How to Store Your Patio Umbrella for Winter

Stepping onto your patio in the middle of summer is a blissful experience. But when winter rolls around, that same patio can feel cold and lonely. If you have a patio umbrella, you may wonder how best to store it until the warmer months return. Here are some helpful tips!

Storing Your Patio Umbrella for Winter

First and foremost, you should wipe off the whole umbrella, canopy, and pole, ensuring that it is clean and dry. Once it’s clean, give it a once-over with a freshwater hose to remove any dirt or debris that might have been missed.

Store your umbrella in a dry garage, basement, or attic to prevent mildew or mold. If you don’t have any of those options, you can also protect your umbrella from the weather by wrapping it in plastic.

When storing your umbrella, you can either keep it upright or lay it flat. Just be sure to protect it from items that might bend or break the ribs, such as boxes or heavy furniture.

And if you have a fabric canopy, close and tie your umbrella to minimize creases. Finally, remember to close your canopy at night to prevent any damage from freezing temperatures.

Quick Step-by-Step Guide for Storing Your Umbrella

1. Begin by cleaning the umbrella. Wash it with mild dish soap and wipe it clean with a cloth. Rinse the cloth to clean it between strokes.

2. If the umbrella is still moist after being towel-dried, let it air dry before closing.

3. Roll the umbrella in a paint drop cloth, starting from the middle and working outward.

4. Roll the tape around the plastic four times and then shut the plastic’s ends.

5. Store the umbrella standing or lying down with care to avoid damage.

Do I need to close my patio umbrella? 

When not in use, it is crucial to close your patio umbrella. High winds can cause an open umbrella to spin and collapse or become a projectile, so it is essential to be careful before leaving it open. Some models of automatic patio umbrellas require that they be closed when not in use. Keep them from an open patio umbrella if you have young children or pets.  

Should I leave my patio umbrella outside? 

Consider the material of your umbrella, location, and weather before deciding. If you reside in a region prone to extreme weather  (high winds, heavy snowfall, etc.), it is probably best to store your umbrella inside during those times. 

Is the Umbrella Material Weather Resistant?

The three most common materials used in patio umbrellas are wood, aluminum, and fiberglass.

Wood Umbrellas:

You should never leave a wood umbrella outside for more than 24 hours without bringing it inside or protecting it from the elements. Wood decays quickly, attracts mold and mildew, and is easily damaged by wet and windy circumstances. As was said above, if you live in a region with climate extremes, you should bring your wooden umbrella during the off-season.

Aluminum Umbrellas:

Aluminum umbrellas are a popular choice for patio umbrellas because they are durable and low-maintenance. Unlike wood umbrellas, aluminum umbrellas can be left outside without being brought in or protected from the elements.

Bring your aluminum umbrella indoors in winter if you live in a rainy, windy, or snowy region.

Fiberglass Umbrellas:

Fiberglass umbrellas have sturdy frames that can withstand strong winds and heavy rains. Fiberglass umbrellas can be left outside all year round without being brought in or protected from the elements.

Patio Umbrella Upgrade Ideas

Patio Sail Umbrella
<em><strong>Patio Sail Umbrella is a great option to provide shade at a fixed angle<strong><em>

If you think your umbrella may need an update for next summer, you have plenty of time to decide which type is ideal.

  • Table Umbrellas: are great for small spaces, while cantilever umbrellas offer more shade and can quickly move around your patio.
  • Sail Umbrellas are large and imposing, making them ideal for blocking out the sun on sweltering days.
  • Tilting Umbrellas: these are perfect for poolsides since they can be adjusted to provide shade at different angles.
  • Tiki Umbrellasadd a touch of tropical fun to any outdoor space!

If you frequently host large parties or events at your home, you may want to consider investing in a commercial-grade patio umbrella. These umbrellas are built for durability and can provide ample shade for groups of people.


With these helpful tips, you’ll be able to store your patio umbrella safely and efficiently all winter long! And come springtime, you’ll be ready to enjoy your outdoor space again.

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