Backyard Cooking Activities

Backyard Cooking 

A backyard barbecue is indeed one of the best outdoor activities for families who enjoy entertaining friends and neighbours on the weekends. With a little backyard cooking, you will bond with people on a delicious note, from brunch to barbecue.

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After long days of playing sports, a delicious meal will only make you stronger and wiser, too! For sports fun and activity ideas for the family Barbecue in the yard, click on Backyard Fitness.

Food cooked outside binds us and connects us.

Many individuals have an attachment to their own backyards or porches. They are useful for people who like cooking whilst in nature.

Sharing cooked food with the whole families provides a soothing kind of nostalgia that you can’t find anywhere.

Our family used to have a BBQ out in the backyard nearly every weekend. One of my favourite experiences was when I was able to do a whole barbecue all by myself.

I love spicing things up with a barbie, and BBQ sauce is indeed a favourite visit The Grill Masters Club to get some awesome recipes and ideas that have certainly inspired me.

Beyond the Barbecue

I feel lucky that I got to experience the traditional cultural practice of Hangi as a kid and shared many food experiences in the backyard.

Ancestral Practices

In New Zealand, preparing Hangi is a sacred and spiritual practice for our people. A lot of premeditated teamwork goes into preparing Hangi for lots of people at once. And since it’s cooked by burying the ingredients in the ground, it’s perfect for backyard cooking sessions.

Backyard cooking

Try a New Cooking Method

In this category, my primary goal is to discover and share my ideas on pursuing different cooking methods in your backyard.

I’m keen to explore and bring you Firepit cooking, topics on constructing clay earth fired oven or building and fire brick rocket stove like this Video Clip from ChefSteps, Smoking food, having a Spit roast, solar ovens, and several more concepts to deliver you valuable ideas, feedback, and inspiration for some outdoor cooking yummy fun.

It can get boring if you continue to arrange the cooking sessions the same way or cook the same foods repeatedly. This is why we post on many innovative outdoor techniques, so you never get bored in the backyard.

For example – use a variety of cookware and grills to diversify your cooking style. If you use a steam cooker to make some dumplings, use a grill or a smoker to barbecue on the side.

Barbecue Sauce is a Long-time Big favourite.

Regarding barbecue, the sauce is a must for any food, whether you’re vegan or not. My personal favourites are Asian, coffee, and mustard barbecue sauces, which go along with the plant-based diet I’ve been pursuing a while.

Fresh is Best.

So, if you’re a vegan, you should get in on the fun! In New Zealand, open-fire grilling of eggplant, asparagus, capsicum, and jackfruit is common all year. Add some potato salad and new foods, including shellfish and tomatoes, on the side, and you’ve got yourself a bit of pure heaven.

Good Music and Food

Again, you can put on some reggae in the background to enhance the nostalgia. Enjoying music with your family with hot pizzas just out of the woodfire pizza oven  – what more could you need?

This blog category focuses on both ancestral and contemporary foods. Learn all about them and have a fantastic backyard cooking experience.

4 thoughts on “Backyard Cooking Activities”

  1. Thank you for your helpful post. I have been researching about methods we could implement in our back yard. And I have discovered there are quite a few. Among them are direct heat, boiling, frying, grilling, and roasting. What I like the most is that these techniques require only rudimentary, commonsensical tools.

    • So glad you found it helpful, Abel. So many other unexplored traditional methods of cooking including firepit cooking and other unusual perhaps types of cooking like making a clay oven in the ground.

      Many Thanks


  2. Thank you for great post. BBQ is one of favorite activities for me and my family. Its great, quality time when we can talk, eat and spend some time together. Lately Im testing new gas grill, and I must admit it completely change my approach to preparing food. Its quick, clean and leave more time for enjoy company. Highly recommended !

    • The bonus is less cleaning, Cogito. Hay yes something all families need to do talk and play more together rather than sit around steering at our cell phones and the floor wondering what we might say. A Priority! BBQ time.

      Many Thanks



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