7 Patio Enclosure Ideas For Winter

If you’re looking for ways to keep your patio usable during the winter, you’re in luck! We’ve gathered some of the best patio enclosure ideas to help you stay warm and dry. So read on for inspiration, and start planning your winter oasis today!

Enclosing your Patio: (Keep Warm Air in and Cold Air Out.)

Options include tarps, curtains, gazebos, plastic panels, screens, and ready-made shelters. Suppose you plan to enclose your outdoor patio for wintertime protection against the elements. In that case, it’s important to take precise measurements of the area and get all the necessary materials and tools before you start. 

  • To begin with, edging the patio with bricks or creating a foundation can be a great start if opting for a gazebo enclosure.
  • Additionally, attaching brackets to beams before adding durable fabric to frames should be done when using pergolas or awnings.
  • Lastly, plastic panels may require drilling screw holes and trimming edges after measuring the intended enclosure size and shape.

If you do your homework and gather all the supplies you’ll need in advance, you’ll be able to build an enclosed patio that will keep the chilly air out while maintaining the warmth within.

1. Tarps

A fabric tarp cover over backyard patio in winter
<em>A fabric tarp cover over backyard patio in winter<em>

Want to protect your patio from snow and ice without breaking the bank? Tarps are the most cost-effective way to do just that. Tarps come in all shapes and sizes, so you can source one that fits your needs perfectly. They’re easy to install and provide excellent protection from wind and rain, as well as snow and ice. Be sure to secure them with either ropes or poles, so they don’t get blown away in strong winds!

2. Gazebos

Backyard enclosed gazebo during winter
<em><strong>Backyard enclosed gazebo during winter<strong><em>

Gazebos are a great way to add some extra shelter for chilly days. Not only does it protect from rain and snow, but it offers shade on sunny days too! A gazebo is an excellent option if you want something more permanent than a tarp. You can pick one up at most home improvement stores or even build one yourself if you’re adventurous!

3. Aluminum Pergolas & Awnings

A Aluminum pergola in a backyard during winter
<em><strong>A Aluminum pergola in a backyard during winter<strong><em>

If you’re looking for something more stylish than tarps or gazebos, aluminum pergolas and awnings are great options. They provide excellent weather protection while still looking nice enough for entertaining guests on your patio. Plus, they come in various hues, so you can perfectly grab a matching one for your existing décor!

4. Rigid Plastic Panels

 A outdoor patio in winter, enclosed in rigid plastic panels that reach up to the sky.
<em><strong>A outdoor patio in winter enclosed in rigid plastic panels<strong><em>

Rigid plastic panels may be the way to go if you want full patio coverage. These panels can be clear or colored depending on what look you’re going for, and they’re also fairly straightforward to install. Plus – unlike tarps – these panels will last much longer since they won’t tear or rip easily!

5. Sunscreens & Shade Screens

Sunscreens & Shade Screens
<em><strong>Looking from the inside out sunscreens shade screens for the patio<strong><em>

Sunscreens are great because they keep out UV rays in the summer while providing shade during colder months. Plus – if you opt for ready-made shelters – they attach directly onto decks or patios, so there’s no need for additional installation costs either!

6. Ready-Made Shelters

Ready-made patio shelters
Ready made patio shelters

Searching for the perfect patio shelter to compliment your winterized décor? Look no further – Alumawood Factory Direct Patio Covers and Canopia have you covered!

With many styles and materials available, these shelters offer superior protection against rain and snow as well as sun while remaining aesthetically pleasing.

Ready-made structures drop right into place in your backyard with minimal effort, so weatherproof warmth is just around the corner.

7. Insulated Drapes

Backyard patio with outdoor curtains in winter
<em><strong>Backyard patio with outdoor curtains in winter<strong><em>

Insulated drapes are a great way to keep the chill out of your patio during the winter. They come in shades and patterns, so you can get one to go with your existing patio décor perfectly. Plus – unlike many other enclosure methods – these drapes provide some much-needed.

Building a Screened-in Porch

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RED TAIL RAY. (2021, May 11). EASY DIY LEAN-TO SCREEN PORCH/ SUNROOM [Video]. YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Os4C4_gdMfA


Whether you’re looking for something simple like tarps or something more elaborate like ready-made shelters – there’s an option out there that suits your budget and style preferences when it comes to winterizing patios this season!

With just these few ideas alone – we hope we’ve been able to give you some inspiration when planning how exactly you’ll go about it this wintertime!

Keep in mind that whatever route you take – make sure that it’s safe AND effective when it comes down to protecting yourself (and others) from cold weather conditions outside this season!

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