Backyard Unique Swing Sets- Kids Will Love

Parents, it’s time to take your kids’ swings set from so-so to stellar. Here are 5 reasons why you need the perfect backyard swing set for your outdoor fun!

  • You’ll get more fresh air and exercise as a family  
  • Your kids will have a blast with their friends outside all day long
  • It’s safer outside than inside
  • Parents can enjoy some alone time while keeping an eye on the kiddos through windows or doors. 
  •  Loved ones will stop over to spend time with you at your place!

Characters and object Swings

Aeroplane swing 

Let your kid’s imagination soar with these wings! Aeroplane shaped swings for flying fun, Plane seat swings that offer the “rocking” motion of an aircraft taking off and landing and hanging aeroplanes with cushioned seats for singing in the clouds.

Car Swing

A car is a perfect place to make a belief, and our Car Seat swing takes pretend play to the next level. Children can safely enjoy a bouncy ride from their favourite mode of transportation. Swingin’ seats in popular shapes like cars evoke hours of imaginary adventures!

Turtle Spring Swing

The turtle seat not only looks fantastic, but it’s a big spring. You can get double the fun structures that can hold more than one kid and allows for a more leisurely, smoother ride. Perfect addition to any backyard swing set!

You can get horse-shaped, car-shaped sea creature spring swings more like a rocking horse and swing in one and no need for a vast overbearing apparatus to hang this type of playground swing.

Kangaroo Jump

Jumping up and down on this Kangaroo Swing, designed to make it like it’s taking off! Made for the baby, often termed as baby jumpers, your little one will have endless fun and giggles.

Animal Shaped Swings

High Back Full Bucket, a Toddler Swing with adjustable rope, is not only adorable and fun but safe too! There are quite a few animal swing shapes on the market, from elephant to octopus, to panda and tigers and all sorts of themes for boys and girls.

Hanging Swings of Allsorts

Hanging Rope Chair Swing

Enjoy the fresh air in your backyard with family and friends swinging side by side on this Rope Chair Swing, which can be hung low or high for a different experience.

There are many options available, from the safe and comfortable hammock-like structures of nylon to exciting designs that you can use in patio or deck spaces and camping. There is also a range of swing types from double ropes swings designed for two people, baby style rope swings with mesh netting hanging from coat hangers; you’ll find what suits your needs!

Sky Curved platform swing

The moon is the limit when you have a curved platform swing hanging from the tree branch! You can lay on these, facing forward like a superhero. They are made to handle any size of people. The comfy polypropylene fabric mat made with high-quality materials will make your experience better than ever before. It’s durable enough so you won’t break anything during playtime. Hold on tight with sturdy ropes that won’t snap under pressure.

Playhouse and Swingset

A big backyard is a playground paradise! Hidden Playhouse or a rock climbing wall, some with an upper clubhouse and swings super fun for kids of all ages. If you have ample area to spare in your backyard, why not invest?

I found some really nifty sets online on Amazon that look like they were made just for me- there’s everything from simple wooden chairs connected to an outdoor playset with a rock wall to a slide or a playhouses tube. Multifunction swing sets, good investment mini playgrounds, some with seesaws and heaps more innovative features all centred around the swing.

Converted picnic table swing

These backyard swings are typically made out of a repurposed picnic table that has been transformed into an attractive place to sit swinging backwards and forwards with the whole family. Although I’m not sure, it’s a good idea to eat or drink while on these types of swings. They’re perfect for a conversation about how your day went!

Cocoon or pod type swings

Cocoon Swing
Photo by <a title=Cocoon Pod Type Swing href=httpsunsplashcomapsprudente>httpsunsplashcomapsprudente<a>

Do you have someone in your life who loves fresh air and swinging side by side? The Huggle Pod Swing is an excellent way for them to enjoy these things while simultaneously being contained! This one will be perfect for younger children as it’s somewhat enclosed. Slide off down under with friends on this fun gift idea – get yours today!

You could even hang some pretty led lights and add a few extra pillows for an enjoyable nighttime swing in these cocoon type swings.

Slackers Zipline – swing

Ziplines are a serious business to glide smoothly down this constructed zipline track. It would be best to use your feet instead of your hands. That way, you can have fun while maintaining the slender body shape in style these days! Slackers Zipper swing – This incredible ride for more adventurous kids if you have enough room in your yard and want something different than what all those other backyard party hosts think about adding on their property- It’s a fantastic idea. Just add some zip.

Porch swing

A sitting porch swing can relax both adults and kids, so why not make one for the backyard! It’s a significant investment that everyone in your family will enjoy. With all of the benefits, swings provide from baby to you as an adult. You will receive huge benefits to your health and well-being. No need for that guilty feeling about investing in a decorative elegant porch swing serving multiple purposes – it’ll help many members of your household very well indeed.

Trapeze bar swing

A trapeze bar swing is perfect for toddlers and kids. Kids can practice those acrobatic moves, keep fit and flexible, and develop upper body strength! Trapeze bars are also great for getting your little ones into shape- not only will it get them in tip-top physical condition, but they’ll have a blast too.

Hammock Swing

Hammocks are great because they’re light and portable. Swaying in a hammock while on holiday has been described as one of the most relaxing experiences ever! Many people have either a tree, ceiling hook, or stand installed in their hammock(s). You can put up your own outdoor swinging chair with rope and hooks using these few simple steps.

Monster Web/ spider swing: Giant platform swing

The spider web or saucer swing is seen more and more because it is such cool design kids love it. Several kids and adults can hop in this at once, making it highly durable and fun for everyone.

Swing Shot (basketball hoop)

A basketball hoop under a tree is a fabulous addition to any backyard play area because it gives boys, girls, and some grownups endless hours of fun. A swing shot is a great way to incorporate it into your own unique backyard playground.

