Can I Shoot A Pellet Gun In the Backyard?

Do you have a pellet gun or intend to purchase one for target practice in your backyard? If that’s the case, you’ll need to keep your house free of visits from the authorities or your neighbors and use common sense because, as with fires, pellet guns are deadly weapons in the wrong hands. Maybe you want to use a pellet gun to pest control possums, rats, raccoons, or rabbits from entering the backyard; this may not be the best idea.

With a smaller area and closer neighbors, you may be concerned about gun laws or safety. Then you need to know more about pellet guns, their design, kinds of guns and ammo, and operation. So if you are wondering: can I shoot a pellet gun in my backyard, well, you’ve come to the right place!

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Can I Shoot A Pellet Gun In my Backyard?

Yes, you can shoot a pellet gun in your backyard, which is lawful if you are of legal age. There are still countless things to consider. And if you make a mistake in any of them, be prepared to face the implications of the law.

Most states in America don’t consider pellet guns as firearms. The only exceptions are New Jersey and Rhode Island. These two states consider non-powder guns to be firearms too.

Nevertheless, pellet guns are considered weapons capable of injuring or harming people and animals in every state or small town. Therefore, the local laws are strict for possessing and displaying these guns.

In general, if you want to shoot a pellet gun in your backyard, you have to ensure that you are not within fifty feet of a busy road, a public place (school grounds, park, hospital), or a highly-populated area.

Plus, remember that your pellet gun shooting shouldn’t threaten your neighbors in any way. You should abstain from the practice if they are not cool with it. This will also mean that your backyard can’t be the common area of a flat or apartment building where there might be many people.

General Gun Restrictions In The United States

Gun Laws in the USA
<strong>Gun Laws in the USA<strong> Photo By 105026598 Gun © Allexxandar | Dreamstimecom

Can I discharge a pellet gun in my backyard? Before delving into the specifics, be certain that you are not in any way “non-eligible” to possess a pellet gun. The federal government defines these criteria of non-eligibility under the Brady Act. And non – compliance with them will entail criminal penalties and a visit from law enforcement officers.

For instance, if you were previously guilty of a crime and served more than a year in prison as punishment, you can’t own a pellet gun, let alone shoot it. If you are considered a drug abuser by the state, you cannot use this gun even on private property.

The same applies if you have been found mentally unstable by the court or committed to a mental institution. Consequently, you are also prohibited if you are an illegal immigrant or have renounced your U.S. citizenship. The same goes for a member of the U.S. armed forces who got a dishonorable discharge.

You can’t own or shoot a pellet gun if your partner or their child/children have issued a restraining order against you. Or if you were charged with domestic violence in the past.

Global Gun Regulations

Africa Gun Laws

Most African countries follow the Bamako Declaration to control firearms in their countries. Take one of these countries, Botswana, for example. Each year, this country issues only 50 firearms licenses to its people despite the number of applications. So, you can understand that the acceptance rate is very low, and regulation is stringent.

Only 139 people can officially hold a gun license in the Central African Republic. And these people are primarily members of parliament. These license holders can own a twelve-gauge shotgun and a 9-mm automatic pistol. However, despite these restrictions, illegal firearms are rampant in the Central African Republic.

European Gun Laws

Let’s take a look at Europe. In New Zealand, a person has to pass extensive written and viva examinations held by the police before becoming an eligible gun owner.

If there are past criminal charges, complaints of domestic violence, drug abuse, or mental instability, you won’t get a license. Following the 2019 Christchurch Mosque Shootings, the parliament strictly restricted semi-automatic firearms that could fire more than ten rounds at a time.

India Gun Laws

Gun laws are pretty strict in India. Authorities reject around half of the applications for gun ownership. And the ones who get the permission have that license valid for five years only. After that, you have to re-apply. Unlike the USA, India is not liberal about granting its citizens gun ownership.

You can only trust that your application will be accepted if your social standing makes you an invalid threat. The country’s government has also established a monopoly on firearms production, sale, and circulation. So, it’s pretty tricky to get your hands on one.

Australian Gun Laws

In Australia, attitudes towards gun possession radically changed after the Port Arthur Massacre in 1996. The Australian government collected and destroyed around one-third of the nation’s firearm stock at that time.

Currently, you need to have a firearm license in Australia if you want to own a gun. The authorities seek a “genuine justification” to get the relevant license. And no, this genuine reason can’t be just “self-defense.”

