How Much Do Backyard Basketball Courts Cost?

Having a basketball court in your backyard can be a lovely addition to your property. Practising basketball drills regularly, or seeing your children play alongside their peers, can help the whole family develop their basketball skills.  A court can also significantly increase the value of your property. However, knowing how much a backyard basketball court costs is essential before deciding on building one in your backyard.

On average, a backyard basketball court shall cost from 10000 to 80000 dollars. The pricing depends on the type, size, and standard of the court. Half-court costs are as low as 9000 dollars which is a 3-on-3 court. NBA standard half court costs about 2300 dollars. Full-sized courts cost from 30000 to 45000 dollars.

There is a lot more to know about the pricing of basketball courts. I will talk about the pricing in detail down below. Also, I will discuss the best materials for court surfaces, how to make a DIY court, painting a basketball court, and many other topics to help you build your backyard basketball court. So, without further ado, let’s get right to it.

How Much Does a Backyard Basketball Court Cost?

The costs of a backyard basketball court are not straightforward. There are lots of options and variables that go into it. Full court and half-court have different costs. Moreover, full-sized NBA courts and full-sized high school courts have different measures. NBA full-sized court is 97×50 feet, high school full-size court is 84×50 feet, and junior high school full-size court is 74×42 feet.

NBA half-court is 47×50 feet, high school half-court is 42×50 feet, and junior high school half-court is 37×42 feet. Another common basketball court size is 30×30 feet is used for backyard basketball or urban localities for recreation. Not intended for sports. A 3-on-3 match played on 30×30 courts where there are three participants in each team.

An NBA standard full-sized court costs about 45000 dollars to build. High school size courts cost 40000 dollars, which is slightly less because of the smaller size. Junior high school full-size courts need around 30000 dollars to build. Full-size courts cost from 9.2 to 9.5 dollars per square foot.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Half Basketball Court in Your Backyard?

Half-sized basketball courts are pretty common and popular for the backyard. Full courts require more space and cost significantly more than half courts. That’s where half basketball courts come in. You can have 1 on 1, 3 on 3, or team matchups on half-size courts, so you will not have to worry about any trade-off.

Maybe opt for a half-court if you have enough space for a full court. You can keep chairs or sports equipment in that extra space. You will not have to compromise anything for a half-size court. Half-court varies slightly in dimensions. The NBA’s standard half-court size is 47×50 feet. The high school standard for the half-court is 42×50 feet, and junior high school is 37×42 feet.

NBA half courts cost 23000 dollars to build. That is half the price of full-size courts. High school half courts cost 20000 dollars, and junior high require 15000 dollars. You can build a 3-on-3 court for less than 10000 dollars. If you are on a budget, half-size basketball courts should be your pick.

What Is the Best Surface for an Outdoor Basketball Court?

The surface of the basketball court remains the primary concern when making a basketball court. Because whether indoor or outdoor, the basketball tower and the whoop stay the same. It is because they are impervious to any outside exposure like heat, rain, dirt, etc. Nevertheless, the court material is susceptible to many issues. So, you should pick wisely.

Shock-absorbing tile can be an option for outdoor basketball courts. This type of tile reduces players’ fatigue, so they get less tired and play for longer. Multipurpose plastic court tiles are used not only in basketball but other sports as well. The tiles are placed on concrete flooring for a robust foundation. Plastic court tiles are excellent for superior bounce and traction.

Asphalt tarmac court is suitable for a high bounce. This surface is hard, so the players are prone to injury. The NBA uses hardwood maple courts, but that is for indoor courts. If you want the best experience, go for asphalt courts. If you want safety, basketball court tiles should be your pick. They are more forgiving for children. Polymeric rubber court materials are also used these days.

Does a Basketball Court Add Value to a Home?

Constructing a Basketball court in the backyard cost quite a few bucks. You might think that this extra investment is uncalled for or will not yield anything in return. However, that is not the case in reality. The real estate sector considers every aspect of a property in its pricing, and backyard sport courts are not left behind.

Even without infrastructural renovations in the backyard, a well-off backyard can increase the value of a property between 10 to 12 per cent. If the space is suitable for a swimming pool, tennis court, basketball court, etc., you can get a higher resale value of your property.

Backyard basketball court aesthetically enhances your property. It is highly favoured by athletes, aspiring basketball players, basketball coaches, and parents who want their kids to shine on the court. The inclusion of an outdoor basketball court significantly increases your property value which can be between 10000 to 20000 dollars.

Materials Required for DIY Basketball Court

To make a basketball court in your backyard, you can either go all the way and make a professional-grade court, or you can build a DIY basketball court to have fun with friends and family in your leisure time. A DIY court will cost way less than a full-fledged court and be ready for the job in no time.

A pair of basketball hoops are required, some gardening tools like spade or shovel, some spray paints, a court stencil kit, some forming lumbers and measuring tape. Gardening tools are needed for levelling the field and preparing for the basketball court. If the area is not levelled well, injuries might occur.

