequately filled with sand or water. Another option is that the umbrella is not correctly secured on the ground. Finally, the pole itself may be bent or damaged, making the umbrella wobbly.

Is it better to fill the umbrella base with water or sand?

There is no definitive answer to this question. Some people prefer to fill the base with water because it is easier to add and remove. It’s up to you to establish which solution performs best for you.

  • The pros of filling an umbrella base with water are that it is a quick and easy way to provide weight to the bottom, and it can help keep the umbrella in place during strong winds.
  • The cons of using water are that it can be heavy, making it difficult to move the umbrella around and potentially damaging the surface on which it is standing.
  • The pros of filling an umbrella base with sand are that it is not as heavy as water, so it is easier to move the umbrella around and will not damage surfaces like water can.
  • The con of using sand is that it takes more time to fill the base than water.

How do you secure a cantilever umbrella?

Cantilever umbrellas are free-standing structures that just need a robust and weighted foundation. Conversely, if you reside in a region with heavy winds, you may want to take further precautions to secure your umbrella.

One option is to use bungee cords. Wrapping the bungee cord around the umbrella pole and attaching it to the canopy frame can help to keep the umbrella in place in windy conditions.

However, bungee cords can damage umbrellas, so they should be used as a last resort. If you are searching for a more permanent solution, you can visit a patio furniture retailer to find an anchor system explicitly designed for cantilever umbrellas. 

Instant Shade Umbrella has produced a video illustrating how simple it is to attach a cantilever umbrella to a pre-existing concrete surface or paved patio area with a concrete slab below.

[InstantShadeUmbrella]. (2018, August 2). How to install a Cantilever Umbrella on a concrete patio by INSTANT SHADE UMBRELLAS [Video]. YouTube. Retrieved September 19, 2022, from


It can be frustrating when your patio umbrella starts spinning, and you don’t know how to stop it. I’ve discussed the different reasons why an umbrella might start spinning and some tips on fixing the problem.

I sincerely hope this information helps keep your patio umbrella in place and prevents it from whirling away!

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