Basketball Dribbling Drills for Kids

Perhaps your kids want to have great times, make friends and network with the cool kids, but maybe they like basketball and recreation but are rusty in the skill department. Perhaps you’d like to facilitate play in the backyard since you bolted the basketball hoop to the house for Christmas and your child only used it once, so this blog is looking to assist you, and your kids get far more pleasure with Basketball.

Basketball is an activity that encourages youth to engage at an early age due to its high street cred—the multiple benefits of this game yield physical and psychological hand-eye coordination. Basketball has advantages such as communication, problem-solving, continuity, and work ethic. I’m going to share my insights on some fun Basketball Drills for Kids.

Many people consider Rugby to be the most prominent sport in Aotearoa and pastime, and it is widespread in New Zealand. So why are hoop rims springing up in so many parks, like rugby posts?  Basketball is becoming a popular sport in New Zealand.

Basketball founded by Dr James Naismith in 1891 and was presented to New Zealand by J. H. Greenwood as he was elected physical director of the YMCA in 1908. In New Zealand, we now have a champion, Steven Adams, who is currently playing in the NBA. It is not surprising that he made the grade considering his half-sister, Valerie Adams, is indeed a dual Olympic gold medalist.

Aside from that, it is a popular street game, and the appeal might persuade the kids to shoot more hoops rather than sit on the sofa. Who knows, basketball might be a family staple for backyard activities, with more than 250 million individuals globally engaging in some capacity.

Basketball Drills for Kids

When it comes to kids’ basketball drills, fun is the name of the game! If you’re working with kids from 8 to early teens, these are some of the routines you have to execute with young fellas in your backyard basketball court or the hoop out the front yard, and these fun basketball drills for your kids will help:

Shooting the ball from more unusual parts of the court, completing more lay-ups under pressure, taking charge of the ball and diminishing turnovers, Manifest extremely useful dribble motilities, execute more select passes on the spot and on time and possibly more unintended skills.  

Here are a few drills for ball-handling, shooting, and practising footwork which your kids could do in the comfort of their own turf in their backyard. The renowned Impact Basketball Coaches founded by Joe Abunassar recommend these drills.

Ball Handling Drills 

The player, especially your kids, can do this anyplace there is a flat surface, inside or outside, no basketball rim needed.

 Bounce, Cross-Over Dribbling

 Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, using one Basketball, and a competitive posture with legs bent. Dribble hard with the right hand, then dribble once more with the right, moving the ball to the left and back to the right.

This drill should be repeated three times for both hands.

Straight Line Cone

 Firstly, aline a series of cones in a straight line. 

Dribbling the ball moves about the cones, making concrete steps at each cone, staying super low to the ground while maintaining progressive momentum—regard the cone as a defender.

Then rotate through the different dribbling movements at every cone: in and out, crossover, in and out, crossover, behind back, and so forth. Try to keep moving at competitive speed and focus on handling the ball with intensity, start slow and get faster.

Shooting Drills

 These drills will improve the shooting technique and prowess of your kids.

Squat and Shoot

 A primary key for any player to succeed in their potential to shooting is to use the legs. As they shoot the ball, ensure the children start in a low stance. Most young talents are so dependent on the upper body to shoot the ball, so this drill is ideal for helping players get low with any shot and use their lower body.

 The individual may shoot short-range attempts across five locations: From the Corner, Wing in the middle of the court and then the other corner and wing.

Take the time to overstate the stance before every shot, then proceed into the shooting action. This drill will include an emphasis on holding the ball low on any attempt.

Circle the World

 The Circle, the World drill, is well known and has many names. This drill aims to improve a player’s ability to shoot match-speed spot shots from various locations and ranges. 

Shoot from short-range five spots around the court: The Corner, The Wing, middle court, then wing and the corner on the opposite side. Kids learn to “make” or “shoot” for a certain number of attempts. Grab the ball in a low stance, on balance, and prepared to shoot again. Practice correct footwork, launch, and proceeding forward on every repetition.

Footwork and Agility Drills

Fast footwork and flexibility are vital aspects of Basketball that youth athletes should

practice. Basketball is a game of explosiveness, balance, and pace transitions, and by improving the foot to travel quickly, athletes of all ages can advance.

This drill incorporates many facets of agility development.

Begin in a firm stand with your feet shoulder-width. Quickly chopping the feet for 5 seconds. Take 4 to 5 moves in a hard-defensive lateral slide from one direction. Return to your starting point and restart.

Consistency is the key!

Regardless of the drills, determination and dedication are the vital ingredients for progression. Young athletes, including yourself, often strive to develop multiple talents to expand the fun factor and evolve. With so much focus placed on sports, it can be intimidating. For the best athletes in basketball, or any sport for that matter, consistency in training is key. Talent will only carry you so far.

Stop, stop. If you imagine some fun with Basketball, then I think getting dunking practice in your backyard is the perfect way to go! 

Basic Rules of the Game

Following these four instructions, kids could play basketball while he or she practices. The Sports Engine Basketball Experts provide such recommendations.

Ball Movement 

 In Basketball, there are two main methods to pass the ball.

If a player must move the ball, they must dribble it when walking or running. A player cannot move one or two moves if he reaches for the ball and then stops dribbling. One of their teammates might be able to step in and snatch the ball. On the other hand, a player can transfer or pass the ball to his teammates anytime he chooses.