Hazard Category Of Pellet Guns And Age restrictions

The age restriction for pellet gun possession is similar to any other firearm. Applicants need to be a minimum of eighteen years old and of good character and background. Anyone younger than that operating a pellet gun must have an adult present and need their parent’s consent to buy one.

However, the Gun Control Act of 1968, essentially the U.S.’s firearms regulation law, doesn’t consider pellet guns as firearms. According to the law, a weapon is a firearm if it fulfills two criteria. Firstly, it will expel a projectile through an explosive action. Secondly, the gun’s frame and receiver should be a powder gun.

As pellet guns use compressed air to expel a projectile and their frames differ from powder guns, they don’t fall into the same hazard category as typical firearms under Federal law. However, their damage potential is still very much recognized by state laws and thus regulated accordingly.

Discussing  Gun Safety With Children

Gun Safety starts with education
<strong>Gun Safety starts with education<strong> Photo by 162892920 Gun © Roman Kosolapov | Dreamstimecom

When applying general rules, using air guns and even paintball guns for a young person, particularly a young adult, is a very enticing, fun activity. This backyard practice may be a wonderful method to learn about hunting or to join an online forum community for like-minded gun enthusiasts, or it may serve as a training field for the Olympics or the military, or it may even serve as a training ground for local law enforcement.

Despite the strict regulations and the law enforcers’ best efforts, children are still primarily at risk of gun-related accidents. From school shootings to normal curiosity, a child’s worst-case scenario can be at the wrong end of the barrel at any time and place. So, the best measure is to educate them about gun safety as best as possible.

Gun Education

Firstly, Prior to everything else, you should educate your children about firearms and how they ought not to be left carelessly about. So, a great way is if your child has toy guns, teach them to treat them differently than other toys. Tell your child always to put the toy gun in a safe place when playing with it. You can also teach them not to point the gun at others while playing.

Secondly, teach your child how to react to a real gun when they see one. They should stop and run away from the scene as fast as possible whenever they see a real gun. Then find an adult and inform them about the incident. According to the National Rifle Association’s ‘Stop, Drop, and Roll technique, you can also teach them.

Thirdly, cure them of unhealthy curiosity. Take a real gun and put it in your children’s hands. Then teach them to pull it apart into pieces and put it back together again. Or if they are too young, do it yourself in front of them. Unlike some mysterious object, this would make the gun look like any other tool or machine.

Some Gun Clubs And Shooting Ranges To join.

If your neighborhood isn’t safe enough to practice shooting in your backyard, a gun club or a shooting range is an excellent place. And most importantly, you’ll be safe with a good backstop and won’t have to worry about breaking any laws.

Lock And Load Miami, Jackson Hole Shooting Experience, Battlefield Las Vegas, Gun Fighter Canyon, and Arizona Tactical Adventures are some of the best gun ranges. These places have helpful staff to provide the necessary instructions and assistance. They have a wide selection of firearms and offer low prices for services.

For more gun ranges, go here.

Animal Briefing: What Can You shoot With A Pellet Gun

A .177 or .22 air rifle that shoots pellets at 1000′ per second can quickly kill small animals like squirrels, mongooses, rabbits, possums, and rats. However, the shot must be accurate, and the distance must be adequate.

However, you should watch out for endangered species in your area. Shooting these animals can result in facing fines and charges. You should also check the state laws to see your local government’s stance on shooting a .177 or .22 air rifle in your backyard.

Usually, as with any other non-powder gun, you must be at least 18 to shoot a .177 or .22 air rifle in your backyard. You can’t be anywhere close to a busy street or the public. And lastly, make sure your neighbors are okay with it.

Is It Legal To Discharge A Pellet Gun In My Backyard?

Can I fire my pellet gun in the backyard? Well, it’s not strictly illegal to discharge a pellet gun in your backyard. In reality, in most states, this is the only place you can lawfully display your pellet gun.

However, you must ensure your backyard is not near a school, street, or public place. If you are shooting a pellet gun near such a place, eventually, someone will feel threatened and make a police complaint. And needless to say, that will get you into legal trouble.




