Are Electric Grills Any Good? Explained

Summer is here! BBQs are back, the sun’s out, and you know what that means – time to cook some BBQ food. Yet have you considered how much gas or charcoal it takes to do so? What if I told you there was an easier way? A more environmentally-friendly way? Put away that propane tank because an electric BBQ outdoor grill might be your answer.

Throughout the post, we will weigh the benefits and drawbacks of electric BBQ grills. You might be wondering whether or not electric grills are any good? Well, read on! There’s a lot to take in, so stick with us-we’ve got everything covered from types (gas vs electric) mistakes you shouldn’t make when buying and maintaining one down vegan recipes if meat is your preference.

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Pros And Cons Of Electric BBQ Grills

People who live in limited space and are concerned with health problems related to charcoal and propane gas grills often look for electric BBQ grills. 

To find out if an electric grill is a good choice for you, consider the pros and cons of using electric grills. 


  • Electric grills are safer compared to charcoal and gas grills. These don’t emit a load of smoke and don’t utilize an active flame.
  • Ease of use and mobility are other significant features of an electric grill. Many electric grills are small in size. So, they can be easily moved around. Also, you just have to plug in the cord to an electric outlet to use them. 
  • Foods cooked on electric grills are healthy. They do not get contaminated by carbon monoxide or fumes like other grills. 
  • Electric grills require only a tiny amount of electricity. There is no cost of buying coal or gas. 
  • High-quality electric grills have specific temperature settings. You can set a temperature level. Thus you know precisely everything you’re undertaking and don’t need to speculate.
  • Easy to set up and clean. High-grade electric grills have a non-stick coating on the grates; thus, you can simply wipe the grease and grime off the grill.  


  • Electric grills need an electric power source to operate. Hence, you cannot use it outdoors if there is no electric power source. 
  • Small cooking surface compared to charcoal and gas grill. 
  • Cannot create the authentic smoky flavour of the charcoal grill. 

Everything You Gotta Recognize Before Buying a BBQ

A man is grilling chicken on a black pellet grill in the backyard
Grilling chicken on a black pellet <strong>electric grill in the backyard<strong> photo by <a title=Black Pellet Electric Grill href=httpswwwtwenty20comphotos3f80b29d ceeb 4676 b2cb d56ae36fffa4utm t20 channel=bl target= blank rel=noopener>httpswwwtwenty20comphotos<a>

So, you have decided to buy an electronic BBQ grill. But don’t just go out and buy any old electronic grill. Before purchasing, you might analyze various aspects:

Size Of The Electronic Grill

 Furthermore, consider the size of the electronic grill and what you cook on the grill; for how many people? A tabletop electric BBQ grill is a suitable choice for a family of 2 to 5 members. They have a compact size and do not take up much space.

If you want to cook for more people, get a freestanding electric grill. They are often larger than tabletop models. So, you need to allocate more space in your kitchen for this type.

Power Consumption 

Now, you need to choose the power level of your electric grill. The more wattage the grill has, the more heat it will produce. High-power electric grills take less time to cook food. 

If you want to cook different types of food on the electronic grill, choose a grill with a power output between 1300-1800 watts. These grills have a larger size. But you may prefer smaller grills that produce up to 800 watts. An excellent electric grill should also have a heat-control system.

Construction Of The Grill

From cast iron to aluminium, you will find electronic grills made of various kinds of materials. You should choose a durable material that is rust-resistant and easy to clean.

The grill should also have a grease drain system.

Cooking Versatility 

Most electric BBQ grills are made for indoor use. However, many electric grills are also perfect for cooking outdoors. Grills that are also used for cooking outside will come with a removable stand. Your electric grill should be portable so that you can move it around quickly.

You have to place the grill on the stand to cook outside. But remember, an electric grill must not be used outdoors when it is raining. Water is dangerous for electric BBQ grills. 

