Are Outdoor Playsets Worth It?

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Are Outdoor Playsets Worth It?

As you have kids and a house with a sizable backyard, you begin to wonder if you should get an outdoor playset or not. They can be fun for your kids and add a bit of charm to your backyard too. So, are outdoor playsets worth it? Should you get them, or are there alternatives you should consider? I am here to give you my honest opinions on this topic.

Yes, outdoor playsets are worth the money for the most part. Even if your kids grow up and don’t use them, you can resell them. And even if you don’t resell them, the playsets can increase your property value later on. So, they are very much worth it.

There are plenty of factors that come into play when deciding whether or not a playset is a worthwhile investment. So, I’m going to try to explain as well as I can why a playset is a great investment for your child and also for your home. So, without wasting any more of your time, let’s begin.

Are Playsets Worth the Money?

The first most important question is, should you spend a large amount of cash on a backyard playset? It depends on quite a few things, but the first thing you need to answer is; how much are you spending exactly?

A barebones swing set can be bought new for 200-300 USD and even cheaper when bought second hand. In comparison, a fully specked out playset with enclosures, swings, climbing bars, slides, etc., can cost upwards of a few thousand dollars. Some parents do spend that much.

Once you go overboard with all different equipment and attachments, it can cost anywhere from 2 to 4 thousand USD or even more. Until you start going overboard, playsets are mostly worth their cost.

You would be better off saving money by buying items one at a time, perhaps even buy a second-hand plastic slide and restore it to save costs. If you see your kids getting one item in your backyard playground, you can go ahead and add another one. Another way to save money is not to spend money on assembly and get playsets to assemble yourself easily. Most playsets are actually very easy to assemble.

One other thing you could consider to save even more cash is to look for secondhand playsets. Many parents tend to get rid of them once their kids grow up, so you have a good chance of stumbling upon something high quality without spending too much.

So, to sum up, go step by step, don’t go too overboard. If you are cautious and take a few small steps in saving money, playsets can be very worthwhile as they are sure to bring some joy to your kids.

The Kids Are What Really Matters

Moving away from the financial aspect, let’s look at the actual most important factor; the kids. You have to remember that the playset is for your kids to enjoy and not for you. So, rather than going out and buying what you think would look good in your yard, you should consider what your kids would like.

Observe what they like, see what toy they might enjoy more, or even directly ask them what toy they would like to have first. It could be a swing set, a jungle gym, a slide, anything. The important thing is that your kids need to enjoy it.

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A playset only becomes not worth it when your kids do not play on it. But if your kids enjoy them, even the most expensive sets seem totally worth the money. So, it is an excellent idea to talk with your kids and observe what they enjoy the most on playgrounds before buying pieces of equipment for your backyard.

Again, mentioning the step-by-step method, buy the first thing your kids might like. Whatever that might be, depending on how much time your kids spend on it, you can decide what to get next. This is a sure way to get more value out of your playset.

Are Playsets Better Than Public Playgrounds?

Next comes the question is outdoor playsets better than public playgrounds? Well, it depends heavily on your needs. If you are planning to skip out on taking your kids to the playground permanently by getting a playset, then no, they are not better. They cannot replace a public playground.

A public playground provides a ground for children from all around to meet and socialize. This social interaction is crucial for your child’s growth. Your child needs to go to the public playground once in a while and play with others.

However, if you are a working parent and often don’t have time, playsets can definitely help. Many parents usually leave the kids with a caregiver for the day, so in that time, the playset can be of great use. It definitely helps both the kids and the caregiver.

Even if you have an outdoor playset, it is definitely a good idea to take your kids to the local playground once in a while. If your local area does not have a public playground by any chance, then a playset might be your only option. But, in general, they both serve different purposes.

Will They Go to Waste Later On?

When getting an outdoor playset, parents fear that will they become just a waste of space once the kids grow up? The answer is both yes and no. You can choose to let them go to waste, or you can do something with them.

The most common good idea is to give them away to one of your relatives. There is a good chance that some of your relatives have kids to be of great use to them. You can also sell them as there are always parents looking for good deals on outdoor playsets for their children.

If you get a good playset, they are bound to last a while. So, chances are, they will still have a lot of life left in them after your kids are done with them. So it is a good idea to make sure they bring joy to some other kid later on than sit there idly.

Of course, some parents do let them sit in their backyard as a token of memory. There is nothing wrong with that. If you develop a sentimental value to something your kids used to play on, then maybe it is worth it to keep it. But if you are thinking about financial stuff, then you might be better off doing otherwise.

Do Playsets Increase Your Property Value?

According to NAR research, in 2020, 35% of homeowners have children under 18 living with them. That might not sound like a lot, but these people most commonly look for new homes.