Gun    Regulation        

Guns in Backyard

Animals Protected


North Carolina The space should not be close to a public road or building. Have to be above 12 years of age to use pellet guns. And 18 years of age to possess one. You can shoot your pellet guns in the backyard as long as it does not threaten the well-being of your neighbor Carolina northern flying squirrel, Indiana bat, and grey bat are endangered species in this state. So, it’s a good idea not to  shoot those. Giffords Law Center
Minnesota Should not be close to a public place Outside the municipality, a person must be at least 14 to use a pellet gun. If the person is younger, then they would need consent from the parents. You can shoot a pellet gun in your backyard if you don’t use it threateningly. Eastern spotted skunk, northern spotted gopher State of Minnesota
Connecticut Cannot use them in state-leased or permit-required hunting grounds Public carrying of a gun is prohibited without police permission You can use shoot it in your backyard if it’s not a shared property Barn owl, long-eared owl Connecticut laws/regulations
California Cannot use or display in the front yard, near a park, or on a side-walk Have to be 18 to possess, & all kinds of public display is restricted Your Backyard can’t be a common area of your apartment building Riparian brush rabbit, Giant kangaroo rat, Mohave ground squirrel Threatened Animals of California

Pellet Guns and BB Guns

Pennsylvania Illegal to use by minors on public grounds Needs to be 18 years of age to possess legally. Otherwise, parental supervision is required. You can shoot in your backyard, given that it does not endanger your neighbor Indiana bat, the bog turtle Pennsylvania Gun Law
Oregon It cannot display in public spaces A person should be at least 18 years to possess a pellet gun Lawful to use in backyards, considering there isn’t a school nearby Kitfox, Wolverine Oregon Fish and Wildlife
Colorado Unlawful to discharge a gun within city limits Not for Minors under 18 years of age You use it in your backyards as long as the neighbors are okay with it Gray Wolf, Grizzly Bear, Swift fox Colorado Legal Defense Group
India Not to be used in a threatening manner in public spaces Air guns with Muzzle force more significant than 20 joules will need a firearms license Use it if your neighbors are cool with it Siberian crane, Great Indian Bustard IPleaders India Gun Law
Australia Not for public display or use Irrespective of muzzle energy and caliber, all airguns are considered firearms in Australia and require proper licensing A shooting range is preferable Numbat, Gouldian Finch New South Wales Gun Law


Scotland Can’t be discharged at or near a public place The person needs to be 18 and obtain a valid Air Weapons certificate Backyard  shooting is acceptable as long as it is of no risk to neighbors and passers-by Scottish Wildcat, European Wildcat, Red Squirrel  

Dundee Science Centre


Scottish Government

New Zealand Airguns can be discharged in controlled spaces- fenced shooting ranges, paintball fields, etc. The person needs to be 18 years of age to possess and use one. Younger enthusiasts need adult supervision. The backyard should be a safety zone, i.e., no one is at risk of injury from the ricochets or suddenly walking in during the shooting. And should have an adequate backstop. Most animals are not allowed to be shot: Wildlife Act 1953

You could get away with a rat, a possum, or even a hedgehog. They are pests.



NZ Firearms Education


 Hunting in conservation

New firearms laws

United Kingdom (England) Not for use or display in public places or middle of a street Air guns having muzzle energy of more than 12-foot pounds is regulated the same way as normal firearms Your backyard can’t be within fifty feet of a public property Red squirrel, Greater Mouse-eared Bat, Hazel Dormouse Safety for Air Weapons (UK)


The Mammal Society

What Is A Pellet Gun, And What Is Its History?

A pellet gun is a gun or rifle that uses air pressure to shoot non-spherical projectiles, known as pellets. Usually, there is a lever incorporated into the design of the gun. When the shooter pulls the lever, it pressurizes the internal reservoir. After that, the pressure is released when the shooter pulls the trigger. This propels the pellet out of the barrel.

The Several Uses of a Pellet Gun

There are many reasons to use a pellet gun. First of all, they are far less deadly than powder guns. Secondly, they are more affordable. Also, these guns make less noise when shooting. And when you shoot a small game with pellet guns, the meat has little to no damage compared to a shotgun kill.

Air guns, which rely on pneumatic technology, were first used in 1580. From the 17th to the 19th century, airguns played a considerable role in hunting and warfare. Because fire-powered guns hadn’t yet caught up to them or exceeded them in utility. Plus, powder guns were difficult to use back then in rain or wet weather. But air guns performed fine under those conditions.

Commercial mass production of air guns began in the U.S. in 1886. The company that made this possible was Plymouth, Michigan’s William F. Markham’s Markham Air Rifle Company.