Price Of The Electric Grill

Compared to other grills like gas or charcoal grills, electric grills have an affordable price. The price range of an electric grill falls between $100 to $500. You need to spend $250 to $500 to buy an electric grill with good heating capacity. 

Are Electric Grills Energy-Efficient?

Electric grills are great for indoor cooking. But what about the use of electricity? Do they consume a lot of power? The answer is no; they do not. Modern electric grills are energy efficient and do not consume too much electricity. 

However, the amount of electric power an electric grill uses depends on its wattage usage and how long you will use it. The higher the wattage an electric grill has, the more electricity it will require.

Is Electric BBQ Grill Safe?

Using an electric BBQ grill is safer than using gas or charcoal BBQ grills, especially indoors. It does not produce much smoke. Besides, it does not cause serious fire hazards like propane gas or charcoal grills.

But You should also use electric grills cautiously. They are sensitive to water. So, keep refraining from using water close to an electric grill.

Can Electric Grills Explode?

There is rarely any chance of an electric grill exploding like propane gas grills. However, any kind of electric grill can fire risks if you do not handle them properly.

You should check the cord is not damaged and not exposed to any kind of moisture. If you happen to find any, you can use electrical tape to cover it up nice and tight.

Does Cooking On An Electric Grill Taste Good?

BBQ Electric Grill
BBQ Electric Grill photo by <a title=Electric Grill href=httpswwwtwenty20comphotos9a4b811a 0790 4b85 bbdd 2763b9863514utm t20 channel=bl>httpswwwtwenty20com<a>

Let’s face the truth; you will not get the authentic taste of BBQ from food cooked on an electric grill. Charcoal grills add a smoky flavour to the cooked food that an electric grill does not. Nonetheless, food grilled on electric grills tastes excellent.

Many electronic BBQ grills are creating innovative ideas to make the food taste better. The fat and grease from the grease of the marinated food, like meat, fall on the heating plate. Then the food is grilled on it. Some high-heating electric grills produce smoke that can give you the barbecue flavour you crave.

BBQ Outdoor Electric Grill Types

Yes, electric grills are perfect for indoor use. But that does not mean you cannot use them for your outdoor BBQ party! Many electric grills in the market can be used both indoors and outdoors. Different types of BBQ Outdoor electric grills are: 

  • Portable outdoor electric grills
  • Freestanding outdoor electric grills
  • Built-in outdoor electric grills
  • Outdoor electric smoker/grill combos

If you are not sure which electric grill you should get, then do not worry. We have some great recommendations for you. They have features that are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. 

So, check these superb electric grills for your BBQ parties: 

 George Foreman outdoor electric 

Alright, we have the George Foreman Outdoor Electric Grill. The brand is named after the famous boxing champion, George Foreman. When it comes to quality, the electric grills are also as tough as boxers. You can quickly grill for 15 people at once on the grill’s 240 sq. inch cooking area.

George Foreman Outdoor Electric is made for both indoor and outdoor use. You can set it up outside on a removable stand that comes with the grill.


  • Type: Open
  • Cooking Area: 240 sq. Inches 
  • Power: 1,440 Watt. 
  • Dimensions: 11 x 20 x 20.5 inches
  • Warranty: 3- years. 


  • 15 servings at one sitting
  • Non-stick quoting on the grilling plate
  • Fat removal slope
  • It comes with a removal stand


  • Temperature meter not there to measure temperature


One of the best outdoor electric grills from Weber is the Weber Q 1400 electric grill. If you want high heat from an electric grill, Weber Q 1400 is for you as it has a 1560 watt heating element. If you want a larger size, the same power goes for Weber Q 2400. The tabletop grill is a splendid choice for outdoor grilling. 


  • Type: Open
  • Cooking Area: 189 sq. inches 
  • Power: 1,560 watt 
  • 14.5 x 27 x 16.5 in inches (Dimensions)
  • Warranty: 5- years. 