 Out of Bounds

The points you can never traverse are set out on the court with clearly marked lines. If you breach certain lines, the other team has possession of the ball, or a player holding the ball is out of boundaries, the same rules apply.


In basketball, any action that detracts from the game in progress is considered an offence. Fouls can result in free shots, turnovers, or the other team’s control to score a goal. When a player makes several mistakes in the major league, he or she is usually eliminated from the game.

 Starting Game

Most games begin with a tip-off, in which each team player concurrently jumps up to catch the ball that a referee has thrown into the air. The intention here is to try to tip the ball to one of your teammates so that your squad can get the ball first.

Some Basketball Variations

Basketball does not have to be a high-intensity, full-on five-on-five affair, nor does it have to be only shooting randomly. It can be a sport full of laughter, pleasure, and good-natured gatherings to enjoy with family or friends, where all you need most of the time is a basketball and a basketball hoop, but other people use garbage cans or circular like frames you can fire a ball in.

As recommended by the Backyard Side Kick, here are some trendy, fun basketball games mentioned below. Team up with your kids and laugh. For each of these, you might incorporate your own twist and keep it interesting. These are enjoyable twists on the traditional game. Just press the tabs to have a look.

Benefits of Having a Basketball Court in the Backyard!

A backyard basketball court, in my opinion, is the perfect way to experience the endless and captivating love, laughter, and practical workout.

A backyard basketball court is intended to act as a form of recreation and an opportunity to work out. Besides that, getting a backyard basketball court would enable your kids to learn their core strength, which will help to improve their overall well-being.

Vibrant Community Space

With a home basketball court in your backyard, you can transform your place into a secure location for the local community and family engagement.

You can host a modest gathering and invite the family next door over for a barbeque or quick games. Building a basketball court in your backyard can make your home the talk of the town.

Children’s Athletics, Safety and Teamwork

To boost your kids’ motivation, invite the neighbours’ kids to play on your backyard court. Involving your children in sports and athletic activities are very much essential for their overall growth development.

Quality Time with Kids

Using your home backyard basketball court as a community space also ensures that you’ll spend quality time with your kids. You are hosting multiple game nights a week guarantees to get that fitness in. A home basketball court is a perfect spot for kid’s grooming.

Personal Gym & Workout Area

An outdoor basketball court is your own sports club if you don’t like going to the gym. Basketball strengthens your muscular endurance and keeps you healthy and balanced. No need to abandon your house to work out, and you can do that without leaving your home in the backyard.

Increase Home Value

A professionally built basketball court automatically raises the worth of your house. If it is a full-court with two hoops or a half-court system, homeowners may expect to recoup their expenditure

when selling the home—installing a court a no-brainer with rising proper prices and the savings for homeowners when living in the house.

To conclude

So, whatever your plans are, if you want a backyard basketball court where you can relax and play with your children, you can do so. Alternatively, if you want to ensure that your children have a place to hang out at home, installing a basketball court in your backyard is a brilliant idea to find out the cost and all the detail click here. If a large scale is too large, mount a hoop to a driveway wall and chalk out the court.

Back to basketball drills for kids, even if you don’t have a basketball court, you can practice and strengthen your basketball skills with your kids by taking a walk to the local park and using a hoop and a basketball. This gives you a valid reason to turn off the video games and Netflix and get outside to have some real fun.

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  1. I enjoyed reading your article about basketball dribbling drills for kids. My kids are now grown, but it brought back fond memories of playing “Around the World” or “HORSE” with my kids in our driveway. Or in the church gymnasium, playing a fun game of KNOCKOUT with the high school kids. I even thought way back to my own childhood days of playing basketball in the neighbor’s driveway.

    Basketball was always a way of having some fun and exercise together and for getting away from the television or video games. Thanks for sharing this valuable information. 


  2. One of the things I appreciate with social media nowadays is the availability of valued information not just for the kids but the entire family.

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    Above all, I am thankful that you are creating articles like this. Parent who really do not know the mechanics of how to play will not coach his kids on how to dribble or play the basketball in general. I like that you also pointed what kids would love to do at their start of playing. If the coach would not be aware with this, he may just exaust the kids instead of make them enjoy the drills.

    Nice and liked, carry on!

    • Families should practice various games at home to essentially assist the coach with doing a somewhat superior job. Sports can be fun first and foremost, and only then will you supplement with more drills if your child decides he wants to play full-time. Making basketball a fun activity rather than a focused boot camp would make it exciting. I should also add that it implies you stand by idly but jump in and participate with your child for years of this. When your child grows up, you will both have a great bond.

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  3. Basketball is one of many sports played at my kids’ school. Although my son is not in the school’s basketball club, he would normally hang out with a few friends at the community basketball court dribbling and shooting away. This is definitely time well spent rather than computer gaming. Your guide on basketball drills for kids is very helpful for those who wish to take up this sport. I am sure parents who wish to guide their young ones will appreciate the information and tips.

    • Blessings, Sharon. And Your Son! I am so grateful for your feedback and the opportunity to share my basketball drills with you all – Thank You!!

      The post that shares these drills may be helpful not only to players but also parents who want their kids to improve on skills they can use outside of school, like when visiting a local park or gym etc. It’s great if children start young as it is one good life skill in general 🙂 If you do take some time with them at home (on the driveway or outback), then those are extra gifts indeed!!!


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