 Issues To Consider While Firing Weapons In The Backyard

Assault Rifle better use in a gun club or range, not in the backyard.
<strong>Assault Rifle better used in a gun club or range not in the backyard<strong> Photo by httpsunsplashcomrasgang

From the above discussions, you might have found the answer to the question: Can I shoot a pellet gun in my backyard? So now you should be looking forward to how you can do it safely. Because every year, close to 500 people are killed by unintentional gun accidents. Let’s look at some safety practices during a backyard pellet gun shooting.

Eye Protection

To commence, make sure you have safety for your eyes. Other body parts can take a hit, get hurt, and survive. But a pellet to the eye can make you go blind. So, make sure everyone on the range is wearing safety goggles. Plus, you should also put on a vest.

Limit Child and Pet Roaming

Next, restrict the movement of children and pets when shooting is in action. If they keep scurrying around, there’s a good chance they’ll get scarred by the projectiles.

Avoid using Gun in Urban Areas.

Also, ensure your backyard is not adjacent to a busy street or park. And again, watch out for the neighbors. Although they are quieter than powder guns, pellet guns are still significantly louder. And this might disturb or threaten some people.

Some states strictly prohibit using or even displaying a pellet gun in your front yard or in an apartment complex’s common area. So, consider your locality and property type before you delve into shooting.

Become a Gun Club Member

If you have any legal, safety, or social concerns about shooting a pellet gun in your backyard, then the best alternative is to join a gun club or go to a gun range. You can safely shoot all you want in a welcoming and safer environment.

 What Am I Able To Shoot In My Yard?

You can shoot small game fur-bearing animals in your yard with pellet guns, like raccoons, squirrels, and rabbits. However, some squirrels, rabbits, and rats (see chart above) are endangered in specific states. So, check that out before shooting. However, if any animal charges at you or threatens your or your children’s well-being, you can shoot it regardless.

Set Up a Mini Firing Range.

You can also build a mini shooting range in your backyard. But first, check with the local authorities to avoid future complications. You can do some work, like leveling the ground with a tractor. And leave the essentials to the professionals. Ensure the area you choose has adequate drainage, so it doesn’t get muddy when it rains.

A 25-yard extended area might be adequate if you are shooting small pistols. However, a much larger land area will be necessary if you are using rifles.

Target Accessories

Your best course of action is to go for steel targets produced by authentic manufacturers to set up targets. Besides the steel target, you can also set up some target stands. These are made of cardboard and have a steel base with legs.

However, if you prefer, you can build a target board. Build a four-by-four-foot frame, two sides extending down into the ground. Get two three-inch-diameter PVC pipes that are two feet in length and bury them in the ground forty-eight inches apart. You can then cover the four-by-four square with cardboard or plywood.

Protective Barrier

You will also need to arrange for a backstop. The best thing is to choose a spot with a natural backstop, like a hill. If it doesn’t have one, you can build one yourself.

Shooting Small Animals

Using a pellet gun to shoot small animals is effective only if you have very high shooting skills. So, you can kill it with one shot. Otherwise, you will injure the animal and cause it to die painfully and slowly, which is inhumane. So, don’t use a pellet gun for pest control unless you have top-notch skills.

Types Of Ammunition And Pellets Used In Air Guns

Pellets come in a wide range of shapes, from pointed to hollow tips to round heads. The round head is the most popular.
<strong>Pellets come in a wide range of shapes from pointed to hollow tips to round heads The round head is the most popular<strong> Photo 99401415 Gun © Weerapat Kiatdumrong | Dreamstimecom

There are mainly four types of ammunition used with air guns. Pellets, slugs, and B.B.s (ball bearings or bullet balls), to name a few. Among them, pellets are the most well-known and popular. They usually have a ‘head’ and a ‘skirt.’ The head can come in various shapes, flat, round, cone-shaped, or pitted.


Slugs are by far the most deadly ammunition you can use with an air gun. The introduction of these pellets is more recent. They have better aerodynamics and ballistic coefficients compared to average pellets. They can also hit targets at longer distances and have a similar structure to firearm bullets. However, they also require more powerful airguns.

B.B bullets

B.B. or ball-bearing bullets were the most widespread air gun ammunition. However, pellets eventually replaced them due to being more effective. Ball-bearing bullets are usually small metallic balls. Typically, they are made from steel and coated with zinc or copper.

These bullets don’t have the spin stabilization needed for long-range shooting. Therefore, B.B. pellets are mainly used for short-range shooting practices. You can also use them to teach shooting to your children.

Depending on the quality, the price of pellets and slugs ranges from $4 to $89. Crosman, JSB, and Podium are some of the most well-known manufacturers of air gun pellets.