  • Compact and easily movable
  • Easy to Clean 
  • High heating capacity and temperature control system 


  • Costly compared to others 


Do you have much space on your patio? Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Patio Bistro Electric Grill to the rescue!

The grill’s electric TRU-Infrared cooking system helps cook your food evenly. The porcelain grilling surface heats quickly, and your guests will have the food on their plates in no time!


  • Type: Open
  • Cooking Area: 320 sq. inches 
  • Power: 1750 watt 
  • Mesurments: 39.8 x 25.6 x 39.8 inches  
  • Warranty: 1-2- years depending on parts


  • Infrared cooking technology cooks food evenly
  • Wheels for mobility 
  • Compact and modern design
  • Perfect electric grill for patio


  • Challenging to assemble as instructions are not clear 

Napoleon TravelQ PRO 285 Portable 

With 285 sq. inches of cooking surface and a 12,000 BTU heating capacity, the Napolean TravelQ Pro 285 portable electric grill is one of the best tabletop electric grills. You can take it to camp and carry it in an RV to enjoy safe grilling and tasty food. Through the use of a conversion kit, you may also modify it to a propane barbeque.


  • Type: Open
  • Cooking Area: 285 sq. inches 
  • Power: 12,000 BTU 
  • Dimensions: 19x 30 x 15.5 inches  
  • Warranty: 10 years depending on parts


  • Durable with a heavy-duty cooking surface
  • Set-up just in 10 seconds and provides tremendous heat
  • Portable and compact storage for travelling 


  • No lid damper for indirect heat control

Better Chef Electric Grills

Now, we have something compact and yet high-temperature-providing an electric grill. The Better Chef 15-inch Electric Barbecue Grill. This cheap and portable electric grill has only 155 sq. of the cooking surface but has 1600 watts of heating power! Along with its small dimensions, it may be readily stored in any small area in your residence.


  • Type: Open
  • Cooking Area:  155 sq. inches 
  • Power: 1,600 watt 
  • Diameter: 16.00 x 17.00 x 36.00 inches  
  • Warranty: 1 years


  • Affordable price 
  • Compact and portable 
  • Air vents allow for optimal temperature control
  • 1600 watts heating power 


  • Not so durable. Warranty is also only 1 year.

Americana Electric Cart Grill By Meco

The Americana Electric Cart Grill from Meco is currently famous because of its three-position cooking element.

It can create a zone of even grilling like a traditional grill. It even has a versatile area for controlling temperature so that you can cook medium, rare, and well-done all at once. The grill is on a rolling cart, which makes it super easy to move around.


  • Type: Open
  • Cooking Area: 200 sq. inches 
  • Power: 1500 watt 
  • Dimensions: 28.88 x 20.63 x 18.38 inches
  • Warranty: 2 years 


  • Versatile cooking zones
  • Convenient to transport 
  • Disposable grease pan makes cleaning easy


  • Assembly is difficult

Techwood Electric Bbq Grill Indoor/Outdoor

Want to enjoy some BBQ at your next family picnic? But do you not have money to buy a high heating grill?

Well, no worries. Techwood Electric BBQ grill is a portable grill with super-heating power. With such an affordable budget rate, it has become popular among grill lovers. Each time you make BBQs on the grill, you will find them evenly cooked because of the grill’s interlocking hood feature. 


  • Type: Open
  • Cooking Area: 240 sq. inches 
  • Power: 1600 watt 
  • Dimensions: 17.9 x 11 x 14.8 inches
  • Warranty: 3 years


  • Grills evenly cooked delicious foods
  • Adjustable temperature settings
  • Rotatable venting system
  • Compact and portable 


  • Difficult to assemble 

Giantex 1350w Electric BBQ Grill

Now, if you want the same three-part cooking area like the Techwood Electric BBQ grill but with a stand, go for the Giantex 1350w Electric BBQ Grill.

With this electric grill, BBQ becomes safe and easy. The sturdy stand and base keep the grill stable while you cook tasty foods. 


