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Backyard Games

In this category, the main aim is to share some fun and exciting ideas regarding various backyard games that can liven up your parties and get-togethers. You can find out a lot about party games and sports that you can play with your friends and families to have a great time. Undoubtedly, backyard games can help to improve your relationships with everyone by creating lots of fun memories and moments.

Why Outdoor Games are Importance

The importance of outdoor games deserves more recognition than it receives from a majority of the population. Especially among the common suburban households. Backyards games and the moments associated with such activities can determine a kid’s childhood – a fact that is overlooked by most parents. Find out more here

Backyard Games Linked to a Child’s Wellbeing

As a matter of fact, several studies suggest that kids who regularly participated in backyard games with their families and friends; had a much more enjoyable childhood than kids who didn’t get to enjoy such activities. These impressions subsequently ended up reflecting on their adult life as well. People who weren’t exposed to such a fun-loving environment as a kid were significantly more depressed and unsatisfied with their life; as they never developed or experienced a functional and active childhood.

Bringing Families Together

That being said, backyard games aren’t only necessary for developing a kid’s personality. It brings a whole family together and improves their relationships with each other. By inviting people over for a barbecue, family gatherings etc. and arranging several outdoor activities and games can help you to relax and have a fun time with everyone in a casual and stress-free environment.

Source of Inspiration

Some of the moments that I remember vividly from my childhood are from family gatherings like these. We used to love playing hide and seek and spotlights together. I was more of a Swing Ball guy so I often spent my time swinging and bashing the ball backwards and forwards.

We usually had a good group of people coming in around the weekends and so we loved to make a competition out of everything. Hacky sack, soccer, cricket – we played so many versions of these as we really enjoyed dividing up into teams and competing against each other.

As someone who knows and appreciates the importance of backyard games in everyone’s life, this category is dedicated to all those known and unknown backyard games from around the world. From basic outdoor games like ludo, badminton etc. to lesser-known games like croquet, Kan Jam, Jenga, ladder ball and connect four – the blogs will delve into a plethora of traditional games as well. For example – we want people to know more about traditional and almost extinct backyard games like Poi Toa from Aotearoa (New Zealand) and Pilolo from Ghana.

To Conclude

At The Fun Hub, we try our best to ensure that your backyard is always an entertaining place to be in by providing you with various fun ideas for backyard games and sports. So if you are looking for some fun backyard games to play, dive into this category to know more about both common and traditional backyard games throughout the world.

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  1. Thank you very much for reminding us of childhood and how important it is for children to be in nature. I do not know about you but in my childhood sand and mud were the most important things next to the ball. A lot of wonderful family moments happened right in the backyard and a lot of friendships were made. It is sad that children today just want phones and computer games. I support all activities in nature.

    • Yes, kkole13. I agree totally these moments are being lost in this technical-savvy world although awesome for blogs and finding out stuff no good for adduction and children. 

      Many Thanks 



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