The tapes will be used for measuring and the spray paints for painting lines. Use the forming lumbers for shaping the court and holding the concrete in place.

There is an additional product that you’d need, and that component is concrete. Even if you are not planning to surface your court, concrete will require installing the hoops. The hoops have to be installed two feet into the ground and reinforced with concrete with stability. This requires some expertise. I suggest you contact a cement company in your locality.

How to Make a DIY Basketball Court?

If you have gathered all the materials I mentioned above, you are all set to go. Follow the steps below to make a DIY basketball court:

  • Measure the Space

Measure the building space with measuring tape. Whether you are building a full-size court or a half-size one, count it beforehand and leave some mark. A half-size basketball court is convenient for backyards.

  • Level the Field

Use the spade or shovel to level the field. Get rid of any bump or lumps of soil. Level any irregularities for a better-quality basketball court. Move dirt from higher areas to lower to make a smooth and level field.

  • Build a Concrete Foundation and Install the Hoops

Dig the field with an excavator a few inches deep. Rake the ground smoothly to even out any dirt. Compact any loose soil in the area and make it flat. Use four forming lumbers to shape out the court. Attach them with nails. Pour the concretes and wait for them to dry off.

To install the basketball towers, dig two feet at the edge of the court. Make sure the hole is cylindrical. Pour concrete in it and install the necessary support structures that come with the tower. Then install the basketball tower following the user manual.

You can hire an excavator for 1000 to 2000 dollars per day. You can also hire a concrete contractor, which I strongly suggest. A concrete contractor will know the correct ratio to mix concrete, pour it, and relevant technical knowledge. This will make your job a lot easier. You can hire a concrete contractor for 500 dollars a day.

  • Paint the Lines

Use a court stencil kit for hassle-free painting. There are different types of court stencils available in the market, each for a different court. Buy the one that matches the size of your court and use the spray paints for painting the lines.

  • Surfacing

Although surfacing is not mandatory for backyard DIY basketball courts, I recommend it. Surfacing with the right type of material will prolong the court’s lifespan. Also, the chances of injury will be lower. You can use rubber flooring, asphalt tarmac, or basketball court tiles for surfacing.

How to Paint a Basketball Court?

Painting a basketball court is relatively simple compared to building a basketball court. You will need some tools that you can pick up at the local hardware store. You will require the following tools:

  • Roller
  • Paintbrush
  • Floor and porch paint
  • Duct tape
  • Caution tape
  • Court stencil kit
  • Concrete primer

Procedure: the procedures are as follows:

  1. Before adding primer, wash the entire area thoroughly. Use a pressure washer. If you do not have a pressure washer, use a hose and high-powered nozzle.
  2. Next, prime the whole area with a concrete primer properly. Use a paintbrush and prime the entire surface. Reach and every crevice and corner.
  3. Attach the court stencil with duct tape.
  4. Paint with a small brush or roller. First, paint the large area and then make outlines.
  5. Secure the stencil until the paint is dried.
  6. Use caution tape over the fresh paint so that no one steps on it. Remove all the tapes once the paint is dry.

Cheapest Way to Make a Basketball Court?

The cheapest way to make a basketball court is to get second-hand products. Maybe you can look on eBay, craigslist, or any other marketplace that I will discuss below. Here are some tips for cutting down costs on a backyard basketball court:

Build Small Sized Court

Court size significantly influences the cost. While a half-court shall only cost you 9000 dollars, a full-sized NBA standard court costs 45000 dollars, five times more than 3-on-3 courts. Even if you have enough space, go smaller. It will save much money without ruining your basketball experience.

Do the Heavy Liftings Yourself

Making a basketball court requires some heavy lifting. Being prepared to do those yourself, the expense will be significantly lower. Mixing the concrete or excavating the surface is usually done by hired professionals. Installing towers and hoops also need expert hands. Try to accomplish those yourself. You will see the results in your budget.

Buy Pre-Owned Materials

Buying used materials will be a lot cheaper than getting brand new ones. If you are vigilant, you will get quality products at about two-third of the actual price, which is a steal. Look for trusted sources when buying pre-owned materials.

What is the Best Material for Basketball Court?

There is lots of material used for basketball courts. From kids’ court to adults, from junior high school to the NBA, the choice is diverse. Here I am going to talk about some of the best materials that you can use for your basketball court:

  • Concrete

  • Concrete is highly used as basketball court material. It is easy to install and requires little workforce, effort, and technical expertise. All you need to do is excavate the surface and pour the concrete. The concrete surface is hard and resistant to all types of weather. It is also easy to paint. However, bouncing on the concrete surface is inferior.
  • Hardwood

  • Hardwood is used for all professional basketball scenes. It offers required bounce and players safety. Maple wood is the most commonly used flooring material. The NBA uses maple wood surfaces. Nevertheless, one thing that is important to know is that all professional basketball is played indoors, so the hardwood is not affected by the weather. If you want to build a court outside, hardwood should not be the option.
  • Asphalt Tarmac

Asphalt tarmac is used as a substitute for concrete. If you are making an outdoor basketball court and want to avoid concrete for safety or any other issues, asphalt tarmac can be your pick. It serves as well as concrete without the risks of injury. Asphalt requires professionals to install so that the cost might go slightly higher.