  • Type: Open
  • Cooking Area: 240 sq. inches 
  • Power: 1350 watt 
  • 24.8 by 24.8 x 35.6 in inches (Dimensions)
  • Warranty: 1-2- years depending on parts


  • Durable. It comes with a sturdy stand and condiment tray
  • Temperature Controller With Four Settings To Adjust
  • Offers versatile cooks and grilling style


  • Hard to assemble 

Cuisinart Electric Smoker 

Everyone wants to enjoy some smoky brisket once in a while. For that, you do not have to buy any expensive charcoal BBQ grills.

You can buy the Cuisinart Electric Smoker at an affordable price. All of this incorporates a 1500-watt heating unit and can yield smoked meat in a matter of hours. The electric smoker has a temperature regulator. So, you can operate with ease. 


  • Cooking Area: 548 square inches of interior 
  • Power: 1500 watt
  • Size: 22 by 19 x 37.5 inches
  • Warranty: 3 years limited warranty 


  • Easy setup and use
  • Accurate and steady temperature control
  • Good space inside


  • No grease tray. Cleaning is not simple.

Kenyon Floridian Portable Electric Grill

The Kenyon Floridian Portable Electric Grill is for people who cannot wait to have delicious BBQs on their plates.

This electric grill can turn the heat up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit in just 10 minutes! Although you have to spend a good amount on this one, it will be worth it since it is manufactured with long-lasting stainless steel.


  • Type: Open
  • Cooking Area: 155 sq. inches 
  • Power: 1300 watt 
  • Dimensions: 21 x 12 x 9 inches
  • Warranty: 3 years 


  • Heats quickly up to 600 F. 
  • Durable material 
  • Dishwasher friendly lid and grate 


  • Expensive compared to other electric grills 

Aussie 9329W Deluxe Electric Cart Grill

Finally, on our list, we have The Aussie 9329W Deluxe Electric Cart Grill. It has a movable heating element with three different zones for direct, indirect, and rotisserie cooking.

The grill alleviated wooden shelves on the sides and bottom of the cart. Thus, you do not need any separate table to place your grilling tools and condiments. 


  • Type: Open
  • Cooking Area: 200 sq. inches 
  • Power: 1500 watt 
  • Dimensions: 26.5 x-21 x-41 inches
  • Warranty: 1 years


  • Versatile cooking style
  • Affordable price 
  • UL-listed heating element designed for BBQ


  • It may not be durable. Short warranty 

BBQ Mistakes To Avoid When Using An Electric Grill

<strong>Z GRILL<strong> photo by Photo by <a href=httpsunsplashcomzgrillsaustraliautm source=unsplashutm medium=referralutm content=creditCopyText>Z Grills Australia zgrillscomau<a> on <a href=httpsunsplashcomzgrillsaustraliautm source=unsplashutm medium=referralutm content=creditCopyText>Unsplash<a>

Electric BBQ grills are safe to use. However, it is better to be careful while you are using one. Avoid doing the following things while you are barbecuing on an electric grill.

  • Do not put frozen meats on an electric grill. Eventually, the ice will evaporate and thus become water, which is dangerous for electric grills.
  • Do not grill with the lid open. 
  • Do not forget to preheat your electric grill.
  • Cleaning the grill after cooking is essential. Never forget that. Likewise, do not clean the electric components with water.
  • Avoid putting too much food at once on the grate. 

How Do You Keep Food From Sticking To The Electric Grill?

Sometimes, even if you have both a non-stick electric grill, food may get stuck. As a result, cleaning the grill becomes difficult. Follow these tips to keep your food from sticking on the electric grill: 

  • Keep the grill clean after cooking. 
  • Preheat the grill to your desired temperature. Low heat causes food to stick.
  • Use high smoking point oil on your grill. Avoid using too much. 
  • If your meat gets stuck, oil it well before placing it on the grill.
  • Be patient while removing sticky food. If they do not want to come out, close the lead and try again after a few seconds. 

