Eliminate Birds Pooping on Your Patio

Birds can be a joy to have around, but when they poop on your patio, they can quickly become a nuisance. There are a few ways to get rid of them, and we’ll go over some of the most popular methods here.

Birds pooping on your patio may be removed in many ways. A plastic owl may frighten away birds. Ultrasonic sound systems may also scare away birds. You may confuse birds by hanging mirrors or whirling pinwheels. Wind chimes, bird diverters, shiny things, and tin foil may drive away birds; use a strong odor or cleaning products that smell, i.e., peppermint oil, lemon juice, cayenne pepper, or vinegar which birds tend to avoid. You may cut back any landscaping that offers cover for birds and tidy your yard to remove food and water sources. 

1. Scary Birds Made of Plastic

You can acquire these online or at your local hardware store. Be sure to get ones that look like hawks or owls, as these are the most effective at scaring away birds. If you have multiple birds visiting your patio, you may need to get more than one plastic predator bird.

2. Ultrasonic Sound 

You can also try an ultrasonic sound system to deter birds from pooping on your patio. These systems emit a high-frequency noise that is only audible to birds and will make them stay away from your patio area.

3. Susspened  Mirrors

Hanging a few mirrors around your patio will also help to keep birds away. The reflectiveness of the mirror will scare them off and make them think there is another bird in the area. You can find mirrors at your local dollar store or online.

4. Pinwheels Whirling in the Air

Another thing you can try is whirling pinwheels around your patio area. The fluttering motion will scare the birds and make them think there is something dangerous in the area. You can locate these at your local dollar store as well.

5. Wind Chimes

<em><strong>Reflective wind chimes birds will avoid<strong><em>

Wind chimes are another cheap and easy way to keep birds away from your patio area. The noise they make will scare the birds off and make them think there is something else in the area. You can find wind chimes at your local dollar store or online.

6. Distracting Reflective Devices for Birds

Reflective bird diverters also keep birds away from your patio area. They work by reflecting the light back at the bird, which scares them off. 

7. The Fisherman approach

The fishing line trick is cheap and easy to keep birds off your patio furniture. All you need is a fishing line and some poles (wooden or metal). Tie the fishing line between the poles so it is taut and then put it around your patio furniture. The Birds cannot settle on the table due to being entangled in the fishing line.

8. Inflatable Pool Creatures

If you a lucky enough to have a pool, you can use floating pool predators to keep the birds away from your patio area. These inflatable rafts look like alligators or crocodiles, and they scare the birds off when they see them in the water. 

9. Irritating Strong Smell

A pungent odor can help drive the birds away. Some good options include peppermint oil, citronella, lemon, cayenne pepper, chili, garlic, and vinegar. Just apply the scent liberally around the perimeter of your patio, and the birds should stay away.

If you’re concerned that the smell is too strong for humans, simply light a scented candle or diffuser nearby to help mask the scent. In no time, your patio will be bird-free!

10. Tin Foil

Bird lovers can keep pesky birds pooh out of their patio in many ways. One way is using aluminum foil, which reflects light and makes it difficult for these feathered creatures to approach any closer without getting hurt on its reflective surface!

You might also consider throwing some tin-foil onto your plants so that even more Hardware store hawks will be turned away at bay – this method requires minimal effort but has proven adequate time after time throughout history.

11. Practical Steps

There are several practical ways to keep birds away from your patio. One is to trim back any landscaping that provides shelter for the birds. Clean your yard, compost, and barbeque, and eliminate food or water sources like bird feeders that might attract them.

If you have a fountain, try using salt water or moving it away from the patio. And finally, you can try using strong odors that birds don’t like to clean the terrace.


We appreciate you taking the time to read our tips on how to stop birds from defecating on your patio. We hope this was informative and that you feel comfortable using your outside areas again without worrying about bird feces.

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