6 Backyard Games That All Ages Can Enjoy

If you’re looking for fun backyard activities, this one-stop blog post has all the answers you’re looking for. This broad range of game ideas are budget-friendly and can spice up any outdoor event, such as a BBQ. I thought it would be beneficial to recommend games based on resources you may already have, and for all members of the family, so for those late planners. You may be saved by one of these 6 Backyard Games That All Ages Can Enjoy.

Entertainment is something you want to provide when you either have friends or host a small outdoor gathering. Make your hosting memorable by bringing joy to people’s faces by using some of the game examples below. I can assure you they won’t be disappointed.


Yes, sardines, just like the fish. This is more dedicated to the younger youth, but it doesn’t necessarily mean adults can’t participate in this game. The fantastic thing about this game is that there’s only one resource requirement, and that is people.

The whole concept of this game originated from hiding and seek, but with a complete twist. Imagine hide and seek backwards, and only one person is nominated to hide, and the rest have to seek them. When the seek or seekers find them, they have to keep it quiet and then join in with the hiders. The last person to find anyone is the loser.

After playing this game regularly with my niece and nephew, I recommend that you set a timer for how long the seekers have to find hiders. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself hiding for countless hours without knowing if anyone has won or not.


This is a childhood classic. The only two needs to play this game are a dictionary and some paper. This game is good for everybody and will help you learn the vocabulary you didn’t know before.

It’s super simple, and basically, all you have to do is give everybody a piece of paper and one person the dictionary. The designated dictionary holder then flicks to a random page within the book and finds a peculiar word that they think nobody will know. If nobody understands the expression, the dictionary holder gets the point and remains eligible for the prize. The one who has solved this challenge first is a champion wordsmith.

As a child, I honestly loved this game. Although my parents didn’t choose difficult words, I later found out it helped me greatly in school. Who would have thought that a game I loved would benefit me in the long run? Certainly not me.

3.Can Bowling

This next game is a little more interesting but entails many more requirements for you to get set up. This game is like ten-pin bowling but involves some old food cans and a ball, a tennis ball or something similar.

Suppose you acquire a set of 10 empty cans and place them in a triangle shape like the tenpins bowling alley. This is an exciting game and competitive. You can mark the cans in different colours to create a scoring system. For example, a blue can is 5 points, and a red can is 10, etc. Doing this and keeping a score brings a lot more meaningfulness to the game and can generally make it much more enjoyable for all ages.

Another classic that has been played since the beginning of time doesn’t require many resources. The items needed to create this game are normally found in an everyday household anyway, making it why it’s on this list of fun DIY backyard activities.

4.Soda Ring Toss

If you have some soda glasses spare and you’re not sure what to do with them, then this is a great DIY game idea for when you have a BBQ. This game is simple and can give an ambience of fun to all ages while still giving it that competitive edge.

To set this game up, grab some empty soda glasses (or wine bottles) and place them around the garden. You’ll also need a designated throwing spot to make it fair for all players. To make it more competitive, you can mark the glasses with points and have different points depending on the hardness of that throw.

Although this isn’t how Ring Toss is typically played, it can certainly bring a ton of enjoyment to everyone that participates. It’s simple to set up and easy to understand for all ages, making it one of the better backyard activities that you can do on a budget.

5.Classic Duck Duck goose

If you’re unaware of this game, you’ve truly been living under a rock for your whole life. It’s one of the most classic backyard games that both adults and children can enjoy together.  A game filled with laughs and will certainly impress the young ones that play.

For those who don’t know, duck duck goose involves a group of players sitting in a circle. All players much are facing inwards. Towards each other, the person who is “it” will walk or run around the circle tapping each individual on the head and saying “duck”, as soon as the person who is “it” says “goose” while tapping on someone’s head, that person has to chase them around the circle in hopes of catching them before they sit where they sat. Failing to do so will convert the “gossed” player to become the person who is “it”.

An absolute classic that’ll never be forgotten and can provide astonishing entertainment for everybody. It can be humorous and exciting when you don’t know who will be the next “goose”.

6.DIY Wooden Jenga

You may have played Jenga before with manufactured wooden planks, but have you played DIY Jenga. Creating your own Jenga blocks is super easy. Just try this link, “DIY projects with Pete”, to find out how to make DIY Jenga blocks, and the best thing about it, you can make them as big as you like.

The concept of Jenga is an easy one to remember and requires you to have a tower of rectangular wooden blocks. Each block will be the same size, and they will be lined up next to each other. The next three will then be placed onto the existing three but laid in the opposite direction. Once the tower has been created, you’ll try to take a wooden block out of the Jenga structure and replace it on the top. Whoever makes the tower fall is the loser.

A game that has stood the test of time and is here to stay. Incorporate it within a children’s game or switch it up to an adult’s one. The possibilities are endless with this idea.


Sardines, ducks, and geese, I hope these have put a smile on your dial. But, in any event, if you need more motivational, enjoyable experiences, click 10 other perfect backyard ideas, and you can fill your knapsack with emergency fun.

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