BBQ Accessories You Need For Your Grill (Electric) 

Having only the electric grill is not enough to cook food on it. You’ll need some tools and accessories as well. 

Here is what you need: 

  • Wood Grill Scraper
  • Spatula 
  • Sturdy tongs 
  • Meat Skewers 
  • Stuffed burger press 
  • Cooling Rack
  • Grill Brush Food Thermometer 

These are the additional accessories for cooking or BBQing on an electric grill. You may also have to buy some other accessories according to your need. 

BBQ Electric Grill Health Benefits

Hybrid Electric
Grilling on a hybrid grill barbecue for electric or charcoal photo by <a title=hybrid electric href=httpswwwtwenty20comphotosbc15d7d3 1809 4e4f 95b3 582ac9cf03edutm t20 channel=bl target= blank rel=noopener>httpswwwtwenty20com<a>

People are growing more fearful about their health on a daily basis; they are looking for ways to make tasty food in healthier ways more than ever. Therefore, the popularity of electric grills is increasing because of their compact size and their health benefits.

Electric grills may not create smoky flavoured food like charcoal or gas grills, but they surely cook healthier foods. On top of that, electric grills don’t use coal or propane gas for cooking food. Thus, the foods cooked on electric grills do not contain any carcinogenic components.

Also, the environment stays smoke-free, and propane gas contains carbon monoxide. So, you will not feel any headaches or have any breathing problems.

However, some cheap-quality electric grills may have materials that are harmful to your health. Try to be aware of those grills and avoid buying cheap-quality electric grills.

A Short History Of The Electric BBQ Grill

The first-ever BBQ Grills appeared in the 18th century. After that, BBQ grills have gone through many changes. From charcoal BBQ grills to gas BBQ to today’s electric BBQ grills, you will find many variations.  

The first electric grill was invented in 1994. Michael W. Boehm was the man who created the electric grill, and Spectrum Brands manufactured it. The first electric grills were promoted by the famous boxing champion George Foreman. So, the grills were known as George Foreman Grills.

The electric grills have become so popular that over 100 million grills have been sold since 1994. Seeing the popularity of these grills, many other companies started to develop their model of electric grills. 

BBQ Vegan Recipes

Grilled Veg Electric
Grilled Veg Electric Grill photo by <a title=veg on electric grill href=httpswwwtwenty20comphotose1791604 db32 4f6e a902 52a6f4ebf941utm t20 channel=bl target= blank rel=noopener>httpswwwtwenty20comphotos<a>

 Electric grills are great for making healthy vegan foods. There are tons of recipes available for cooking vegan foods.

The following are my personal favourites. They are super easy to cook. You just have to heat the grill, put some cooking oil on it, and grill the veggies at the correct temperature.

Vegetable Fajitas

Let us start with my favourite vegetable, fajitas. All restaurant vegetable fajitas have mostly onion and grill. The taste can be dull. So, at home, use your electric grill to grill vegetable fajitas, adding your favourite vegetables. I grilled slices of carrots, tomatoes, and seared asparagus.

Make sure to season the vegetables before grilling them. You can use skewers to examine all the vegetables together on a grill with a spacious cooking surface. 

Vegan Chicken Satay With Spicy Peanut Dip

 I stumbled upon this recipe on the web, and it’s delicious. Make some peanut sauce and grill some vegetables with tofu. Then season them with the coconut marinade. It will give a sweet taste to the whole dish.

I add onions, mushrooms, and sweet corn to have different flavours. Dip them into peanut butter and enjoy.

Cabbage Asian Coleslaw With Lime Dressing

This is another simple yet healthy recipe for an electronic grill. Slice some cabbages, onions, carrots and any other vegetable of your liking. Slightly grill them and squeeze some lime on top.

You can mix some unique dressing like sesame or peanut butter on your grilled salad. 

