10 Ideas to Get You Outside this Winter

Just because the temperature has dropped and the days are shorter doesn’t mean you have to spend all winter cooped up indoors. Even if you’d rather be warm, you can still do many things throughout the winter to stay active and have fun. The following are ten suggestions to help you get going and active, even in the coldest months

1. Walk or Run in the Park –

In winter, it’s essential to dress appropriately for the colder temperatures and potentially icy surfaces—layer up with warm materials such as fleece, wool, and windbreakers. Don’t forget to protect your hands, ears, and face with mittens, a hat, and a scarf.

Remember to breathe through your nose and mouth while running to maximize oxygen intake. Stay safe on potentially slippery surfaces by wearing proper shoes with good traction. Enjoy the fresh air and vitamin D while getting some exercise outside!

2. Start a backyard bonfire –

A backyard bonfire can be the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors while staying warm in colder months. Assuming that all necessary precautions are taken, such as having a firepit or designated area for the fire and keeping a hose or bucket of water nearby, a backyard bonfire can provide warmth and an enjoyable social atmosphere.

Consider setting up comfortable seating and outdoor blankets or throw pillows to add to the cozy vibes. Invite others to make the occasion more memorable; maybe roast marshmallows for s’mores or gather around for storytelling or music.

3. Do some yard work –

Aside from being a fantastic approach to getting some exercise and fresh air during the winter, yard work has many health benefits. Gardening has been demonstrated to boost mental health, reduce stress, and strengthen and stretch muscles.

Plus, taking care of your yard can make your home look more inviting and increase its value. So grab your gloves and rake, trim some bushes, or plant some flowers – your body (and wallet) will thank you.

4. Go ice skating –

Ice skating is a great outside or indoor pastime to stay active during the cold winter. Not only does it allow for enjoyable recreational activity, but it also offers physical benefits such as strengthening muscles and improving cardiovascular health.

Plus, with many indoor and outdoor rink options, you can easily access this fun activity all season long. So grab some pals or family members and hit the ice for a fun and healthy day of skating.

5. Build a snowman –

Building a snowman is a fun and simple winter activity for families. It allows for creative expression as each person can contribute ideas for the snowman’s features and design.

Snowman in the backyard
<em><strong>Snowman in the backyard<strong><em>

It also encourages teamwork as family members work together to build the snowman. In addition, building a snowman promotes physical activity and time spent outside in the fresh air. Playing in the snow has numerous health benefits, including improving immune system function and increasing bone density.

Creating a snowman is a memorable experience for children and adults, making it an excellent activity for families during the winter.

6. Sledding –

Sledding is a joyful and active way to get outside in the winter. If you don’t have a sled, there are options for making one in your own backyard using materials such as cardboard or plastic bags.

Sledding can also be inexpensive compared to other winter activities like skiing or snowboarding. In addition to being a great form of exercise, sledding can also bring families and friends together for some quality bonding time outdoors.

It’s essential to stay safe while sledding by avoiding obstacles and dressing appropriately for the weather. Sledding is a great activity to add excitement to chilly winter days.

7. Take your dog for a walk –

A dog walk is a great way to stay active in the winter and a chance to become closer to your pooch pal. Plus, dogs need exercise year-round to stay healthy and happy.

And if you don’t have a dog, there are still plenty of options for staying active in the backyard with family and friends. Playing catch or frisbee with the kids is always a fun option, or setting up a game of flag football or ultimate frisbee.

Spending time outdoors with pets can also have numerous benefits, including decreased stress and improved mood. So bundle up, head outside for winter fun, and exercise with your furry companions!

8. Go cross-country skiing –

One of the significant aspects of cross-country skiing is that it can be done almost anywhere with snow on the ground. You can still explore nature on your skis even if there aren’t ski trails available.

It’s also a fantastic full-body workout, using muscles in your arms, legs, and core to propel yourself forward. And due to its low-impact nature, individuals of all ages and physical abilities could engage.

If there isn’t any snow where you live, you can still practice your skills by using roller skis or skiing on grass. Many gyms also have indoor cross-country skiing machines that mimic the movements used in real skiing.

Overall, cross-country skiing is a fun and beneficial winter activity that people of all levels and abilities can enjoy.

9 . Hiking –

In addition to being an exciting way to explore nature in the winter months, hiking can also provide significant health benefits.

Walking (hiking) is a low-impact exercise that can improve cardiovascular fitness and strengthen your legs and core muscles. It can also have mental health benefits, as spending time in nature has been shown to reduce stress and improve mood.

If you lack access to hiking paths, there are still plenty of options for staying active in your backyard or a nearby park.

Walking or jogging on a flat surface, playing catch with a friend or pet, or even Jumping Jacks, push-ups, squats, and other bodyweight workouts are all excellent equivalents.

Even though it may be challenging to get yourself to go outdoors and exercise in the dead of winter, it is fundamental that you do so.

10. Attend a winter festival –

Attending a winter festival is a great way to get out and enjoy the chilly season.

It’s a platform to explore and experiment, spend time with friends and family, and immerse yourself in the unique festivities of the season.

Plus, it’s a chance to support local businesses and vendors. If you can’t make it to a festival, there are still plenty of ways to have fun at home. Hosting your backyard carnival with adapted games like snowball toss or ice fishing can be just as enjoyable.

Adding festive decor and serving seasonal cocktails will add to the positive atmosphere. And don’t forget about cozy fire pits for warm gatherings!

Attending a winter festival or hosting your own at home adds excitement and joy to the colder months. It’s a great way to embrace the season’s festivities and make lasting memories with loved ones.

The Great Spots to Discover Winter Festivals

Winterlude festival in Ottawa with a stunning ice sculpture.
<strong><em>Winterlude festival in Ottawa with a stunning ice sculpture<em><strong> <a href=httpsunsplashcomasifakberali>httpsunsplashcomasifakberali<a>

In addition to the Winter Festival of Lights at Niagara Falls, other popular winter festivals in the United States and Canada include

The Quebec Winter Carnival is happening again in 2023. Events like Minnesota’s Ice Box Days, Wyoming’s Snow King Winter, and Ontario, Canada’s Winterlude are all well worth attending in the wintertime.

Each festival offers unique activities and attractions, such as dog sled races, snow sculpting contests, and ice skating shows. Regardless of where you reside in North America, a fun winter festival is likely nearby for you to enjoy with friends and family.

Stay Active During Cold – Weather Out in the Backyard

Exercise, even in the cold, is crucial to our health. And overall well-being helps us maintain a healthy weight, prevent illnesses, and improve our mood.

Doing activities in the backyard in winter can also have additional health benefits, such as exposing ourselves to the chilly winter air, which has been shown to boost calorie burn and immune system function.

Additionally, staying active in the backyard trumps all outdoor outings because it allows us to control our environment and create fun activities that suit our individual preferences and abilities.

We can customize our yard with equipment or obstacles for snowshoeing, sledding, or building a snowman. Staying active in the backyard also allows us to avoid crowded areas and minimize potential exposure to illness.

Overall, staying active in the wintertime is essential for our health, and using our backyard as a personalized fitness space can be a great way to do so.

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Final Thoughts

So, there you have it! Ten fun ideas for staying active during the winter. No matter your interests or where you live, there is sure to be an activity out there that will keep you moving and enjoying the colder season.

Get outside and enjoy all that winter has to offer! And if all else fails? There’s always Netflix :)).

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