 What is the Distinction Between a BB Gun And a Pellet Gun?

People often use B.B. and pellet guns interchangeably, although there are a few differences between the two. The most obvious one is that B.B. guns shoot short-distance ball-bearing bullets. Meanwhile, pellet guns shoot long-distance pellets and guns.

The guns also differ in size. The pellet-only air rifles mostly tend to be 0.22 caliber. In contrast, BB-only airguns are noticeably smaller and also lighter.

Plus, as mentioned in the previous section, pellets are better for hunting small animals and birds. They are also suitable for target range practice as the pellets can hit long distances and leave visible holes. On the other hand, B.B. guns are better for safe, small-range backyard shooting.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pellet Guns

Are Pellet Guns Loud?

 Pellet guns are pretty loud, although they are quieter than firearms. The lead pellets can crack the sound barrier when you shoot them. Average pellet gunshots can be measured at 117-134 decibels. And as you might already know, the human ear finds anything above 85 decibels loud.

 How Long Does CO2 Last In A Pellet Gun?

 The CO2 cartridge lasts around twenty-four hours. In other words, it is suitable for 21 shots. This is estimated from the incident of the first trigger pull.

 Are Pellet Guns Considered Firearms?

 Only Rhode Island and New Jersey consider pellet guns firearms and regulate them accordingly. Other states don’t consider these firearms but still, hold them as weapons with damage potential.

 Are Pellet Guns Dangerous?

 Of course, pellet guns are dangerous. They have enough power to kill small animals over long distances. In that sense, it can easily take out someone’s eyes or injure other body parts. And if it hits the wrong body part, it can be fatal.

 How Does A Break Barrel Pellet Gun Work?

Break barrel pellet guns have two mechanisms to shoot projectiles. One is a spring-piston mechanism, and the other is a gas-piston mechanism. In the spring system, cocking the barrel squeezes the metal spring. After that, when you press the trigger, the spring is released.

On the other hand, the gas systems have a gas-filled cylinder inside. Cocking the barrels compresses them. Then, when you pull the trigger, the gas rapidly expands and fires the pellet. 

 How Far Can A Pellet Gun Shoot?

 You can typically expect to accurately shoot as far as 25 to 30 yards with an average pellet gun and ammunition. However, you can shoot beyond 50 yards using more powerful guns, springers, and better ammo.

 How To Sight In The Scope Of A Pellet Gun?

To sight in the scope of a pellet gun, take the first shot and zero in on that shot. Then aim the gun towards the bulls-eye and take a second shot two inches below it. Then move the target 30 feet away and zero in on the last shot. Shoot again. Then move the target 75 feet and zero in like before. Hopefully, you will be hitting the bulls-eye now.

Air Rifle Fundamentals for Beginners

Take a glance at this incredible video from Norfolk Man Cave that illustrates how an air gun works (at home). Visit his channel and subscribe if you find his videos about automobiles, cold starts, stationary engines, campers, and Air guns helpful.

Norfolk Man Cave. (2020, January 20). Beginners guide to air rifles [Video]. YouTube.

To Sum It All Up

Can I shoot a pellet gun in my backyard? Hopefully, you found your answer.

  • Take note of the regulations and hazards that come with shooting firearms and take heed of the laws and restrictions regarding the discharge of airguns.
  • If purchased on good terms, there is much fun with target skills and pellet guns.
  • Doing your research is the best way to avoid a misdemeanor offense and make a good choice. Suppose you need to know more about what laws are in your area or state. Or country, click on the links provided on this site.

 A solid rule of thumb to keep in mind when you shoot pellet guns on property not close to any public place. Having a natural backstop and at least 50 yards of space will be nice. And lastly, always make sure you are not upsetting your neighbors.

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  1. I myself do not like guns but if they are used for the right purpose like getting rid of pests like rats etc. I suppose they are OK.

    You have to be careful and know how to use a gun probably so that no one gets hurt. Using a pallet gun in your backyard is your own business as long it is not hurting anyone.

    I think it is good to have restrictions on who can use a pallet gun as outlined in your article. I like that some countries restrict the number of gun licences so not too many people can own a gun.  

    It is also good that in some countries you have to pass certain tests to own a gun licence. 

    I live in Australia and feel safe there are not too many guns around but people do have guns that are not registered and without a licence. There is a hefty fine if you are caught.

    Your article was very interesting to find out gun laws in other countries.