Corn on the Cob Grilled with Salt-and-Pepper Butter

Want some healthy and tasty snacks? You can cook grilled corn on the cob with salt and pepper butter. Grill the corn on the electric grill for 10 minutes.

Take them off the grill and spread a mixture of pre-made butter, salt, and pepper. People will love them as their afternoon snacks. 

Grilled Ratatouille Pasta Salad

Finally, another vegan recipe I collected from the internet. Vegan or non-vegan, everyone will instantly fall in love with this recipe. Just slice up some eggplant, zucchini, and tomatoes.

Grill them on your electric grill, and then mix with hot pasta, herbs, and mozzarella. You may also experiment with different vegetables to create unique flavours. 

BBQ Meat Recipes

Even if an electric grill does not give a charred flavour, you will get a slightly smoky flavour from the grilled foods. Here are some BBQ meat recipes you can try on your electric grill: 

Easy Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast Recipe

Grilled boneless chicken breasts may become your favourite starter after trying them. Use your electric grill for cooking some boneless chicken breasts. The grill should evenly cook both the upper and lower sides of the chicken breasts.

Chicken breasts are low in fat and contain a high protein content. An electric grill with high heat power can grill them first. Do not forget to coat the meat with olive oil before grilling it. After cooking, serve the chicken breasts with some vegetables on the side.

Grilled Crusted Steak With Lemon Butter

Love steaks? You can grill steaks on your electric grill: mix butter, parsley, lemon juice, and 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder.

Season the steak with some spices. Mix black pepper, white pepper, red pepper flakes, coriander, salt, sugar, and garlic powder. Then rub the mixed spices on the steaks. Preheat the grill and place the steaks on it—Cook for a few minutes.

For your desired doneness, transfer the steaks to a less hot section of the grill. After finishing, you may serve the steaks with a unique lemon butter mix. 

Greek Pork Chops

Ham lovers will love this recipe. Cut some boneless pork meat and marinade it. Mix ingredients like olive oil, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, oregano, salt, onion powder, garlic powder, pepper and ground mustard. Rub pork chops with the mixture and turn to coat. Let it marinate for hours. 

After that, discard the marinade and grill the pork chops on your electric grill.

Beef and Pineapple Kebabs

We have a sweet and savoury beef kebab recipe for you. Stick pineapple cuts onto skewers. Then, stick sirloin steak cuts and red chillies onto other skewers. Apply oil with a brush and season with salt and pepper.

Grill the kebabs on your electric grill. Turn occasionally for even cooking. You can brush it with sauce. Keep grilling until the pineapple is lightly charred. When the steaks have reached your desired doneness, serve them on plates.

Pub Burgers Recipe

Our list is incomplete without a burger recipe. Making burgers in electric grills is easy, and you can use common ingredients. 

Preheat your electric grill with the lid closed for 5-10 minutes. Meanwhile, rub the meat with some Worcestershire sauce, parsley, salt and pepper. After that, pour melted butter over the heart and mix again.

Make some burger patties with the mixture and grill them on the surface of your electric grill. Finally, put them in your burger buns, and serve them with a special sauce.

Electric Grills at Their Finest

This footage from Review Tube will give you lots of an exact illustration of the topics expressed in my post about the electric grills they’ve whittled down to some of the greatest Electric Grills on the marketplace.

Review Tube. (2019, April 8). ✅Electric Grill: Best Electric Grill (Buying Guide) [Video]. YouTube.

Final Thoughts

Thank you for reading our blog post. We hope that it has opened your eyes to the idea of BBQ grilling using electric BBQ grills. BBQ grills are a great way to show off your cooking skills and impress family and friends.

In conclusion, BBQs are a great way to relax and enjoy food with friends and family. With this article in mind, we want people to know how beneficial an electric grill can be when BBQ grilling.

 I hope you enjoyed this article insightfully and instructive. Thanks for taking some time to read it!

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