Get Rid of Mosquitos-Outsmart the Pesky Bugs

Mosquitoes are the peskiest of pests, invading your backyard and ruining any chance you have on a relaxing summer evening. But don’t be discouraged-you can stop these little demons before they destroy all your hard work! By reading this article on making homemade mosquito traps, finding out about their lifecycle and more to take them down for good.

Where do mosquitoes hide?

Mosquitoes situate a variety of places. The most common place mosquitoes hide is standing water, which they use as breeding grounds where females lay. They also come out during the day if there’s food and follow their target with everything from pheromone trails to vision-based tracking systems (like how houseflies find their way around).

Standing water includes stagnant or still pools where mosquitoes can lay eggs like ponds, flowerpots, birdbaths, swimming pool covers, tarps/covers over rain barrels, etc. Still, it could just be an abandoned soda bottle you forgot about!

How long does a mosquito live? Mosquito life cycle facts.

The good news is the mosquito’s life cycle is very short, lasting about two weeks. The scary news is that it can take up to a week or more for the bloodsuckers to complete their life cycle and die.

They reproduce quickly and easily during this phase because they only live on nectar as adults.

The four stages of development are as follows: egg, larva, pupa, and adult.

After obtaining a blood meal, the female mosquito lays eggs near water-filled plants that may be filled with water.

Eggs can withstand arid circumstances for a few months before they eventually hatch as mosquitoes and grow into pupae. It crawls out of its sac after two to three days of waiting, usually one month under exceptional circumstances.

Arm yourself with Significant Knowledge about Mosquitoes

  • Since the Triassic period 400 million years ago, Mosquitoes have been known for spreading malaria, dengue fever, and yellow fever.
  • They come in 3000 species with a typical weight of 2.5 milligrams, about as heavy as one rice grain!
  • To find hosts, they use sight (motion), infrared radiation radiated by warm sweat on bodies or chemical cues to tell them where their next meal awaits
  • Carbon dioxide and lactic acid in sweat are other compounds that attract mosquitoes at distances up to 35 meters away from potential host targets.
  • Mosquitoes travel at a speed of 1 to 1.5 miles per hour.
  • They may go as far as 40 kilometers in search of their next meal.
  • But if you take your chances outside, don’t worry: some species prefer only certain smells like Limburger cheese on human feet.
  • Dark clothing: Proven to attract an increase in the number of mosquitoes.
  • In other studies, the movement also increased mosquito biting by up to 50%.
  • The full moon can significantly affect the number of mosquitos out and about, too- it boosts their activity level by 500%!

Outsmart mosquitoes, naturally! 

How do you outsmart them? There are many methods you can get rid of these pesky bugs! Mosquitoes need water to breed.

mosquitos breed in water
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One prevention method is eliminating standing water where the mosquitoes breed or hide, like in gutters, pet bowls, discarded tires, birdbaths, etc.

Another idea would be to use Led traps as light sources that attract them at night or sunset.

Mosquitoes also need a food source to survive, which is why you should be sure to use your best defence, keeping the body covered with long sleeves or mosquito repellent when outside at night from dusk until dawn to save you from getting bitten.

Fend them off naturally with this list and tips below:

  • Use a net or turn on outdoor lights when you’re outside at dusk or after dark.
  • Reduce lactic acid in your body by drinking water, eating potassium-rich foods, or doing lactic acid exercises.
  • Turn on your air conditioner to reduce humidity levels indoors and outdoors.
  • Keep pets out of the house during high seasons for reasonable pest control: Spring, summer, and fall.
  • Keep a flashlight if you go outside at dusk in areas with no outdoor light.

Attract mosquitoes, and what repels them?

Mosquitoes are attracted to:

  • Your Breath or carbon dioxide.
  • Scents, i.e., perfumes or deodorant.
  • Sweaty Skin: (especially when it’s dark).
  • Body Heat
  • Pregnant women appear to attract mosquitoes.
  • Patio Lights

Repelling These Pesky Pests

A wood fire pit can keep moths and mosquitoes away. You might want to ignite a candle or wear light colors to set the mood and repel them.

  • Consider planting tropical plants that produce natural oils that repel mosquitoes, such as citronella, catnip, lavender, peppermint, lemon balm, and tea tree oil.
  • Foggers are also a good option for getting rid of mosquitos if you have an infestation that needs eradicating in your home or garden.
  • Outdoor lights can be used as a form of mosquito repellent, so the insects stay far from your porch and won’t bite you when you’re

Diethyl M-toluamide is known as DEET. It was first employed as an effective insect repellant by the U.S. Army in 1946. DEET doesn’t repel mosquitoes. DEET does not exterminate mosquitoes; instead, it deters and repels them.

  • A mosquito repellent with DEET is an easy way to ward off these pests without chemicals that may harm the area’s children, animals, and plants.
  • Mosquito coils work by combining a unique fragrance with wire mesh which heats up slowly, releasing smoke to keep bugs away.
  • Citronella oil: Has been scientifically proven as one of the most effective insect repelling agents we have today that also leaves a pleasant citrus scent

Mosquitoes are invading our backyard.

mosquitos in backyard
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Some of the many reasons mosquitoes are invading your backyard surfari could be: You have a water garden with an abundance of still, stagnant water where mosquitoes thrive.

