Is Swing Ball Good Exercise?

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When it comes to improving your physical health, a swing ball is not on most people’s list. But it can be a great little game to get some exercise down while having fun, especially for children. If you are confused about whether or not a Swing Ball is a good exercise, don’t worry, as I’m here to clear it all out for you.

Swing Ball is a great way to exercise while getting some exercise, making it great for kids and adults. It helps burn fat and improve hand-eye coordination, which is great if you are a tennis player.

Now, just saying it helps should be enough to help you do away with your confusion. Here in this article, I will try to talk about how to swing ball can actually help improve your health and tennis game. I will also discuss what to look for when buying a Swing Ball set and setting one up. So, keep on reading till the end to find out.

History of Swing Ball

Swing Ball was invented in South Africa in 1967 and got popular all around the UK in 1973. During that time, Swing Ball was not made for children.

However, in 1983, swing ball junior was launched so that kids can play easily in their backyards. It crossed 2 million sales in no time, and hence it is safe to say, it became a family favorite sport for both parents and kids.

How Swing Ball Can Improve Health

When it comes to maintaining proper health, we mainly look for three things – proper weight, stamina and strength. And swing can help with each of these.

To avoid getting overweight, the first thing you need to do is burning calories. And swing ball can really help to burn calories. Standing around hitting the ball might not seem like a lot of work at first glance. But, the quick movements, positioning and hitting the ball for a few minutes can get you sweating.

And this not only is good for burning calories. It can also work the players’ muscles and improve strength. Stamina is also increased as frequent playing will improve circulation and respiratory capabilities.

Can Swing Ball Improve Your Tennis Game?

It most definitely can. If you think about it, Swing Ball isn’t much different from a tennis game. Sure, you don’t have to move around so much. But some core elements do match. Like in both games, you must understand and predict the ball’s trajectory and hit it accordingly. And you can train your body and mind to do this more effectively with frequent games of Swing Ball.

As discussed before, Swing Ball is a great form of exercise to improve your strength and stamina. Both of which are essential for any serious tennis player. So, it’s obvious that Swing Ball can indeed help tennis players casually sharpen their reflexes and at the same time keep their physique in tip-top shape.

Family Swing Ball Championships (Fun Family Activities)

Whether it’s a party or a normal boring afternoon at your household, you can always jazz it up by playing Swing Ball with your kids. It will simulate exercise for all of you by also engaging in fun activities. You can host Family Swing Ball Championships to encourage your kids to participate more in physical activities and bring out their competitive sides in the field.

To play this, you have to keep scores and set some ground rules for a fair match. For example- whoever twists the tennis ball to the top or the bottom of the pole would be the winner. Hence, keep a scoreboard, and add points. Whoever gets the most point, after a decided time, would be the ultimate champion of the game.

Throwing a family swing ball championship is a great way to improve family bonds and get everyone to exercise.

What to Look for When Buying a Swing Ball Set?

 You should keep in mind some basic things before buying one set, and those are listed below.

Pole: Plastic or Metal

We all know that metals are way more damage resistant than plastic. Hence the metal poles are generally the preferred choice for users. Although, if you live in a tropical area where it rains more often, your metal pole might get damaged due to water contact. Look for stainless steel poles if you still prefer using metals. However, plastic would serve you better in this case.

Plastic poles are more preferable for children from 5-12. As they are young, they don’t need heavy poles to play with. Kid-friendly swing Ball sets mostly have plastic poles for this reason. Also, do not keep the set outside for too long under the sun, as the heat can also damage the plastic. So, follow this guideline to have longer durability for your product.

Height and Weight of the Set

If you want your whole family to participate in this game, you must select an adjustable set in height and comfortable. Usually, between 5’- 5’10” height poles are good for both kids and adults. You can also find this information on the websites or even on the packages of the products before you can select your preferable swing Ball set.

If you buy traditional swing Ball sets, then you would have to dig a hole in your backyard for it to stay in place. The new ones don’t require this method, as it comes with a base that can be filled with water or sand and would work just as fine. You have to check the product’s weight if adults play too, as they would hit the ball with more force and need extra stableness.