According to that same research, many house-buying folks are okay with having a smaller house if their yard space is bigger. So, comparing these two facts would lead one to believe that an outdoor playset has value in property reselling.


If you ever decide to sell your property, a considerable portion of the customer base will be attracted to the fact that you have a preinstalled outdoor playset. This will, in turn, add value to your property, and you can consider the playset worth its price at that point.

What to Look for In Outdoor Playsets?

Now, let’s take a look at what you should actually buy. As I have already mentioned, do not go overboard with the fanciest and most pricey equipment. Start small and then build up from there. There are a lot of playsets that come with warranties. These will be a good option to get.

Look at what parts of the playset have a warranty and get the one that seems most ideal to you. Do not go for the ones that cost a few thousand dollars. You can put together a decent setup that will last you a long time within 500-700USD.

Try to get playsets made from better materials. Often, the most basic and cheap materials won’t even last you a couple of years. So, you want something that will last long. Wooden and steel structures last long. If there are plastic or PVC parts, make sure that they are sturdy enough to not break with frequent use.

Look for quality in getting both new and secondhand stuff, and you should be able to get a good value on an outdoor playset.


An outdoor playset can be very much worth it if you consider a few things. Do not spend too much. Get only what your kids will enjoy, make sure they get a lot of playtime from it, and finally, get something that will last long so you will be able to resell it or keep it as a memory.

Thanks for reading my honest opinions on “Are outdoor playsets worth it?”. I hope I was able to answer all your queries. Until next time, farewell!

13 thoughts on “Are Outdoor Playsets Worth It?”

  1. Thank you so much for the great post about outdoor playsets.  I have found that these playsets do come in handy for parents who want to stay home more often.  I know the hardest thing for me is wondering who will become of it in the future, though give it away is actually a good idea.

    • Yeah the future, Jessie. The playset could be kept for future generations or neighbours kids your house could be the hub of fun.

      Many Blessings Jessie I so applicate your comment


  2. Good day, I’m pleased to meet you. Well, I think outdoor play sets are worth it too. I agree with you a hundred that what really matters most are the kids, not the how much cash is to be spent on outdoor play sets. But it’s of utmost importance too to opt for what kids need most, and at lower costs. This is a very helpful information, thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks so much for the amazing feedback, Kokontala. You are so right the cash is small compared to the fun that will evolve so important for our physical and mental health. This is a link to a post you may enjoy https://fun-backyard-activitie


  3. Kids are filled with so much energy and they also love the outdoors, I think that getting an outdoor playset is a great idea in keeping kids occupied as they interact with each other and getting a good workout as well. I remember as a child we also had a play set in our yard and boy did we have fun along with the neighbors. Thanks so much for sharing, this great information on helping parents to decide if they have been thinking of getting a playset for their kids.

    • A small investment with large rewards an opportunity to create memories for your kids other than computer and mobile games. So agree with you helping kids get physical activity and burn that energy you talk about.

      Many THanks 


  4. I certainly think that outdoor playsets are worth having, as long as you do not over capitalise on them. Kids love having a playset that they can enjoy outdoors, and specially when they have friends over to play. Even in a small garden, one can put in a small playset, and if it has a little ladder to make it a double story, it does not have to take up too much space. I agree that one can always sell it when the kids outgrow it. 

    • Very much worth the smile on the faces, LineCowley. The simplist thing I think every playset should have is a swing for young and old alike.  

      Many thanks for the great feedback


  5. HI&ntmu;. This” Are Outdoor Playsets Worth It?”  is a nice topic. Looking and reading through the article, I really like when you absolutely describe what you should do or shouldn’t with the backyard playground. To buy it or not? Yes, this is obviously a great argument, but the kids’ well-being is saying a lot. Because they will be in heaven even until rich the teenage and will have a lot of fun.

    However is well explained that we have to take into consideration the budget we are in and can afford and mostly, the material- wooden, PVC – playground/ backyard house is made of.

    I must disclose that I have no experience with this topic and I do apologise.

    As you already mentioned even some have already an outdoor playset it is definitely a good idea to take your kids to the local playground from time to time perfectly right and I agree with that!  

    Thank you for sharing this, and looking forward to reading more awesome like this. 

    • I’m glad you found this so insightful, and yes I agree if no playground at home the park is just ad good  depending on your location there may be park over the back fence. Thanks heaps J W RIDDELL-THE FUN HUB

  6. I think it is worth it to get for kids the outdoor playsets. I wish I can have one in my place when my nephew is around. Kid’s joy matter more than money. I know this to be true because I would buy anything for kids if they ask me to. LOL! I usually give it away to anyone who has kids if I don’t want to have them anymore. 

    • Certainly, Katt. The price goes way beyond the fun and memorize and not to worry if kids grow and move out because soon grandkids come.

      Many Thanks



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