Free House Washing- DIY vs a Pro

House washing is a process that many homeowners neglect, but it is an integral part of home maintenance. Not only does house washing help your home look nicer, but it can also protect your investment and increase the life of your roof and other exterior features. In this guide, we will discuss the different methods of free house washing – from DIY to hiring a professional service. We’ll additionally talk about the pluses and minuses of each approach, as well as some of the best solutions for cleaning specific parts of your property. Let’s get started!

Free House Washing-DIY

Irrespective of how meticulous you are in ensuring the dust and dirt is kept out, every part of your house will need cleaning eventually. Some spaces of the home require daily cleaning, and ultimately, the whole house will need deep house washing to prevent this build-up. 

 Do-It-Yourself or DIY has now become a movement across the world. Installing or maintaining things in your daily life lifts your level of confidence. As an added bonus, you’ll save a substantial sum of money if you learn to do free house washing yourself.

Benefits of DIY Free House Washing 

Man washing vinyl siding by hand with brush
Man washing vinyl siding by hand with a brush Photo 9549036 House Washing © Greg Mcgill | Dreamstimecom

DIY house washing will save you a good amount of money. However, there are some other benefits of the habit of free house washing. Here I have listed some benefits of DIY-free house washing. 

Prevents Probable Damage

Without regular wash, all the components of your house will have dirt and dust on them. Gradually, this dirt begins to damage the wood, glass, or any other type of material of your home. 

The exterior of your house requires regular washing even more. They naturally gather moisture from the air and create a layer of grime. The layer of filth lets mould, mildew, and algae grow on the surface of your house.

Ensures Safe & Healthy Environment

Apart from destroying the beauty of your house, dust, mildew, and mould make your home unhealthy for the inhabitants. 

Your overall medical expenses will lower if you get rid of the dust, pollen, and other irritants like algae from your house with regular washing. You should do the house washing more often if your family members are allergic to dust. 

Saves You Money

If you regularly wash your house, it will save you more money than you may imagine. Cleaning is an essential aspect of protecting your home. And a properly maintained house needs fewer repairs.

Otherwise, you will need more frequent refinishes and repairs of different parts of your house. Moreover, a regularly washed home can ensure you a good resale value. 

Drawbacks of DIY Free House Washing 

However, DIY-free house washing cannot be as efficient as professional house cleaning. Here are the limitations of DIY-free house washing.

 Consumes Time & Energy

Washing your house by yourself may not cost you money, but it will take away a lot of time and energy. This is why countless individuals think about hiring pros for the job.

It can be frustrating to allot a time slot from your precious weekend for washing the house. It is more applicable for people who do not like physical activities.

Less Efficient

Different parts of your house require different types of skills and expertise. So, it is sometimes wise to leave the job for the professional. Other materials of your home require additional equipment like cleaning solutions and techniques to be washed properly. It can be difficult for you to perform pressure washing at heights and different parts of exterior surfaces as efficiently as a professional.

While using pressure washing, there is a distinct measurement of distance and water temperature for different surfaces. Otherwise, the job remains unfinished. Professional house washers receive exclusive training on the subject that you may not have.

Risk of Injury

Maintaining and operating different house washing tools can be dangerous for you. It is more so when you are pressure washing your house. 

If you fail to control the machine, the high pressure of water can harm you or any other member of your family.

Best Way to Clean Different Parts of Your Home

Brick House Wall Pressure Washing with Special Cleaning Detergent.
House Wall Pressure Washing with Special Cleaning Detergent Photo 139549070 House Washing © Welcomia | Dreamstimecom

When you wash the roof of your house, do not use a cold water electric pressure washer. It may loosen the shingles and damage your roof, and It’s plausible that the paint will flake off too. Alternatively, utilize a yard hose with a sprayer with chlorine bleach and water. 

You can use a power washer to clean your gutter if the leaves are already wet and are sticky. It is more convenient than using a leaf blower. Using a telescopic wand will save the gutter from the extra force of the power washer.

While cleaning a window, clean the glasses to get rid of the dirt and dust in the first place. Washing a window without cleaning it can leave some permanent marks on the surface.