How to Set Your Swing Ball Set in Your Backyard?

 Setting your swing Ball set might seem difficult, but in reality, it is not. Follow these easily described steps to install your set in less than 15 minutes. Adults should do this, and children should be kept away from it as it has small parts which can cause a choking hazard.

Inspect All the Contents

With your set, you should get-

    • One base and lid
    • Short bottom pole, middle pole and long top pole (total 3)
    • 2 pole connectors
    • Balls
    • Turbo heads
    • Tether

    Insert Bottom Pole into Base

Your next step is to insert the bottom pole into the base tightly. And then, fill the base with either water or sand at your convenience. The base should not be filled in with anything before you have set your pole. Always remember to discard the water after playing, so the inside doesn’t get a bad smell with time.

Add the Lid and Set the Connectors

After that, add the lid, and secure it with its attached clips. Now, you can move on to the connectors. Put the first connector with the bottom pole attached previously, and attach the middle pole. Repeat this process with the next connector following the top pole. Hence, your entire pole would be ready for the next step.

Attach the Turbo Head and Fix the Tether

Push the turbo head on the top pole, but firmly. Turbo heard is the part that has the swirl patterns if you are confused about it. Next, check the ball that came with the set and pass the loop over the turbo head. If it hangs in a free manner, then your work is done. However, if you see your ball is too tight to move, you can adjust the tether’s loop.

Check and Play

The adults should check by playing a round of swing Ball before handing it over to the kids. While playing, look for whether the bats are flimsy or if the ball moves enough to play. Also, make sure the base is not wobbly because it will ruin the entire game. If everything feels alright to you, then you are now ready for epic game segments with your family whenever you want!


To sum up, a swing Ball set is very effective for kids or even adults to get some exercise done. It improves various physical traits and can improve your tennis game or get children to practice their reflexes. So, why the wait? Get yourself a swing ball today and start playing.

If you’re searching for a more challenging game, explore Kan-Jam and put your old frisbee tricks to good use, ideal for a backyard event.

Thank you for reading. I hope this article was able to educate you about the various benefits of playing Swing Ball. Here’s a fun video that could encourage the backyard Family Championship of Swing Ball.

Until next time, farewell.

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  1. Thank you for this article. The swing ball is an excellent exercise for kids. I think it’s important to build the kids’ reflexes with this swingball. They can practice, learn to deal with distance, and have a lot of fun doing it. I also think a stainless steel rod is the best. Plastic is always a bit weaker than stainless steel, and it is more environmentally friendly.
    Thank you for this explanation. It will be a nice Easter present.

    • Monique, thank you for your input. Fantastic game that can become addictive even as an adult. I really like the plastic version right now because it is easier to transport, but you are correct that it is a little flimsy. You may use an old tyre and concrete to create a foundation for the steel one, enabling you to use it in more ways but making it difficult to transport in a vehicle.

      Many Thanks


  2. Wow, this is a very interesting post about swing ball. It’s great to know the history of swing ball. I agree with you a hundred percent that to avoid getting overweight, the first thing you need to do is burning calories, so, I’m thrilled to have read that swing ball can really help to burn calories. 

    This is helpful, thanks for sharing

    • Swingball is the best game in town. It can be mastered with practice and creates a social icebreaker to make you feel like your most creative self!

      Swingball has calorie-free, safe play for all ages to enjoy. You’ll have hours of thrilling fun at an affordable price.

      Many Blessings



  3. I had the feeling it could help with my tennis game, but you have confirmed it. As a player I am always looking for things that can give me an edge over my opponents. And most of the time, finding things I can incorporate into my training makes a huge difference. I will talk to my coach about swingball.

    • Magnificent, Paolo. Swingball could be a fun addition to your tennis game. It’s not as good of training as having an actual coach, but swingball can help you work on conditioning and aligning with the ball, all while feeling like it’s just for fun. You might also enjoy some well needed social time or family bonding!

      Many Blessings




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