Tyre Swing

Tree swings are pretty simple and have been around for ages! Who would’ve thought that you could derive so much joy from simply hanging up a wooden rod between two branches on the tree in your backyard?

Double seater swings facing each other

Swing seats facing opposite directions: it’s fun having one double seater swing facing one way and then changing it to meet another way (opposite direction).

Double Unique Dual Seat Swing Set
Unique Dual Seat Swing Set Photo by Photo 190057193 © Thomas Bullock | Dreamstimecom

Kids can race with their friends to see who gets there first on these unique swings, often on a steel frame that has been cleverly designed into an interconnecting structure.

Double layered cotton sensory swing

you can use to promote movement and active play in so many ways. You may climb on the swing or stretch out inside it while you develop your spatial awareness!

But wait, there’s more with this swing with plenty of room for wiggling like an elevated crow’s nest around and can even be used as a cat hammock!

Viper rope swing

The Viper rope swing is designed for 3-6 kids/adults or more! Heavy-duty plaited ropes for increased safety are often made with wire stands termed the Cyclops Snake Swing, which looks very interesting but can handle many people simultaneously. It’s essentially like a spider web type of rope and viper that you sit on it in line like a horse saddle, the perfect two-person glider.

Swinging Bed

It provides a variety of great benefits, and its therapeutic effects are unsurpassed. The best part about the bed swing is that it can be used in many different ways- for example, in your child’s bedroom or guest room or the back porch; this type of furniture also makes an excellent daybed!

The physical advantages to having a floating mattress include better circulation (blood flow) because you must move around more while sleeping on one.

Moreover, your lymphatic system will have no problem being flushed out since there is movement from the rocking motion itself.

Pallet boards make perfect frames for these bed swings when constructed using upcycled materials like old crates and cable ties–plus, such items won’t cost too.

Belt Swing

Own your own backyard playset with a Belt Swing! These easy to install swings won’t break or wear out and are perfect for any age. Adjust them in just seconds from toddler swing, low-flying trapeze bar, high flying rope ladder – all durable enough to last many years. Amazing how much fun these can bring this summer!

Final Words

Kids playing on swings will stimulate their physical and creative sides with imaginative play. They’ll get active play while building muscle strength, balance, coordination, and spatial awareness.

Swings also provide an opportunity to feel confident in one’s own abilities-kids can progress from sitting on low swings to swinging high and fast. And last but not least, kids love the exhilarating feeling of riding high off the ground!

Did you know that humans aren’t the only species who enjoy a little swing time? Watch this adorable video of kangaroos getting their fix on a backyard playground.

Seymour, J. [ Caters Clips]. (2019, June 28). Kangaroo Plays On Swing Set [Video]. YouTube.

We hope you enjoyed this article and found it helpful. We’re so happy to share our experience with you, but if there’s anything else you need to know or desire us to cover in a future blog post, please let us know! Thanks for reading!

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  1. Well, the Backyard swing sets for kids is definitely a brilliant idea as kids will surely love that. I normally have to go out to some parks or events places if I have to take kids for swings. But the information you provided about backyard unique swing sets has driven by enthusiasm to get some swings in my backyard.

     I love this post, thanks you so much.

    • The park is still an option to get out and enjoy the fresh air. But once you have a swing in your backyard, it will provide that much more adventure for kids (or adults) of all ages!

      The swings are not just something they had growing up; there’s nothing like being able to feel the wind on their faces as they take flight from one side of this world into another dimension. And if you’re feeling adventurous, check out viper swings – those bad boys can add some serious adrenaline-pumping action while delivering a great core workout!

      Many Blessings



  2. We have all been spending a lot more time at home. And I am expecting my grandchildren to come and be with us in August. So, creating fun activities for them to do in our backyard is something I have been thinking of. These unique swing sets look really cool and I’m sure my grandkids will love them.

    • The swings are a wonderful way to spend quality time with your loved ones. They also have many health benefits and emotional calming effects, which will help each member of the family become happier. I would suggest getting one for you and your grandkids; Spider Web Swings or patio deck chairs might be good choices if that suits you best!

  3. These things look absolutely brilliant. Certainly better than the swings we had when we were kids. They were just the rubber slat as a seat with two chains suspending it. However, you were lucky if you ever got to play on them as a young child as the older kids were always wrapping them over the bars

  4. Wow, there are some pretty innovative swings around these days, compared to when I was a child. We used to have to go down to the park to play on the swings, and they were usually just a wooden seat, or occasionally it might have been an old vehicle tire with chains attached to it. And let’s be honest, all kids enjoy swinging around, so what a great idea to have one in your own garden for the kids the enjoy all day long. 

    • Thank you. I very much appreciate the feedback and all of your insights! The swing is indeed an innovative piece, evolving in different shapes every year. My favourite types are still a good old tire swing or the spider swings – especially because there’s nothing better than a nice relaxing nap on one of them after lunchtime 🙂

  5. I never thought there were these many swing types. We are planning on moving and we got a very big garden so I will buy two swings for my kids. 

    Thanks for the tips. In your experience with your kids which of these swings do you think kids love the most? I would love to try out something different.

    Have you listed trampolines? Can you recommend a few? Thanks. 

    • There are a few different trampolines on the market that I am looking into. Some of them have mesh netting around them to keep you safe, and others available are in-ground trampolines, but Jumpflex’s brand is said not only to be fantastic but famous as well. 

      Spider swings would work great because they can hold both children or yourself depending on what mood strikes at any given time; plus, these types of swingers tend to be durable, so your kids won’t break out anytime soon!

    • I appreciate it, Moretha. Incredibly diverse and simple to set up swing sets, I was just browsing your link and was really impressed. Undoubtedly, I’ll be writing a review of this website and its selection of swings.


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