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    • Kudos, Ingrid, for a thoughtful and illuminating response.

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      Hunters in New Zealand and Australia are well-versed in the finer points of shooting a rifle, so I thought I’d go into greater detail about target practice and all the associated regulations.

      As I also highlighted in my article, landowners often use weapons to control pests, and safety education is a vital component of reducing mishaps, just as it is when dealing with things like automotive accidents and house fires. Thank you for mentioning this.

  2. You have a well-laid-out post. You need to check the USA info on the post You have it titled the US then talk about India. Need to be more clear on what you are talking about. There is also a third type of pellet/bb gun available that you did not talk about in the post. Most don’t think about it. Would be great to see photos of the items you are talking about for reference.

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  3. Thank you for such an informative post on such a less talked niche. I myself am a gun fanatic, but since I am from India, there are a lot of restrictions here. Although when we are in our farmhouse, we often practice shooting on cans and logs.

    Although I have one question, are air guns and pallet guns the same?

    • Thank you, Hari, for your comment. Sounds like good target practice, like some movies. Shooting cans of logs seems like fun.

      The primary difference is the bullets or pellets used in some guns—pellets designed to fire lead pellets of various sizes. Paintballs utilise a small plastic bullet or pellet shot by an air gun using compressed air. 

      But today, there are air guns and C02 air weapons that can fire lead pellets. Most air guns are lighter, easier to use and load faster than old spring loading pellet guns. 

      Air guns employ air pressure in the cannon shaft to fire the pellet. Both guns are based on military and popular gun designs. So pellet guns may be spring-pump or air-powered (often by C02). 

      Most guns use pressurised gas enclosed in the barrel to propel the bullet or pellet at high speeds, although other systems are also called guns. Guns create high-pressure gas by igniting gunpowder old school style. 

      I hope I have answered your query.

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  4. At six years old, I started shooting my BB gun in the backyard. I set up a target trap and had some little targets to shoot. how I began in competitive shooting. At 13 years old, when I stopped swimming, my parents told me I had to find a new sport. That’s when I discovered competitive shooting and fell in love with it.                             

    • That’s very great. Emmanuel, and evidence of its popularity and how it is still a beneficial activity, despite the violence firearms seem to convey in the imaginations of some; of course, it is humans who are violent. Shooting at a range, like a golfing range, is legal, enjoyable, and exhilarating all at the same time, and it gives you an incredible rush. Having a firing target range in the backyard would be fantastic. You must be a skilled and competitive shooter.

  5. I do not live in New Jersey or Rhode Island. So, I am glad that in the rest of the US, authorities don’t consider pellet guns as firearms. My son was asking me if he could shot the pellet gun in our backyard. I did not answer immediately. And I am glad I stumbled upon your post.

    • Many Thanks, Abel 

      All Pellet guns are not considered firearms in many jurisdictions, but for some reason, hunting regulations treat them as such and have their peculiar categories of weapons. The truth is that they are still very lethal firearms while using different ammunition. Pellet guns are still a fun and sometimes dangerous pastime, so familiarity with the law and treating them with respect is essential.

  6. This is good to know information, I was unaware that you couldn’t shoot a pellet gun within so many feet of school but now that I’ve read this on your site here it makes perfect sense safety first eh. I like how your website is full of information that isn’t really need to know but good to know. Thanks for this article!

  7. I really enjoyed reading your article, as I was unfamiliar with how the laws for guns differ around the world. That was interesting to learn about. As for shooting pellet guns in the backyard, my family and I have been doing that for ages, but we live in the country so I don’t have to worry about annoying the neighbors or harming anyone/anything. If I were in a suburban area though, I don’t think this would be a good activity to do. There’s just too much room for error in my opinion. But out in a rural area, It’s great fun setting up different targets to aim at. Thanks for also mentioning gun safety as that’s an important thing to discuss with your kids. Knowledge is definitely power.

    • Tremendous cry of relief, many thanks Lee. Having a basic understanding of gun safety is crucial, and it may be useful even if you have a strong aversion to firearms. Like a pellet gun, a vehicle is a weapon that requires careful handling and respect if you want to avoid injury or harm to yourself or others. 

      Furthermore, if you’re hunting for food, you don’t want to ruin the environment, so you should exercise caution whenever you use either of these tools. You may use what you learn aiming a pellet gun to improve your aim when shooting a bow and arrow, darts, and more.

      Divine grace and reverence to you.

      J. W. RIDDELL



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