Your outdoor environment is moist or humid and warm. Mosquitoes need moisture to lay eggs, so they gravitate towards areas such as:

  • Swamps
  • Fish Ponds
  • Dog Pooh
  • Pet Water Bowl

Where mosquitoes reside are ditches that hold standing water for long periods, like plant saucers under garden pots. They also love the humidity, which will be higher when it’s raining outside.

How to wipe out mosquitoes in the backyard?

A light breeze can blow them away, but how do you outsmart these pests? A few pointers on how to keep those pesky mosquitos at bay:

Place screens around doors and windows that don’t already have them installed;

  • Keep your grass short and clear of tall vegetation.
  • Plant mosquito repelling plants as mentioned above.
  • Keep your area well-lit at night; mosquitoes can see better in dark places.

How to make – DIY mosquito repellent.

You can make a simple DIY repellent by combining the following ingredients:

  • Lemon juice
  • Citronella oil.
  • Peppermint Oil (insects don’t like how it smells).
  • Lavender Oil (when mixed with other oils such as cedarwood and citronella)
  • Lemon Eucalyptus Oil.

Once you have these items at home, mix them well in a spray bottle of water to create your bug repellent; be sure not to put too much, or else you’ll need more time for it dry before going outside again!

You may also want to add a cup of apple cider vinegar to help eliminate any fleas on your pet if they can react adversely to these chemicals when sprayed on them.

How to make a homemade mosquito trap.

Play your part in disease control, and catch and kill mosquitoes because one mosquito can carry many diseases like malaria.

Dish Soap

You can make a DIY trap for attracting mosquitoes at night by using any jar (such as a mason jar) and then filling it three-quarters full with water mixed well with dish soap. Next place that attracts these bugs


If you are unable to get rid of the insects in an area despite how hard you’re trying, try putting a bowl or plate full of water-filled halfway up with vinegar near where they are coming out–mosquitoes don’t like how it smells, so that they won’t go close to it.

Black Sock

Plenty of ways to rid of pesky mosquitos, and some may seem more creative than others. If you’re looking for a ” extraordinary ” way (not ordinary), why not try this?

You’ll need an old screen-wire mesh, a plastic container with two holes at the top made from hanger wire which will be hung on a tree or post by hooks connected through its overflow openings.

The sock toe hanging off the bottom should form an open space between it and where water is stagnant below – perfect bait!

Once eggs have been deposited there, they fall into your plastic container nestled beneath the screen because larvae cannot escape as they can’t climb up any surface other than vertical structures such as leaves since mosses would typically.

A Square Fan

A moving fan can help deter the biting mosquitoes and make a trap out of the fan and mosquito net.

Make a Beer Trap

Grab a plastic soda bottle, cut it in half, and insert the top half upside down into the bottom half. Tape it shut so that no mosquito may wriggle its way out the incorrect way. Finally, fill the bottle with cheap beer to lure them, and the demons will be intoxicated. Place in an area where you believe the mosquitoes are buzzing, and then it’s a waiting game. The critters love carbon dioxide from the yeast.

Follow along with Daisy Creek Farms, as Jag Singh offers you tips and tricks for mosquito traps.

Asian Tiger Mosquito: A danger for your family?

The Asian Tiger mosquito has a reputation for how they feed on human blood, making it hard to prevent bites because there’s no way to know when they’re coming.

Asian tigers are known for how they bite humans; these mosquitoes will fly into homes in search of a meal from people sleeping indoors, so that means the best time to get rid of them is during the day!

An easy and effective method is using an indoor trap or vacuuming up larvae and eggs from your yard before dusk falls each night.

This type of mosquito can transmit dengue fever and West Nile virus to humans and other animals such as horses or birds, making getting rid of them essential for you and the animals in your yard.

Incredible Traps on the market

A suggested product I’ve used best value for money found on Amazon is the Flowtron BK-15D electronic insect killer, which uses an electrical grid to kill a mosquito and other flying insects. The device has been in production since the 1950s and remains one of the most popular insect killers available today. The BK-15D is known for its effectiveness against mosquitoes, flies, fleas, and other tiny pests. This particular model features a 15-watt bulb and a 1/2 acre killing radius. It may be utilized both inside and outdoors and should not be placed within 25 feet of areas where people will be present.

Amazon has a wide variety of mosquito traps at different prices, so it is best to check them out.

Pestrol Terminator is another fantastic product I believe from Lifestyle Focus called The Pestrol Terminator Mosquito Trap is the perfect solution to control mosquitoes around your home. The Terminator covers 1500 square meters, and its effectiveness against mosquitoes and other flying insects like the Common Moth, Guava Moth, Codling Moth, Aphids, Sand Flies, Midges, and more. It is a safe alternative to chemical pesticides that will not harm your family or pets.

Just a note of a few myths – repealing the little bloodsuckers:

  • False – it has yet to be scientifically proven that vitamin B supplements protect against mosquitoes or help you respond less to their bites.
  • Mosquitoes, unlike certain bees, will not die after biting a person. In reality, numerous subspecies have been seen nipping countless times during the evening once they are content.

But one fact is humans with blood type 0 are twice as appealing to mosquitoes as those with blood type A.


I hope these tips will help you outsmart the pesky mosquito buzzing.

Be prepared to repel mosquitos from ruining your aloha party; use mosquito repellents and wear light clothing so those female mosquitoes can’t bite your clothes! A good light source is turning on all the lights eliminating those dark spaces.

If you have any DIY trap ideas or practical methods for how to catch and kill a mosquito or how you get rid of them, please comment below with the details!!!

Good Luck, and Thank You For Reading !!!!

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