10 Fun Backyard Activities To Do With Family

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Offer the family any insights into fun, such as helping you get to an obstacle course or enjoying a day out in the backyard overlooking nature and the barbecue and as school is finished, you’re going to have the freedom to schedule the whole family. More activities are needed so that you can spend some time worrying later. Here are 10 perfect backyard ideas to help keep you and your family amused, so let’s get this fun stuff underway!

1 – Camping

Who said you had to go far to enjoy toasted marshmallows? You can set up camp steps away from the kitchen with tents, campfires, sleeping bags, pillows, and the whole shebang. Imagine swapping scary stories under the starry sky or saying your bedtime prayers in the glow of the campfire? The best part being that you are creating a memory your kids will treasure forever, and all of it with a clean and comfortable bathroom nearby. Backyard camping is so much fun!

2 – Scavenger Hunt

Probably one of the best backyard fun activities you can have is creating a family treasure hunt. You can do this in many ways by hiding treats or small gifts in and around your backyard. Don’t forget to draw a map with clues to help your children find the hidden loot! Also, be sure to add fun things they can wear and play with afterwards, along with healthy treats as rewards. You can also convert this idea for those house parties when it’s adults-only visiting.

3 – Obstacle Course

This is one of your best outdoor fitness ideas where you can use various features in your backyard and turn them into a mini sporting event. Let your creative juices flow freely as you add a zipline, rope climb, climbing wall, and various other obstacles that require physical effort to navigate. Have a backyard pool? Include laps or retrieval of something on the pool floor to add to the fun and keep everyone active and entertained.

4 – Backyard Cooking

Sure, Dad may be the grill master, and who wouldn’t enjoy a slab of meat seared to perfection with the assistance of flames? But you don’t have to keep your backyard fun activities restricted to just the BBQ. Why not explore other cooking options for the great outdoors? You can cook over the campfire, try smoking foods in a smoker, or how about everyone making their own individual pizza in a pizza rock oven? You may never use your kitchen again!

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5 – Gardening

There is no doubt that your kids will be a lot of help when you tell them you plan to spend time with them digging in the dirt. It will give you the perfect opportunity to introduce your children to plant and flower gardening. Teach about what different vegetables look like as seeds and teach them to tend to the garden daily by watering, pulling weeds, and all the steps that lead to a harvest of veggies they can eat or flowers they can share with friends.

6 – Bird Watching

One of the backyard fun activities that will be exciting and educational for you and your family is bird watching. You can set up feeders in your backyard and watch for birds to visit them. Keep a log of the different birds you see, have reference material handy to help properly identify each bird and try to take photos or sketch pictures of the most interesting visitors. A bird feeder will attract birds all year-’round and will introduce you to seasonal bird activity.

7 – Bug Hunt

Here’s a fun way to learn more about the creepy crawlies living in your backyard. Why not spend an afternoon hunting down the different insects that inhabit the flowers, garden, and rest of your backyard? You can correctly identify what that winged creature was sitting on the birdhouse or flitting from flower to flower with reference material. Keep a list of what you find, and do it again in a month or so and compare your lists.

8 – Sack Race

Don’t forget that your backyard is the perfect place for fun and games, as this list already has outlined. But nothing is quite as fun as a family activity as an old-fashioned sack race. Chances are, your children have never participated in one. All you need is pillowcases or duvet covers. Set up a race event with prizes for the winners and make it fun and interesting by adding the odd obstacle like a low hurdle to hop over or hole to jump.

9 – Water Fight

Who is going to turn down playing in the water on a hot, sunny day? Even if you don’t have a pool in your backyard, water hoses and water guns are all you need to get the whole family involved. Choose sides or make it a free-for-all. Nothing beats the good times and laughs that can come out of a well-executed water fight. You can add to the arsenal but filling balloons with water or buckets and use them to drench someone on the other team.

10 – Movie Night

backyard cinema

Watching a movie in the backyard movie theatre, you create is an awesome example of one of the best backyard fun activities you can enjoy with family and friends. Imagine having the big screen TV, VCR, or DVD player outside along with a couple of comfortable lounge chairs, popcorn, candy, and drinks with your favourite movie under the night sky? It will be a memory that you will cherish for years to come and frequently repeated during the Summer.

In Conclusion

Well, there you have it—ten great ideas for creating fun activities to enjoy with your family and friends in your backyard. You don’t even have to use any from this list. Here are another 6 backyard games for all ages. This may inspire you to go in a different direction. The whole idea is to get you thinking about using your backyard for fun with your family. Besides, why have all that space and not do something great with it, right?

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6 thoughts on “10 Fun Backyard Activities To Do With Family”

  1. I love backyard bbq’s and the intimacies of having close friends and families over for a day. Thanks for these great ideas to keep everyone entertained and wanting to come back for my next event. I’ve always loved playing host and wanting to invite people over for dinner. This is something i’m going to use a lot.

    • It brings so much joy, DashDNations. Yes to actually do activities rather than sit around moping at each other, taking the mind of worries and focusing on fun will make you live longer. 

      Many Thanks 


  2. Thank you so much for this amazing post!  I loved reading this because it dealt with quality time with the family, and in today’s society, we often forget how important that is.  I really like the obstacle course idea, to be honest!  That is such a good idea that can be used to get the little ones involved and would make for good brain development and a good video!

    • It’s a pleasure, Jessie. Bringing joy to whole communities and children is precisely my aim. My dream is that more pleasurable interactions offer happier memories and a healthy mentality to grow well-adjusted positive human beings.

      Many Thanks 


  3. During the shut down of this pandemic, it was determined that I should no longer go to the office because I could work from home. Now spending time at home with family is a pleasing. And I have time to spend with my kids. We have done together several “scientific” project. And I’m also looking for a way to exercise with them. Having an obstacle course seems just perfect to me. And my boys will love it!

    Thank you for this list of things we can do.

    • You, could also, adapt your obstacle course for kids to physical fitness for adults as well as adding in monkey bars and rope climb you have the perfect callisthenics gym. But there are also DIY options as well, make a fitness zone for you and your family.  

      Many Thanks



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