Some Natural Cleaning Agents for Your House

Here I have listed some natural cleaning agents available in any part of the world. They can do magic on dirt and stain without posing any risk to your health and the environment.

Baking Soda: Baking soda powder has multiple uses in cleaning your house. If you create a powdered paste, you can scrub it to eliminate the stains from any surface. They are especially great for taking the smell out of indoor and outdoor furniture

White Vinegar: White vinegar can help you destroy mould and mildew. Besides, it can be a practical solution for tough stains. You can use it to clean your windows and other glasses with a piece of clean cloth.

Borax: You can find the borax powder in any chemical store around you. Borax powder is helpful to keep your bathroom tiles and toilet sparkling for years. Besides, you can clean your carpet, shower, or any of your silver utensils with borax without facing any health hazards.

What Are Some Of The Best Cleaning Chemicals In The Market?

 The first product that we’d like to recommend is cleaning vinegar. Cleaning kinds of vinegar work as powerful antibiotics that can kill bacteria and keep your house germ free. They are also great for controlling odours, which we’re sure pet owners will love.

The second cleaning supply we’d recommend is window cleaners. Regular cleaners are not well suited for windows. They not only have to be clean but also smudge-free. Windows cleaners will keep your windows squeaky clean and fully transparent. 

Lastly, Castile soap is another excellent cleaning solution. They are all-purpose cleaners and are unscented. Making them great for people who dislike strong smells. 

DIY Free House Washing VS Hiring Professionals

Pro house cleaning
Pro house cleaning Photo 14856536 House Washing © Susan Leggett | Dreamstimecom

Here I have made an in-depth comparison between DIY free house washing VS hiring professionals for the same job.

 DIY Free House Washing

The main advantage of DIY-free house washing is self-dependency. Besides, renting a power washer for a day is not expensive. So, DIY-free house washing is cost-effective in all aspects. When you wash your house, you have total control over the operation. Moreover, you will feel more emotionally attached to your home when you clean it with your own hands. 

Now, unless you are a seasoned house washer, DIY-free house washing can be less efficient than professional washing. Power washing can be a complicated job if you do not know the standard guidelines. Moreover, it can take up a lot of your energy and free time. 

 The tools of washing houses can be potentially dangerous for you. The main challenge is to control the flow of the power washer. Besides, when you have to use electricity and water together, there is a high risk of electrocution in DIY-free house washing.

Professional Power Washing

The mental peace of hiring a professional power washing service is priceless. It means you will no longer need to worry if a particular part of your house is clean enough or not. Professional house washers are highly trained and have years of experience in what they do. 

A professional power washer knows how much water pressure is needed to clean a specific surface. Furthermore, water temperature is crucial. A wrong temperature for a particular surface type will leave it dirty even after the wash. 

One thing that you have to consider about professional power washing is the higher cost. However, it can save you a lot of money if you carefully choose your house wash service. 

A professional washing service may deceive you with a substandard service if you do not know the quality and ability of different washing tools and materials. It is always wise to research the washer company’s credibility before hiring them. 

Here’s a table to help you get a more vivid idea of their differences: 

 DIY Washing Professional Washing
Cost Cheaper (If You Have Equipment) Costly
Difficulty Very difficult You won’t have to lift a finger
Time Time-consuming You’ll get the fastest results
Result Mediocre cleaning Excellent cleaning
Danger High chance of mishaps The Lowest case of mishaps

What is the price of a Professional House Wash?

Professional house washing cost mainly depends on the building structure, and the specific region of the house free quotes are often accessible. However, on average, people spend $0.40 for each square foot in the USA. If the service is timeframe-based, the average cost stands between $25 and $100 per hour for each crew member of the washer team.

However, some professional house wash companies offer lucrative package offers for large houses. Some companies also offer different price models for using various washing tools and ingredients.

Here’s a list of pressure washing services that I would recommend for their efficient service and reasonable price range –

Final Thoughts

If you are a DIY enthusiast, free house washing will always lure you. However, before you wash your house yourself, you must possess the required skills and expertise with the machines and materials involved. Until then, I recommend professional house washing services. Besides, you must hire professionals if you need to be sure of the quality of washing.

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