  • Basketball Tiles

Basketball tiles are best for both indoor and outdoor. They can be easily installed and removed. You can install it on any flat area without any issues. They are water and heat-resistant. It offers moderate bounce and player safety.

Rules and Regulations

There are some local and federal laws that you must abide by when making renovations to your property. Here are some regulations for different countries:

United Kingdom: In the UK, if you build something new in your property, make any significant change or change the usage for your properties. But for the demolition of a building, any small warehouse will not require any. For permission, you will have to apply to the proper authority. Click here for more.

USA: the USA has different laws for different states. Contact your local authorities.

Canada: To gain a permit in Canada to construct any building over ten square meters, excavate, make any renovations or change anything. For further inquiry, click on this link.

Australia: For any new construction, structural alteration, or any addition to an already existing structure, you will need to obtain permission in Australia. Contact your local authorities with the plan, blueprint, and structural detail for approval. Click here for more.

New Zealand: It is important to obtain consent from the authorities for building a house, developing or subdividing land retail, commercial or industrial activities, earthworks, taking or damming water, discharging contaminants into water, soil or air, using or occupying coastal space. Click here for further details.

Where to Purchase Materials for Basketball Courts?

For beginners, it can be pretty confusing where to buy materials for a basketball court. Luckily, there are a few renowned options. Let’s take a look:

  1. Versacourt

Versacourt is a well-renowned basketball court material retailer. They are in this business for quite some time.

They have all sorts of flooring materials, goals, basketball towers, hoops, etc. Their website also has a built court designing system. They have premade design files for you to use. Versacourt has a separate court tile option for home, commercial and residential use.

  1. Allsportamerica

All sports America is situated in northern California. They are reputed for their quality equipment and excellent after-sales service.

They sell backyard basketball court materials, tennis court materials, and pickleball materials. Just like versa courts, they have different options for home, commercial and residential usage.

  1. Rubberflooringinc

If you want any flooring solution, rubber flooring inc has it all. They have gym flooring, dance flooring, garage flooring, etc. So, it is needless to say they have a variety of options for basketball flooring. Their price is also very reasonable.

  1. Modutile

Modutile is another flooring solution that you can depend on. They have expertise in home tiles, sports tiles, and tiles for various events. They have a wide range of products and excellent customer service.

Places You Can Go for Second-hand Equipment

Basketball materials are pretty pricey, so there is no shame if you want to purchase second-hand products. You can look at your local marketplace. Alternatively, you can have a look at the following places:

  1. Facebook marketplace

Facebook marketplace is one of the best places to get second-hand products. Look for groups for basketball enthusiasts, and I can guarantee you that you get a sale post or two there.

The best part about the Facebook marketplace is that you can see the seller’s profile inside out. This helps you a lot to avoid potential scams.

  1. eBay

eBay is the mecca of preowned products. Just go to their website and search for what you need. eBay is also infested with scalpers and scammers.

So, double-check the seller’s credentials and compare the prices with other marketplaces. Check the seller’s rating and see if an eBay money-back guarantee is available.

  1. Craigslist

Craigslist is the most reputed advertisement site out there. Anything and everything is sold there. To find your desired product keep your eyes peeled.

However, due to a lack of monitoring, illegal activities are rampant on craigslist. By illegal, I do not mean simple scamming. So never let your guard down if you are buying from there.

If you are in New Zealand, Trade-Me is a good option for bargain hunting.

The Cost Of Building A Basketball Cour Based on Type and Region

Size comparisons chart for Full-size courts:

Type Measurement (feet) Cost (US dollars)
NBA 97×50 45000
High school 84×50 40000
Junior high 74×42 30000

Size comparisons chart for Full-size courts:

Type Measurement (feet) Price (US dollars)
NBA 97×50 23000
High school 84×50 20000
Junior high 74×42 15000

Cost comparisons for different countries:

Country Cost
United States 11000-76000 US dollars
Australia 10000-80000 Australian dollars
United Kingdom 7000-60000 pounds
Canada 10000-100000 Canadian dollars
New Zealand 14000-115000 NZ dollars


Making a basketball court in your backyard can seem like rocket science if you do not know the proper know-how. Also, without knowing the price, you can get ripped off by dishonest scalpers. So, adequate knowledge of cost and materials is paramount before you start building a backyard basketball court. In this article, I have thoroughly discussed how much a backyard basketball court costs.

I talked about all types and sizes of courts with appropriate pricing. Additionally, I also shed some light on materials, painting methods, DIY basketball courts, etc. I also added a few comparison charts for your convenience. I hope this article can provide all the necessary information about setting up a backyard basketball court. Thanks for reading, and best of luck building your very own backyard basketball court.

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